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Nidhi Mishra



Nidhi Mishra


Daisies Delight - They Never Tell

Daisies Delight - They Never Tell

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Love is awesome is the thought around which her life is woven.Love is a beautifully expensive gift, so no point in giving it to someone who is not worth it.He found her when he's unafraid of sharing his feelings unrevealed so far and one day he's ready to bare his soul and dive deeper into love.The most selfless love taught them how to trust timing of their life.She chooses not to resist herself to fall completely, passionately, insanely, desperately, specially hopelessly in unconditional love with the dear one whom she heartily admires.They are soulmates, not spouse.

He is having a memory problem. He can't forget what he wants to forget. The water bearer always remembers wistfully the first love which was probably a platonic friendship. One of the few things he remembers from long ago, with any clarity, is the poignant memory of the first girl, he thought he loved, an idealized image, misty, fragile and his state of self-denial which drifted him to other achievable, possible and equally good options.

He is that one person in her life to whom she admired and still does, like water derives its strength from the glaciers and the clouds, she derives her strength from the psychic, emotional realm, so no matter what happens to nobody can take that away. She has an immeasurable depth of suppressed wish and emotion. Her sexuality is deep and intense, but not necessarily promiscuous.

The palpable chemistry between them was not what attracted these two when they initially met. It's moreover likely some other sort of bond an odd and unusual mutual interest which they both failed to resist. Mentally they both felt connected to each other in a different way, a feeling unknown to them for several years.

'Heart and thoughts they fade, fade away'.

Who said inevitably?

He passionately loves his work and she passionately works because she is in love.

He is a man with an inexhaustible supply of irrepressible excitement and inventive ideas.Once he asked her '"What represent your job?" To which she replied, professionally I am a learner-cum-teacher but passionately I love to inhale life just like kids do without veiling when I am sad,like they do,without masking when I am happy,like they do, without denying when I am in love,like they do,without hiding when I am in agony,just like they do and relive it while penning down in my reverie of thoughts, and from this if whatever little liveliness propagates in some people who could take few moments from their life to inhale it and let their soul brushed softly to erase the dust of time on their lovely memories and make them feel alive, that's what I work for."

But on a deep note, all this is genuinely a waste of time for him, his job remained the goal of life, something that gives a purpose and direction when he says, "Wow! Its couldn't have been more ambiguous. Look! I will tell you like my job is to make this business world in class in terms of processes, incubate talent, develop technology and deliver it to customers as added value and to make this a sought after place to work in, where innovation and positive competition are our daily bread. And ultimately make this an institution, global in reach and resource, far bigger than the person who created it or is running it."

On the other hand, she was on a more serious note and his crystal clear reply smoothly paved the way for her reply which says," I want to propagate a belief to do things, which makes you feel cared and curious, loved and alive, healed and happy, little less luxuries and money can be sufficed with some warmth and tender gestures from your loved ones, and she finds her purpose and direction not less than his, unapologetic-ally. To make her little surroundings in class in terms of being more humane, incubate emotion, develop an insight and deliver it to others as added value and to make themselves who are ready to evolve finally as a more sensitive human, who feels compassionate for others and grateful about what life had offered, be it the gift of pain, trials, tribulations, confusions, misunderstandings too."

But she chooses to stay quiet, with a thought, someday her silence will make him understand, she's happy that now they are moving apart but together on 'A road to nowhere' a blissful voyage on either side of the road, two closest human beings, its not the destination that matters the most but the journey itself perhaps it's so meaningful that can last her lifetime, as they could not be there for each other all the times, infinite distances continue with smiles and this distance is wonderful as it makes it possible to see the other whole against the sky. If he can't follow her silence like she executed his, then why should she vainly attempt to generate futile efforts to explain, it will only erode the essence of this voyage, which is long sought by both of them.

Certain unusual incidents happen to you in dear life that you genuinely have absolutely no operational control. These time things happened amazingly as if it's carefully choreographed by someone out there.

A radiant cheerful day with scorching September Sun over the head fails to fade the enthusiasm of the two. He is feeling ecstatic, and she is flying high on cloud nine. Simultaneously they were experiencing this surreal experience.

They were together after not so prolonged time of twenty years with silence and smiles playing between them. Whenever he speaks, he used to keep his eyes masked despite knowing she had visited almost his every veil in spite of his reluctance. He presented his new office, and she's hopelessly confused that this long-waited meeting would end up in a conference room. It was heated outside and he was cold inside, the silent pauses were long and she was sick of waiting wearily for few sensitive words, though she is aware of the odd fact that he typically finds it difficult to merely express himself prefers to stay closed off and guarded, but for her this apparent reason is not enough to naturally resist her yearning for his words. She's obsessed with not only what he says but also with what he never says, though she is uncynical. 

