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Fantasy Drama Romance Action Others Thriller Abstract



Fantasy Drama Romance Action Others Thriller Abstract

Mirage Or Miracle? - What's Next?!

Mirage Or Miracle? - What's Next?!

13 mins 678 13 mins 678

An ear perforating noise from the smoking train has made Mitra twist her neck. She rolled her eyes and scanned all over the locus. It's an ancient train with a couple of compartments. And this is the first time she is witnessing the centuries-old train. The train is less crowded and only four or five people were present inside. 

"God! What's happening?", She puzzled. 

Soon, a tall man in the train hopped out of the window and asked Mitra to board the train. 

"No. I couldn't."

"This time you can't get rid of my eyes. My final warning. Get inside else you will encounter an unexpected consequence." 

"I won't.", Mitra repudiated again. 

The third time he didn't seek for her response instead he held her wrist tightly and strived hard to push her into the train. 

"No…", She shrieked. 

"What happened Mitra? Are you okay?", A voice made her land in the real world. It's her mother Shristi. 

"Mom...Some minutes back I have gazed at a railroad here and a man. Man..", Mitra cleared her throat.

"Oh, baby! Come out of your nightmare. Yesterday a giraffe was invited you to fly along with it and today a man. Isn't it? Crazy girl. It's our home and you are sitting on the couch. I have no plans to construct a railway track inside our bedroom. Get ready.", Her mother said. 

"I am sure. It's not a dream.", Mitra mumbled under her breath and pulled a dress from the wardrobe. 

"Black? I don't know what makes you wear the same color every day. Don't you get bored off?" 

"Mom. It's not black. Turquoise."

"Hmm. Black is the new turquoise for you isn't it? However don't be late.", Said Shristi. 

"God! I couldn't distinguish the colors! What happened to me?", She rubbed her eyes and scrutinized the surroundings again and again. But, what she could gaze at from her naked eyes is the color of copper sulfate. 

"Damn! I was already getting tortured by the hallucinating thoughts and now I have lost the power to disparate the colors. This disease was gradually swallowing all of my senses and cognitive power.", Shouldering her bag, Mitra left the home with overwhelming tears. 

"Hi. What's your name?", A vlogger named Alok questioned her.

"Mitra Yogeshvar."

"Well. I am Alok. Today I have a question for you. Perhaps, if you get a chance to visit the 'Happy Planet'? What would be your reaction?"

"Happy Planet!?"

"Yes! A common belief says Anirudh Amritaya - who is like Prince charming is living in that 'Happy Planet. Would you like to go?" 

"It's a superstitious belief. In case, if exists I will never allow my girl to visit that planet.", Someone answered. 

"But, Why? What's your name?" 

"Aakash. Mitra's Ex-boyfriend." , He giggled. 

"Hey! Wait. Angry bird! Where are you going? Trust me, dear, I am sorry. I won't hurt you again.", Aakash apologized, and she didn't deliver any response to him. 

"Hi Mitra.", Jay waved his hand. 

"Hey, Jay! What a surprise? What are you doing here?"

"We are heading towards the library.", Lily replied. She is a friend of Mitra and Jay as well. 

"Coffee?", Jay asked Mitra. 

"Sure.", She smiled. 

They entered into a coffee shop and Aakash also joined with them voluntarily. 

"A special coffee for you Mitra.", Said Aakash. 

"Oops! Who the hell added salt in the coffee?", She spilled the drink. 

"It tastes sweet. Why are you blaming the maker?", Lily inquired.

"God! It seems I have lost the sense of taste also.", Mitra muttered. 

"Not the maker. Mitra wants to criticize every part of my behavior. She hates me a lot.", Aakash frowned. 

"You are wrong.", Said Jay 

"Shut up. You are the sole reason behind that. A villain for my love. You became her addiction. You snatched my lady-love cunningly. Don't you feel ashamed of your acts?" 

"Mind your words Aakash. Now she is my love. I can't endure your dirty words." When Jay is about to attack Aakash. A voice from the newsreader has made the shop to dwell in silence. 

"Big Breaking News: A group of scientists was unveiled a couple of important information. Our planet Earth is going to terminate its rotation in a couple of days!  All human beings and living creatures will devastate on the first day of the new year. Yes! Exactly on 1st January 12:00 A.M. The countdown has already begun. Whether it's an end of the world or the beginning of an era? Mirage or Miracle? What's next? Let us wait."

"Hello, Lily! Why are you standing like a frozen statue?", Aakash snapped her fingers.

"It scares me a lot.", She swiped her sweats gently. 

"Like movies, a supernatural personality will manifest and save us. Let's wait for that superhero. No worries.", Aakash told sarcastically. 

"Don't panic Mitra. Maybe it's a sort of fake news. Our mother earth is an immortal queen.", Said Jay


"Are you okay?", Jay placed his palms on her cheeks and consoled her compassionately. 

"Till your existence, She will remain fine forever.", Aakash frowned. 

"Shut up Aakash. Come on. Lets we move.", Jay left the coffee shop along with Mitra. 

"None can hide the facts for so long. Sure Jay will learn about her betrayal."

