Something To Nothing

Something To Nothing

6 mins

Everyday I wake up to find my existence on this earth, I end up finding the same me. The greed which has kept my soul awake for years. What is that one thing that has the power to satisfy me? Is it my memory or my envy? When you choose your own path and walk on it without having anyone on your side, how does it feel? Lonely, right. But what if you have someone like you who can understand you, your decision? The path becomes the journey, the soul gets awakened and you realize and finally you meet the moment you were dying for. The peace, the reminiscence of your fullest journey is now real, whatever you thought of is real. In a moment, without a strike, your dream gets broken. Eventually, you get to know it was a lie, it was your heart who made a deception to your soul. Nothing was real my boy. Everything that happened did not actually happen, it too not had a reason. It was all in vain. You find yourself trapped again in that zone of your life from where you were craving to escape. You finally escape but in your dreams. This is the reason I hate dreams. They are completely incomplete. They make you sadly happy. 

I am still not broken, I will dream again and if possible hold myself in that dream. Try all my strength to get what is mine. And if in the end, I got it all, I will never forget to thank you. In spite of not making me happy, you were always mine and with me. My dream, my completely incomplete dream.

And if I get a chance I will surely want to know why I am here. Why I wake up as a same person everyday and end up being the same. I want to learn something but what that something is. I want to make a desirous choice of mine on something but that something what now is nothing to me. Please let me know if you find my something to crave for.

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