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The Choice You Make

The Choice You Make

2 mins 10.5K 2 mins 10.5K

The words puke, the thoughts get revealed and thus the story forms. Every story has different concepts, plays, and impacts but the potency of each story is different. The story of Rehan is not unique but the impact is intriguing.

Why you are so sad, you have got what you wanted? - Riya asked

Riya is a cute, beautiful and open-minded girl. She is a very good friend of Rehan and assists him in all his ambiguous conscience.

I do not know, maybe I never wanted this or perhaps I do not want it now - Rehan said

He always dreamt of getting into Airforce. He loved aircraft, clean dresses, and aura of air force officers and entice towards their profession but now when he had this, he was not sure whether he craved for this or something else.

Riya always loved him but never confessed. She was afraid of losing a loyal friend in finding an eternal love. She did not want to let him go but still, the circumstances were not in her favor. She told him to make his choice and do what he actually wants to. Tomorrow was his train to Pune where the training has to be held on.

Next morning, Rehan woke up at 5:00 AM. His bags were packed and he left home at 6:30 AM to reach early to Pune and be at training sessions. Riya was waiting for him at the station. She was upset about losing a friend and her secret love. But somewhere she was happy for Rehan as he was eventually getting what he always willed for. She was lost in her own thoughts only then he heard Rehan’s voice.

She looked on another side of the platform and there was Rehan waving and smiling at her. She stood up but could not move. The train was at the station and about to board. Rehan was calling her and she was numb, tears rolled down her cheeks.

Rehan left all his stuff and ran towards her. He held her kissed her passionately and said – “I love you. I do not know whether I want all this or not but for now, all I want is to be with you.” The smile hit back on Riya’s face and both were eternally evolved kissing each other while train boarding the platform.

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