"What do you mean?", Lily furrowed her eyebrows. 

"Yes. Mitra was suffering from an unnamed serious disease. To get rid of her disorder she is in need of money. Not in some millions. But, in billions. Thus, she has planned to utilize Jay's love to spend for her treatment." 

"How come Jay could spend in billions? Guess what? Jay comes from a poor background. Mitra is taking care of his financial needs. Jealousy beast. Don't bluff.", Lily yelled. 

"I am not a liar Lily. He is not a poor juvenile. Jay is the son of a billionaire. His father is one of the top billionaires in the world. This life is like an internship for him in order to learn the mindset of the middle class and poor people."

"But why?"

"Maybe a market analysis for their future endeavors." 

"No. I won't trust you." 

"Your wish Lily. Believe it or not, Somehow she snuffed Jay's billionaire background. Thus, she relinquished my love and joined with him. In precis, she is a clever gambler and a gold digger as well." 

The following night Mitra received a phone call from her friend Lily, and she disclosed that Jay has committed a suicide attempt. Mitra rushed to the hospital to meet him. Jay was lying unconscious and a teardrop rolled out of her eyes. She sat near him and held his hand gently. 

"I am well aware of the fact that it's not your suicidal attempt instead of a trial to murdering you. Sorry, Jay. I have tried all possible means to save you, unfortunately, I couldn't.", Mitra regretted. 

"What do you mean?", Her friend Lily inquired in a scary tone. 

"I am counting my minutes Lily, Soon, they will turn off my humanity mode! Before that, I would like to unveil the truth." 

"What are you blabbering Mitra? Are you okay?", Lily asked her friend. 

"Yes! I am not healthy and normal. Something was gradually gulping my senses and cognitive powers. But, not because of a disease, instead, I was slowly transforming as a robot."

"I couldn't get you, Mitra."

"Aakash is an archaeologist and a cheater as well. Though, Aakash pretends like an innocent. He is not. Some months back, he met an accident. It's me hospitalized him and donated my blood. From that day on, I could feel a few changes physically and mentally like hallucinating thoughts, loss of senses, fails to distinguish the colors. I have undergone many treatments but everything went in vain. When I analyzed for the cause, Aakash's behavior had ignited a suspect in my mind. After several trials, I have found a hidden secret. It's an attempt to transform my brain and heart as a robot and the rest of my physical parts would work as a human organ. Wondering isn't? With the support of a few avarice doctors, they have successfully installed a robotic heart and brain in order to convert my primary organs to work in a robotic mechanism. As a result, they could activate or alter my senses, emotions, or other physical activities by merely tapping on or off modes. In precis, They made me as their test rat."

"Who are they?" 

"A group of archaeologists who are disguised in the name of scientists. Aakash is their head."

"What's their motive?" 

"To activate the time machine." 

"What do you mean?" 

"I guess you are aware of the Tanzanyte civilization which is the oldest and popularly known as mysteriously vanished civilization. The people who lived in those eras were brave warriors and innocent souls. At any cost, they never permitted the outsiders to make an entry in their land. An explorer named Kaliyah was stumbled upon the Quartzite valley stealthily in the greed to learn their supernatural powers. He also learned about the time travel machine which they were mistakenly worshiping as their deity. He has made several attempts to rob the time machine but to his dismay, everything went futile. But, his final attempt didn't relinquish him. He found the way. When he tried to execute, Kaliyah was killed by the warriors of Tanzanyte civilization."


"As I stated earlier, Lately few archaeological students who were researching in the Quartzite valley have found few notes and letters which were written in an unfamiliar and unpopular language. All failed to derive the denotation of the letter except a man named Viaan who is the great-grandson of Kaliyah. He is an innocent soul who felt that the translation of the letter would help in their research further. Thus, he narrated the secrets to those cunning wolves."

"Once in every hundred years, the time travel machine turns to zero. By, placing the heart of the person who is born in the rare blood group named 'Esoteric!' The humans could restart the cycle of time machine again."

"Did they mentioned the details of that supernatural man?", A friend of Viaan asked. 

"No.", Viaan replied. 

"It seems they have signed a deal with fortune. Eventually, everything fell in their place without any obstacles. Jay was accidentally hospitalized in the same hospital where they utilized my brain and heart for their research. Guess what? Jay is the man who was born in the 'Esoteric' blood group and they identified his blood group with the help of Viaan. Thus, they weaved a plan to kill Jay. But, Viaan is not convinced with their moves and slipped away from them. Only the arrival of Viaan would save this Earth and upcoming disasters." 

"Where is he now?"

"He is in the Quartzite valley to research again. Hope he will come up with a solution to save this Earth and Jay. Because now they are planning to end the life of Jay. I have tried all possible means to save him and I have got victory twice and my ill-luck I couldn't save him this time." 

"So, you mean Viaan is the superman who holds the supernatural power to save us and this world. Isn't it?"

"Yes, Lily." 

"Is this true Mitra? How did you know about these secrets? This midday Aakash has narrated a strange tale about you. Now, I am highly baffled that whether yours or his story carries a truth.", Lily was standing in a state of bemusing. 

