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“How to be successful in life? Is it a rough path?” I asked the millionaire.

“Rough? That’s your assumption? A success path is a rough path?” He countered.


“Hell. The road is hell. And you have to pay a big price just to be on that road.” He said.

“Which is?” I asked.


“Sacrifice what!!??” I exclaimed impatiently.

“Sacrifice the life you’re currently living right now,

Because that’s not going to lead you to success.

Sacrifice the people who don’t give two fucks about you. You don’t need them,

Because they are toxic and their poisonous injections are terrible.

Sacrifice all the negative thoughts lingering in your bloody mind,

Because thoughts become words, and words become actions.

Sacrifice things that consume too much of your time, no matter how much you love those,

Because time is the most valuable thing of all. Even more than money.

Sacrifice the desperate need for love,

Because love can happen anytime, and the less you look for it, the more chance you have of getting it.

Sacrifice some things you love,

Because sometimes loved ones and loved things form a lovely barrier that cannot be dodged if acted too late.

Sacrifice your selfishness,

Because helping out others is a step to success itself.

Sacrifice acting strong,

Because you need to cry when you have to cry. Let it all out. Let it all out.

Sacrifice laying blame on others,

Because no one owes you anything for breathing and living the life, you’re living.

Sacrifice stressing things out,

Because that just makes things worse. Eat a bloody pizza or something, amigo.

Sacrifice your utmost desire to control everything,

Because life’s a fucking bitch and she will drown you and try to destroy you every chance she gets. Sometimes, the bad things hold an advantage, you know. Deal with it.

Sacrifice correcting other people,

Because if someone says that the sky is green, that is their way of thinking. Don’t destroy the things they love to believe. Respect is all.

Sacrifice underestimating people,

Because the 5 pointers may become a billionaire while the 9 pointers who made fun of him might be working for him.

Sacrifice forcing out your thoughts,

Because some people believe god exists. Some don’t. Some people believe in an afterlife, some don’t. Respect everyone else’s beliefs. Only force out your thoughts if someone points a gun at your head.

Sacrifice underestimating yourself,

Because you have no idea how much power you have within. YOU are capable. YOU can do it. YOU are better than many people. But never underestimate yourself. YOU will be successful.

Sacrifice being rude to others,

Because a good person is a person who speaks with a billionaire and with a waiter in the same way.

Sacrifice creating scenarios in your head,

Because true disappointment comes when you think of something but it doesn’t happen.

Sacrifice thinking too much about the future, or the past.

Because the past is gone. You’ve fucked up earlier, you’ve messed up earlier. Let it be. And move on. Because the future hasn’t yet come. You don’t know anything about your future either. The only way to expect for a good future is to have a kickass present. And the only way to get over a fuckall past is to have a kickass present.


Have a kickass present.

Sacrifice thinking about what others think about you,

Because that doesn’t fucking matter. Be yourself, do your thing, and excel in what you do. People talk. Let them. Even if the talks are about you, it shouldn’t be your fucking business. Ignore and move on.

Sacrifice reacting towards every dog that barks,

Because when people talk shit about you, the only way to shit on them is through work, not words. Keep your mouth shut and your head and hands moving. Simple as that.

Sacrifice worrying about the results,

Because the results are gonna arrive anyway. Just do the damn work. And do it good.

Sacrifice the need of depending upon other people,

Because it was never their job to do your job in the first place. Do it yourself. Even if the outcome is shit, do it yourself.


Sacrifice looking for success or money or recognition,

Because if you do your thing. And if you give it your best, not one, but these 3 things will come anyway.”

The millionaire said. I just finished my coffee with him and I was totally wondered by what he said. But one question still lingered over my head…

“But look at me - I’m a failure. I have less or no friends. I don’t get enough time to do the thing I like. Love is an impossible possibility for me. I have lost respect. Sir, there is nothing left to sacrifice at all!” I exclaimed.

He looked at me for 10 seconds and then asked,

“Do you know my past?”

“Not really-no,” I said. He then took out a piece of newspaper from his pocket and handed out to me.

“Read it,” He said.

I started reading it-

“Kevin Sharma- from a 4 pointer to a millionaire.

Kevin Sharma is the son of renowned businessman and millionaire, Rajiv Sharma. Having loved computers and technology all his life, Kevin started Computer Engineering in a not-so-known college.  Failing to accept the system, he refused to study much as he found the information given in textbooks rather pointless. After failing in many subjects over the years and after being labelled as a “stupid” student by his professors, he had a big feud with his parents, making him leave his own home. Having only enough money to afford a 1BHK flat on rent, he started work on his unique model of high spec-budget laptops. Taking some loans and getting support from 2 investors, he finally completed his first laptop and set out his business plans with many companies. After many rejections, Intel called him, seeing his incredible work online, and offered to land their high-end processors to him and some of their investment too. 10 years later, KS (Kevin Sharma) Computers become the topmost selling desktop and laptop brand in India and secured the 8th position in the world’s most efficient personal computers.

This feat made him a millionaire. Not taking one dime from his father, he was welcomed back at his home and with the collaboration with Sharma Industries, his father’s electrical company, KS computers remain to grow in a huge scale in India and the world.

With all these achievements, Kevin Sharma does not forget humanity and gives around 40% of his income to various charities across the world. Even though KS computers are famous, most people didn’t know this side of Mr. Kevin Sharma. In spite of this, Kevin has continued his work and having such a wonderful human being in this country is an incredible honor.”

I finished reading the report. When Kevin asked me if he can sit at the empty chair earlier today, I never knew he was this man.

He then got up and said,

“You got my story a bit wrong. You can’t sacrifice if you have everything.” He said.


“You only sacrifice when you have nothing. Irony as it may be, it is the truth.”

“How will I know what and when to sacrifice?” I asked.

“There is a voice inside you. It talks. All you gotta do is listen to it like I did.”

“How do I know it talks?” I asked.

“You will. When the time comes, you will.”

Said the millionaire and walked away. 

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