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Thriller Action Drama Abstract Others Horror Children Stories

Ghost Diary

Ghost Diary

5 mins

The ear perforating creepy noises in the midst of the dark night which sent chills down your spine, a shadow colored figure behind the foggy window or a horror face which was standing beside the corner of your bedroom might paused your heartbeat for a second and frequent occurrence of hallucinating thoughts in your mind. If, you have undergone any of the nightmares lately or in the past. It's an alarm. What kind of sign it is? Definitely not a sign of presence of the ghosts rather, it conveys that you are suffering from a mental disorder, because existence of a ghost is a myth. Well, we are at the end of this 'Ghost Diary' show. Will meet you in the next talk show. Until then, it's me Prajin signing off. Bye now." 

Prajin is a smart and brave young man who is famous for his controversial debates about ghosts. His television programs have garnered many viewers and followers. Not only talk shows, he stayed overnight in the the house on a haunted hill which is believed as a ghost home and whoever makes an entry to that residence never had a chance to exit. He ignored all the warnings and advise from the people and entered into that haunted house without any fear. That show was broadcasted as a live event and he returned safe and successfully without any attacks from the scary ghost. 

Prajin unwrapped his coat and came out of the studio.

"Hi ghost hunter.", A voice made him to twist his neck. 

A four eyed man with five legs was standing behind him with a blood oozing body. His spooky appearance has turned the Prajin's face into pale.

"Who.. Who are you?", He cleared his throat. 

"Trick or Treat?", The man asked.

"Wait. What?"

"Hey! Relax man. I am your colleague Yash. This is my Halloween costume. How is it?"

"Horrendous!", Prajin told hilariously. 

"Scared right?"


"Liar.", Yash laughed and asked," Hey! Could you drop me in my point."

"Sure. Get in.", Prajin and Yash both of them hopped into their respective car seats. 

"Guess what? You became a trending face overnight and a new heart throb of young girls. Honestly, it needs an immense courage to stay alone in the haunted house. You made it possible. Congratulations.", Said Yash. 

"Thanks. I like to smash all the superstitious beliefs about the ghosts. Some covet money makers are turning the people as morons by weaving and narrating fake ghost stories in order to keep the people in the state of frightening mode.", Prajin replied.

"You are right. What I personally feel is, whether it's a nail biting horror scene or the people who were getting scary face during the arrival of horror ghost is due to the man made fear not because of any evils.", Said Yash. 

"Hope my upcoming show would burst all the myths."

"Guess what? I have planned to spend my week end along with my girl friend in that haunted house and going to telecast as a live show.", Yash told curiously. 

"My best wishes Yash." 

Meanwhile, Their car got stuck in the midst of their travel and Prajin's phone was displaying a video call. He swiped his phone to respond. 

"Hi Prajin. It's me Yash. Just made a call to felicitate your braveness."

"Who.. Who are you?", Prajin cleared his throat. 

"I am Yash.", The man who was speaking in the video call began to chuckle and transformed like a blood oozing man who has four eyes and five legs. 

"What.. What's happening?", Prajin's voice stammered. 

Prajin shifted his eyeballs towards his colleague Yash who was sitting near to him. 

"If Yash is in home. Who is the person sitting in my car seat?", Prajin murmured. 

"Still, do you think existence of the ghosts are superstitious?", Both the Yash inquired in unison and chortled horrifically. 

Prajin was sitting like a frozen statue. 

"Hey! I won the bet. It's a prank. Now you can't lie. You are really scared. Am I right?", Yash began to laugh by watching Prajin's gestures. 

Soon an invisible hand shoved Yash into the house on a haunted hill. Now, Yash could witness a welcome gesture from the blurred shadow colored figure which is standing behind the foggy glass window, blood-curdling creepy voices mumbling beneath his ears. His hands began to tremble, chills went down his spine.

"Welcome my feast. Now it's time for a reality show!.", Said Prajin.

"What do you mean?", Yash inquired in a frightening tone.

"You disclosed your willingness to spend the time in this haunted house right? That's I have brought you here. Because, playing a prank or a halloween play is forbidden in my dynasty and I consider that as a child's play. Now it's my turn. Ready to experience the spine chilling thriller actions from me.", Prajin was laughing horrendously. 

"Cheater. So.. So.. You are not a…human?!", Yash throat choked and his eyeballs were widened. His heart has began to pump rapidly. 

"Late realization moron. I am here to launch my ghost dynasty and my time has arrived. Soon I will fulfill the promise which I have given to my evil god.", 

Prajin squeezed the neck of Yash and began to suck his blood, chopped his body mercilessly and gulped his soul to his heart content. 

"Magnificent feast. This is the first not final.", Prajin said wickedly. 

Yash's heart didn't show any sign of breathe.  

 "As per your wish. 'Ghost diary' show is live now and it will remain in the same state till I terminate the life of last human in this world. Never trust an evil even it is in human form.", Prajin Damian - the ghost king said dastardly and began to chuckle horrifically. 

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