"I swear, my words are true. Believe it or not. Viaan is my friend. Soon, they will pull out the heart of Jay in order to activate the time machine. His heartbeat is the master and power key to resume the time travel machine. Their greed to rule this world will lead them to indulge in an infinite number of cruel activities." 

"What about the breaking news?" 

"Perhaps if they activate the time machine within a stipulated period. Sure, it will act like nectar and grants whatever they want. Thus, they would generate various artificial disasters everywhere and will make the rest of the survivors to believe that those archaeologists are the modern-day saviors. In short, God!." 

"I could feel the chillness running down my spine and my fingers are trembling in scare Mitra. Though, I am not in a position to help you. I will pray for the arrival of Viaan.", Lily hugged her friend and began to cry. 

"Thanks, my dear. Stay safe and take care.", Mitra bid farewell to her. 

"Love you Jay.", She patted his shoulders softly. When she is about to leave, Jay held her palms gently. 

"Jay! Eventually, you have retrieved your consciousness! Oh! my gosh! I am feeling happy."

Jay grinned. 

"Are you feeling better now?" 


"Thank God!" 

"May I know the time?" 

"11:55 P.M.", Mitra replied. 

"Five more minutes left for the devastation of this planet earth. Isn't it?"

"Maybe or May- not-be. God please help Viaan to accomplish his task soon.",  Her heart murmured and a teardrop rolled out on her cheeks. 

He wiped her tears softly, "No worries. Whether it's our death or birth. I want to be with you. Shall I ask you something? Would you fulfill my wish?" 


"Yes or no?"


"I need a 'Cwtch' from you."

"Cwtch!?", She wondered.

"Yes, Mitra. An intimate hug."

She blushed. 

Jay hugged Mitra close to his heart. All of a sudden, the floors and ceilings began to shatter, walls have started to bestrew, unbearable screeches perforated the ears of both, furniture was shaking their legs so hard. 

"What's going on! We are losing our gravity.", Mitra's brain turned unconscious. 

An hour later…

Sound of chortles, mesmerizing fragrance, melodious rhythm, a burst of crackers, and an unusual excitement has brought Mitra into consciousness again. 

Mitra rolled her eyes and scanned all over the place. "Which place is this? Hell or heaven?" The clock on the wall displayed the time as 1.00 A.M. "Hey! My eyes are clear and I could disparate the colors", She is also perceiving a taste of honey in her tongue.

"1.00 A.M!? What happened to this earth and Jay? Did those vultures make him as a prey to their hunger?", She began to search for him. While searching, she noticed something weird about her physical appearance in the mirror. 

Yes! Her soul was taken shelter in the body of Jay. "God! Whether it metamorphosed as Jay? Or I am wandering as a ghost? What happened to me? Jay, where are you? Please reply to me", She began to cry. 

"I am here.", Jay answered. 

"Where? I couldn't see you."

"Just tap on your heart.", Jay replied. 

She tapped. 

The next moment, a tall and handsome man whom she has witnessed in the train appeared in front of her. 

"The man… Train?" 

"Ya. It's me." 

"But, how come my soul has taken shelter in your body Jay? What happened to our planet?" 

"No worries. All are doing good including Viaan.", Jay winked. "Well. I brief. As you mentioned earlier, I have not accidentally hospitalized rather I have intentionally admitted in order to save you and to mislead them from grabbing your heart." 

"Wait for What? Mitra was standing in a state of bemusing. 

"Not my heartbeat instead a combination of her heartbeats resumes the cycle of a time machine. Once every hundred years, the time machine stops its cycle for a second. And our heartbeats are the power key to resume the time machine. It's me who altered the secret notes. 'Esoteric' blood group have no role-play. A 'Cwtch' is a magical hug that could combine our souls together. and activate the time machine again. These days I was waiting for the completion of this century to retrieve my powers, to take back the time machine and my girl to our world again. Today it happened. Guess what? I have vanquished all the evil monsters including those vultures who made you as their test rat." 

"I am highly baffled. Who are you? When will I get back into my original form?", She questioned. 

"In the near future, after entering into our world and can't wait to take you to our dynasty."

"What do you mean?", Mitra perplexed. 

"Yes, Princess Mitravinda. You are the only descendant from the Tanzanyte civilization who is surviving on the earth and the rest are in the Quartzite dynasty. Soon, this earth will experience a uniform snow rain. It's a sign you are going to enter a new world." 

"Myself Princess Mitravinda? Which world? What are you talking about? I am confused! Tell me who are you?" 

"Happy Planet.", He winked affectionately. 

"Why didn't you reveal these secrets priory?" 

"I like to win my Mitra's heart as a commoner." 

"Hey! Wait. Still, you didn't answer my query. Who are you? What's your real name?" 

"Anirudh Amritaya Prince of Happy Planet. Shortly, you are going to adorn the throne of the Quartzite dynasty where the descendants of Tanzanyte civilization are dwelling in. Until, two souls in one heart. Love you, my princess. Take care.", He planted a kiss on her cheeks and vanished inside her heart. 

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