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Let The Stars Shine

Let The Stars Shine

9 mins 599 9 mins 599

Binita is a married woman and was working in a private company. Her husband Adarsh is a businessman. The following day she was watching a talent show on television. While enjoying the program she was hearing some murmuring sound. She turned off the television and started walking towards the room where she heard the voice. It's her servant maid Deepthi's tone who was burbling something in her sleep. 

When she is about to wake her up. Binita's mother-in-law Esha interrupted in anger, "It's an outcome of watching the television channels without a break! Deepthi made this as a regular habit. She is always blabbering in her sleep." 

Binita didn't deliver any answer to her mother-in-law instead her mind has begun to grind the past events.

A few weeks back, Binita's husband brought Deepthi to their home. When Binita inquired about her whereabouts. Deepthi said, she is an orphan and was fulfilling her basic needs by selling toys in the streets. Binita and her mother-in-law felt sorry for her. Adarsh's father Eknath asked Deepthi to stay in their home and to help the women in their household works. Though, Binita didn't like Deepthi's appointment as a servant maid. Minding about Esha's physical illness, She didn't speak against her in-laws. But, somewhere in her heart, she was highly feeling guilty. 

"Hello! Bini. What are you thinking so seriously? Land on the real world!", Adarsh snapped his fingers and shuffled Binita's thoughts. 

"No. Nothing Adarsh.", Said Binita. 

The next day Binita is getting ready to her office. "Bini don't forget to take Deepthi with you. Drop her in the grocery store. Okay?", Asked Esha. 

"Sure. I will.", Binita replied.

"Shall we move Deepthi?", Binita questioned. 

"Yes, madam. I am ready." , Deepthi hopped into Binita's car along with a bag. 

Some minutes of driving. Binita stopped her car at some point and asked Deepthi to sit inside the car for a while. 

"Okay, Madam.", Said Deepthi. 

Deepthi's eyeballs were scanned the surrounding environment around her. 

"It's an orphanage it seems.", Her heart mumbled. 

Minutes later… Binita returned to her car with some set of papers in her hands. 

"Get down Deepthi." 

"Yes, madam." 

After a few steps of walk. They both were entered into the hall where a lady named Teresa greeted Deepthi by holding a smile on her face. 

"Welcome my girl. How are you?", Teresa questioned.

"Fine madam.", Deepthi answered.

"Madam, Is any more procedure left to complete?", Binita enquired. 

"No Binita. All the forms were filled and the admission procedures were completed successfully.", Teresa answered.

"Forms? Admission? So, Binita madam has decided to leave me in an orphanage!?", Deepthi's throat choked. 

"Best of luck dear", Teresa patted Deepthi's shoulder gently. 

"Thanks, madam. We will meet tomorrow.", Binita said. 

Though Deepthi's journey with Binita was a very short span of time. Her care and affection made Deepthi to develop respect and love on Binita. 

"I am going to miss you Binita madam.", Deepthi's heart regretted. 

Later, Binita stopped her car near a shop and went inside. Minutes later, she came back. 

"A surprise gift for you Deepthi.", Binita entrusted a box in her hands. 

"What is this madam?", Deepthi asked.

"Come on...Open it dear!." 

As soon as Deepthi unboxed the gift. She couldn't trust her eyes. 

"Ma... Madam…", Her words stammered.

"Yes, Deepthi. A special gift for you. This box contains books, notes, pen, pencil, uniform, chocolates, and many dresses." 

Deepthi's mind was hovering in the world of the puzzle.

"My dear Deepthi. I could read your mind. It's not an orphanage. It's an educational institution. Yes! Today I have enrolled your name in a school. From tomorrow you are a student and going to attend the classes regularly. Are you happy now?", Binita questioned. 

"But, madam groceries…"

"Leave that Deepthi. Every night you murmur something in your sleep. Do you remember what it is?", Binita questioned. 

"No madam."

"Wait I will show you." Binita's finger tapped a recorded video. 

"Good morning viewers. This is Deepthi reporting from the flood-affected areas of…", Binita paused the video. 

"This is what you are burbling in your sleep dear. Do you aware of this job or a course pertaining to this?" 

