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Positive Mind is the Strongest

Positive Mind is the Strongest

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God has created us all and we are thankful for it. In many ways, we find our way to be happy. We learn to be happy and graceful in what we have but what if we try to break the barrier and get out of the box. What if we prove that we are courteous and we too have the potential to do what we think? This is what exactly Raman did. Breaking the barrier was never easy but he did it. Let's read his inspiring story of positive thinking

There was a Boy named Raman, he was 17 years old and was in Class 10. Though he was good at studies, his key skill area was martial arts, he was elite in it. After academic classes, he used to spend 2 complete hours to practice it unbeknown to his parents. His father was a lecturer in a college who only wanted him to score well in academics. On the other hand, his mother was housewife and beloved to her son. It was the month of February, the final exams are going to fall in the month of March and the date sheet has also been released. To Raman’s horror, the district level selection for the martial arts was falling on the same day of his Math exam. He had the date sheet in his hand and only then he got numb. He did not understand what can be done now.

The D day arrived, he somehow managed the timings between the two. He completed the exam of 3 hours in just 2 and handed over the answer sheet to the examiner. He rushed to the martial art center where the selection was going on. He was already late but did not stop and kept running. In no time, he found himself lying unconscious in the middle of the road. While running, he collided with a bus. The teacher kept waiting for him but his phone was not reachable. The selection process was over and Raman did not reach the venue

An unknown person called the Ambulance and Raman would have taken to the hospital, the school premises got informed. The principal and parents arrived so martial art teacher. They all were in the hospital. Raman’s father never liked the martial art teacher. So he tried his all in and made all possible effort to ignore the martial art teacher. After some time, the doctor informed the Raman’s parent that he is fine now and they can see him. His parents entered the ward. Raman was obviously not happy but faking the smile and his mother knew it.

Raman looked into his father’s eyes and said – “Father I know that you are not happy with my interest in Martial Arts and as like every other Father, you want me to score well in academics only. But I trust you and I know you believe me. I know you understand your son’s worth and also that not academics matters all the time. I heard your conversation with the Doctor and know that I have my right arm fractured and it will take more than 3 months to recover. But I don’t care at all. I believe in me and know that I have the potential to recover from this. All I need is your support and I know you will do it. After all, you are the one who has taught me to not lose hope and follow your heart.”

Raman finished himself and his father’s eyes had waters floating in. He wanted to say many things but his eyes said it all. He went out wiping his tears by hiding it from Raman and hugged his teacher. He said – “I want you to train my child as the best, he is best and I know you are the right teacher for him.” The teacher smiled and assured him that he will surely train and make him secured his position in the district level competition. 

Six months later

Raman was fit to fine now and was all ready to present himself in front of the selectors. The moment he was waiting for six months earlier is now again in his hands. He showed his best moves and defeated the opponent, it made the selectors impressed and eventually, he made to the list of the champions in the tournament.

“What we think ourselves is what we actually become, everyone should know his/ her potential and know the barrier to break. If you have complete positive thinking, you are not far ahead to make yourself proud”


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