They promptly entered the lift which has remarkably gleaming glass on all sides. She stood passively at his back to wisely avoid to look straight into his expressive eyes but failed adequately in her attempt because every time she diligently looked up her eyes promptly locked with him on the mirrored glass. It was dark on one side of the fourth floor, however, the visible streaks of light from curtain blinds had brightly lit the conference room and his office on the other side.

With considerable trepidation in her chest, she naturally headed behind him from one room to the other. There was reasonable security in his presence; she was not looking at him, but her skin can sense that strange sensation of his dark deep eyes. When after finishing they were about to return he added to her surprise by his quick and unpredictable movement when he clasped her wrist and instantly gathered her close towards him and promptly halted her from walking away. His audacious move surprised her. His gleaming eyes earnestly beseech her to stop instantly. She progressively lost all her carefully chosen words and she stood there transfixed. He didn't utter anything just stood there looking fondly at her, holding softly and tightly.

Her dusky skin went tender against his gentle touch making her cheeks flush she gently admonished her body for this affirmative response but in vain because the distinctive way he was looking at her by clasping her hands was gently rubbing off her mind. He tightened his secure grip and gently pulled her closer assuredly presenting his amiable face down to her, and whispered tenderly “What makes you so shy?” then instantly he naturally brought another caressing hand to her chin jutting it upwards and gently forcing her to naturally look up in his eyes, his distinctive touch was sensitive and firm which burned her skin hence to ease herself she said, "Hey it's hard to wait around for something you know might never happen, but it's harder to give up when you know it's everything you want."

Henceforth, she all expended her lovely chosen words but not very lately she typically realized her voice box didn't adequately supported her conscious thoughts to be properly conveyed.

It was a strange moment as she tried raising her eyelids up but felt heaviness on her eyelids. She witnessed the electrifying transformation in his face. She pushed herself to look up in his adorable eyes overloaded with naughtiness, lips brimming with the smile and in his familiar baritone voice, he said,"What makes you so shy?"she became dumbstruck, and his grip became stronger than before and her heart banged against her lungs.She was barely able to hold herself, and her knees were wobbling.

All she could speak was," No! I am not shy" and when she looked at him he was smiling at her with amused expression,he moved his hands from her arms to her waist and pulled her closer towards him and kept his chin on her shoulder closing her in his embrace. Her heart skipped a beat at this gesture, and his warm breath hit her as he hugged her tightly causing sensations in her heart, her 'Bloom' fragrance filled his breath. She mellowed in his embrace amazed by the way his single touch calmed her every perturbation.He was exploring her emotions and this intimacy between them left her breathless.

After all these years, she has yet to come across whether she ever existed for him or not? 

Of all these years one thing that has not changed is his considerable uneasiness in naturally expressing his deepest feeling or profound emotion and her yearning for his mutual expressions, if not always, at least for once, in real.

They walked thoughtfully towards the car together silently, without diligently looking at each other. After some time he admirably chooses to ask her midday, driving beside her holding hands, silently coupled with warm smiles at noon," Are you comfortable? Hope I have not embarrassed you. I never agreed with myself when the heart said I merely love this girl.You remember! It's more than twenty years ago, in our teens, when I sincerely tried to get little close to you, then your denial gesture positively confirmed the stories cooking in my imaginative mind, then after so many years you're blazing candid confessions and rest is history.We missed many years, but not any more."

She too is having that long, long memory problem had never, ever forgotten her first romantic moment, an entirely new experience for her passionate heart and sensitive soul not to mention her body. She subtly made her overwhelming emotions disciplined, and her unparalleled empathy looked for some determined depth and enduring commitment, which was missing then. She smilingly replied, "Hmm! I am comfortable, seeing you happy is enough for me to feel happy, that is how much I truly do like you and you know all these words I don't just say, I undoubtedly remember every precious bit of it, but never spoke to you, to intentionally avoid possible embarrassment for you."

A rose is a rose; we should genuinely admire its tenderness and fragrance, so beautiful is this feeling with similar tenderness and fragrance, so it's recommended and mandatory first to admire and admit whom you love and then imbibe that feel, this was inverse few years back, and this led their destiny to fall apart, now that they are encompassed in certain worldly boundaries.

Should it make any difference? 

If something you genuinely desire the most, as long as you are alive, there's always a chance that it can happen organically exactly the appropriate way and sometimes better than your specific fantasies. Ideal time never runs out. She was never exhausted to discover him.

Deep down she is able to subtly convey cheer and youthful exuberance in spades and completely drown herself in 'Daisies delight'; a Daisy symbolizes new beginnings and,"I will never say."That's not all, it is the beginning of "Daisies Delight" though, They Never Tell!

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