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Nidhi Mishra


Minimalized, Wonderful Though!

Minimalized, Wonderful Though!

3 mins

She's nothing extraordinary, of this she is certain. She is a common girl with common thoughts and had led a common life. In her mind she feels sometimes someone's thoughts come in waves, in which sometimes she dives other times she is drowned.She merely loved him simply without confessions or claims. She cherished him in this sensitive way because she can not comprehend any other way of loving. She caressed him with all her heart and soul, and to her, this has always been enough.

Separately they got hitched and continued to live happily for a long time because they were sensitive and courageous enough to solemnly take the onus of emotional responsibility of their loved ones. They were always together as soulmates but not a spouse. They were overwhelmingly each other favorite.

Their close yet far and far yet close relationship started brewing way back. However, both of them were sometimes unaware and other opportune times kept hiding and minimizing their genuine feelings. In a couple of shakes,ultimate destiny inevitably escorted them closer to each other but she was very skeptical as she knew of his indifferent nature and for her, this passionate relationship keeps her alive and she can't afford to lose this until her last breath.

One evening there were admittedly all the terrible ideas from her conscious popping up on the grapevine not to merely reveal her precious secret with him. Despite being together for a long time, he neither indicated his apparent inclination towards her nor did he merely acknowledged her feelings ever, which of course she never revealed to him but those feelings are meant to be felt and not to exhibit or affirm it loud.

She was willing to naturally provide this emotional connection another odd chance, and he unknowingly conveyed his subtle willingness to explore this unexplored venture. Long back when they got busy working on different prospects, their intermittent conversations at long intervals kept them connected. One balmy day when he earnestly urged to know something about her someone then, the moral damage seems irreparable and she assumed it would drive a wedge between them, instead what happened was rarely than an overwhelming surprise.

This beautiful connection existed as a dot in their lives because she chooses to use all of her emotions on a regular basis which makes her comfortable with using them and it gives her experience with expressing all feelings and she as a grown-up woman, now refused to restrain from expressing her emotions. However, the other one being male has always been taught to suppress every emotion besides anger. He was influenced that showing any other emotion besides anger is viewed as less masculine which is a massive lie. It's just another form of mind control. 

She exercises her other emotions and believed that otherwise she will have no clue how to connect with others who do and she'll miss out on great relationships and getting the most out of what life has to offer. As the river originates from glaciers and flows towards sea, life emerges from beautiful relations and flows towards a feeling of contentment. 

There was no master plan, no well-planned meeting and conversations in terms of their confessions about what they inevitably identify with each other because admitting and acknowledging their feelings can further lead to unusual complications with lots of contrasting colors or reactions and textures or judgments. They felt uninhibited by all this and henceforth, life emerged from this beautiful connection making them content.

What they share together far apart in common have endured through time, something simple!!

Minimalized, Wonderful, though!!

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