"Madam I don't know much about this. But somewhere I heard that these people could convey the sufferings and miseries of the common people to the nation. So..So... I have a desire to…", Deepthi hesitated to reveal her wish. 

"So you want to become a journalist. Am I right Deepthi?"

"Yes, madam." 

"Why in particular?", Binita asked her. 

"Because I want to showcase the distress and hardships of the children like me to this world. I like to help those people." 

Deepthi is only 9 years old. Though she couldn't name what kind of job it is! Her maturity and helping tendency at this age has brought goosebumps in Binita. 

"Okay, I will help you to accomplish your goal. Guess how?", Binita questioned. 

"School?", Asked Deepthi.

"Yes, Deepthi. To achieve your target, 'Education' is the primary and mandatory step. Education makes you stand on your own. It generates self-confidence and positive energy within you. It makes you stay brave and intelligent. It brings wisdom in you. To differentiate between right and wrong, good and bad, you must have the knowledge of wisdom. And…", 

A phone call from Adarsh has interrupted their conversation.

"Is everything okay dear?", Adarsh inquired.

"Yes, Adarsh. But, I don't know how to open this matter to aunt and uncle!", Said Binita.

"No worries dear. I have brought Deepthi to our house in the intention of adopting her. Because of my mom's ill-health and dad's busy schedule. I couldn't reveal about our decision at the right time. Thank God! Now everything happened as per our wish. Don't panic I will convince my father and mother." 

"Thank you, Adarsh.", Said Binita. 

"Thanks to you dear. I am glad I have a life partner who could travel along with my frequency. Will meet you at home. Take care." , Adarsh ended the call. 

The following night when everyone gathered for dinner. Adarsh has narrated all the events. He also apologized to his parents for not disclosing their decision priory. 

Eknath said, "Sorry Adarsh. Forgive us. It's our fault. We didn't focus on her education. I am not against this child's education. In fact, Education is a must for everyone and it should not have any gender discrimination. You better help this girl to study." 

"Yes, Adarsh. Like your father said we are not against the child education. Especially if we educate a girl child she could brighten her generations and develop the country in the path of victory. Support her financially." , Esha said to him. 

"Please try to understand us, mom. I and Binita want Deepthi to become a champion in all of her endeavors. At the same time, We don't want her to miss the parental care. Hence, we have decided to adopt Deepthi as our daughter." , Adarsh unveiled his decision. 

"Yes, uncle. Deepthi is really in need of care and affection." , Binita imparted her perspective. 

"Binita, even we both love her a lot. But, the reason why we are hesitating is…"

Esha interrupted in Eknath's speech. 

"Tell me, mom.", Adarsh asked. 

"Adarsh what scares me is, perhaps if you have kids in the future! You both couldn't shower the same affection on Deepthi. Consider that." 

"Mom we have already discussed that. And today we promise, No matter how many kids we are going to have in the future. Deepthi will remain as our first and beloved daughter forever.", Adarsh and Binita have declared their assurance to Esha and Eknath. 

After some minutes of silence. 

"Mom, Dad please reveal your decision to us", Adarsh asked them. 

"Let this star shine in our home!", Esha and Eknath said happily. 

"And Deepthi my little girl! From today, you should call him as grandpa and me as grandma. Call Adarsh as dad and Binita as a mom. Okay?", Esha asked her. 

"Thanks a lot. I love you, mom. I love you dad", Deepthi's eyes were flooded with happy tears and she hugged Binita and Adarsh together. 

"Love you too dear.", Binita planted a kiss on Deepthi's forehead. 

"Hurray!! From today I have a mom, dad, grandma, and grandpa. In precis a lovable family!!", Deepthi is jumping in an overwhelming excitement. 

"Yes dear. You arrived like a treasure to our home. Thank you Deepthi for giving us an opportunity to become a part of women empowerment.", Adarsh and Binita expressed their gratitude.

"I have planned to celebrate this beautiful day as Deepthi's birthday every year,'', Said Eknath and all the family members have accepted his decision joyfully. 

To celebrate that beautiful moment Esha and Eknath began to share sweets with their neighbors. Meanwhile, Adarsh and Binita were busy in introducing Deepthi to their friends and relatives. 

                STOP CHILD LABOUR 



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