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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Eddie Loud

Action Fantasy


Eddie Loud

Action Fantasy

After The Fall Chapter 7

After The Fall Chapter 7

6 mins 159 6 mins 159

Prepare for Battle

A calm spread over the store. No more screaming or snarling echoed through the aisles. Pupil stared at Erika, for quite awhile before she got irritated and decided to say something.


“Where dog ?”

Crap, Erika thought, Where is Bambi?

Pupil hopped back into the cart as Erika began pushing it through the store. “Bambi !” they both called as they rolled through the center aisles. From their right came some scampering and a muffled bark. She darted around a blind corner, with a hand basket hanging from her mouth. It was filled with a few tennis balls and tons of raw ride. She walked up to the cart and standing on her hind legs, dropped the basket in. She sat down and looked at her humans and was smiling at them.

“Dog got what she wanted. Girl get what she want ?”

“Well,” Erika started rather sheepishly. “I could use some new clothes, maybe some shoes, and..... some personal products.”

“I can use new clothes to, push cart there and then we get what we need.”

Pupil ran into a changing room and got rid of his torn shirt and holy jeans. He felt like a new....pupil. He passed the mirror on his way out and saw himself for the first time he could remember. He saw his twisted form and waxy skin. He walked up to the mirror and placed his hand on it. Then he touched his own face. A tear streaked down his cheek and rolled to the floor. He turned away from the mirror and left the room.

He went back out to the cart and saw Erika and Bambi over in the woman’s department looking at clothes and other items. Pupil hoped in the cart and waited. He nodded off.

After some time Erika was finally happy with what she had. She returned to where pupil was sleeping and slapped her extra clothes and hygiene products into the cart. Pupil jumped awake.

“Oh, you think you soooo funny. Girl give me heart attack, then what you do hmm?”

“Stay here with Bambi, the bunny, bear, and giant head.”

“I suppose you would.” he said, then. “Do you think we can sneak through the express lane ?”

It was still dark when they went outside. Erika couldn’t help but notice a change in Pupil’s attitude. He was so happy during the battle, he seemed to change when he changed clothes. Erika looked at him as he watched the night sky. His brow furrowed as he stared.

“What’s wrong ?”

“I remember something.”

“What’s that ?” Erika said, with a little surprise in her voice.

“The night sky of my childhood.”

“What was it like ?”

“Less busy. Calming, peaceful.”

Erika looked up and saw the lights of ships darting and streaking through the sky. She thought real hard, and could remember it being that way too. She nodded her head. Pupil noticed.

“It was a lie.” Pupil said sullenly. “One we paid dearly for, almost extinct we are.”

Erika didn’t know what to say. She had felt the same since her family went missing. Her father tried his best to protect them, but it was no different then the protection provided by the Black Knight.

After a few moments of silence he spoke again. “Come our allies wait for us.”

“We are at least a couple days out on foot.”

“True, we must get there faster. Can you drive ?”

Erika shook her head, things got crazy before she could learn.

Pupil stood there rubbing his chin in thought. “Well, looks like we take the cart.” As he said this the cart got longer and lower to the ground. They all hoped in and the cart disappeared down the road.

It was almost dawn when they neared Cahokia. Pupil stopped the cart.

“Why did we stop?”

“We almost there, we can push cart.”

“But we could be there in seconds if you would keep this cart moving.”


“Then why not do it ?”

“Cart look stupid, not look very heroic riding in cart like infant child. Duh!”

“I’m sorry, did you just duh me ?”

“Yes, why? Did I not do it right ?”

“No, you did it right. Come on let’s go.”

The strolled into the Avian camp and was immediately ushered to the Command Post. There were the usual greetings and salutations. Senator this, General that, maybe even an emperor. When Erika was introduced as Ransford, they all gave her praises, enlightened one, exalted earth child. Blah blah. Erika was still real bad at this, all she could get out was a “Hey.”

Pupil laid out the plan, and the Allies of Man began to place the toys where they were told. Senator Volar and Emperor Loki of The Nords went with Pupil to inspect the lines. Erika stayed behind with Bambi, and was joined by Gryphon.

Pupil was happy with what he saw, everything was nearly ready. His two companions were equally impressed. They drew near the area where the horses had been reported. General Loki had begun to comment on this very fact when one appeared.

“Halt, who enters the Ponydom ?”

Pupil hushed the other two. “It is I, Pupil of the Alliance of Man. I bring tidings of friendship to you and yours.”

The pink pony lowered her head and looked Pupil in the eye. “Her highness, requests an audience. She is aware of a growing army. She would like to know if you come to stand against the lizards.”

“We do.” Said Pupil. “Even better, we have a Ransford.”

“We wish for you, Pupil, and the Ransford to come speak to the queen.”

Pupil looked at The Senator and nodded his head. He lifted his wrist and spoke into it. A few minutes later Erika was there, “Is that Pinky Pie ?”

The horse looked stunned. “You know who I am ?”

Erika nodded, her jaw agape at what she saw. Pupil closed her mouth with a gentle hand. “Sorry, she has a problem, we are working on it.”

Other horses came out of the woods to escort them to the queen. Erika seemed to know everyone of them. They walked for awhile before they came to a castle. The gates opened and they were led inside to the throne room. On the throne sat a blonde girl, she was about sixteen years old.

“Eriana ?” Erika blurted out with joy in her voice and tears in her eyes.

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