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Drama Inspirational Romance Others Action

Scientific Love

Scientific Love

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Samrat is a tall and handsome young man. He is a scientist by profession and was working for a pharmaceutical company. He is very popular for his research skills and friendly approach towards his colleagues. 

The following day Samrat has noticed that his co-workers were mumbling among themselves. Though his brain had unlocked those secrets. He was pretending like an innocent. When he is about to move from that cafe. His friend named Jayson called him. 

"Hold on Sam. Where are you trying to move?" Jayson asked Samrat.

"To my cabin Jay", Samrat replied.

"So, you are unaware of these ongoing things here? Isn't?", Jayson questioned.

"Yes", Samrat answered.

"Enough Sam. Don't act like an ignorant. You are highly conscious about the topic that we were discussing now. So finally what have you decided?" Daisy inquired. 

Samrat told, "Listen I have already disclosed my views on Rainne. And I am staying strong in my decision." 

"Don't you think that you are behaving so rude towards the girl who is deeply in love with you? Of course, I accept. It's not fair for me to poke my nose in your personal. I don't deserve any right too. Rainne is not only my colleague but also my roommate. Every day, she was experiencing an unbearable mental agony and you are the sole reason for that. So, try to realize her pain Sam.", Said Daisy. 

"Sam could you please hear my words for a minute?", Rainne interrupted in their conversations. 

"I have revealed my opinion many times but you are not acknowledging that. I am not in love with you. Leave me alone.", Samrat spoke in a berated tone. 

"How could you forget our love in a short span? but, I couldn't. Our memories and your thoughts were piercing my heart. Please don't ignore me Sam.", She begged. 

Samrat left that place lethargically without responding to her tears. The colleagues who were watching these emotional chitchats felt sorry for Rainne, and they consoled her. 

Some days later Rainne heard that Samrat's mother has chosen a girl for him and soon the wedding will take place. Rainne met his mom and expressed her wish to marry Samrat. 

"Get lost from his life", Samrat's mother said angrily. 

Rainne doesn't know what to do next! And was spending her nights in tears. 

"Move on Rainne. Not all are lucky to begin their married life with their loved ones. Few are blessed to marry their lovers. You are multi- talented, brilliant and pretty as well. Your aim is to become a successful scientist. Redirect your thoughts on your goal. Your achievements in future would definitely push Samrat in the world of guilt and surely he will realize the fact that he has missed you!", Daisy advised. 

The following night.. 

"No Sam I can't imagine a life without you. At least try to realize my love in my absence.", 

Her heart spoke in an overwhelming regret. Eventually, she decided to end her life and made a suicide attempt by lacerating her wrist. 

"Rainne! Rainne! What happened to you? Oh! Coward girl, idiot. What kind of stupidity is this? Could you hear my voice? Please show some symptoms of respiration Rainne. God! How dare you are ready to sacrifice your precious soul for the merciless man? Moron! Why your IQ failed to recognize the reality?" Daisy spoke in a fusion of anger and tears. 

Rainne showed no sign of senses. Soon Daisy made an emergency call and hospitalized her friend at the right time and saved her life. Samrat and his mother rushed to the hospital to meet Rainne. Tears rolled down from his eyes.

"I am sorry Ray! Please forgive me.", He held her hands gently and planted a kiss on her forehead. 

"Happy? Are you feeling happy now? I have never met a human like you. I guess your heart is made up of an unbreakable rock. Get out of this locus right now.", Daisy told in a furious tone. 

Samrat left the hospital along with his mother sadly. 

After that tragic incident, Sam's colleagues limited their friendly communications with him instead they began to yell, curse and blame him continuously for what he had done to Rainne. 

"Will you please stop these guys! What do you know about me and Rainne?", Samrat frowned on them. 

"What do you mean by this?", Jayson raised his eyebrows. 

"None can love and care Rainne like me. I loved her a lot. Yes! Still, I love her and want to spend the rest of my life with her but Ray's love is fake!", Samrat replied. 

"Idiot. She is ready to sacrifice her life for you but how come your evil mind still suspecting her true love?", One of his colleagues Kumar questioned him furiously. 

"Perhaps if she comes to know the truth. She would stop loving me.", Samrat answered. 

"What truth?", His colleagues were asked in unison. 

"Rainne hates me a lot, and she won't like to live with me. Yes. Not love instead she wants a divorce from me!", Samrat replied. 

"Wait. What? What do you mean by divorce? So, you and Rainne were already married?", Daisy inquired. 

Samrat began to narrate the past events.

 "Since me and Rainne are new to this place. You are all aware of the events which were happening in these past few months and not about my past relationship with Rainne. Of course. I and Rainne are officially married. It's a love marriage. We knew each other from the college and worked on various science projects and medicinal research. At present, she is a memory loss patient. She has forgotten all the events which happened in these two years."

"No, it's a lie we won't trust you.", Said Jayson. 

"Whatever he said is true", Sam's friend Bairav joined in their conversations. 

"I knew the truth guys. She lost her memories lately. Perhaps if she re-attains her memories she won't love him again. I knew his sufferings and how he was broken and wept inside when the moment Rainne has compelled him to sign the divorce papers. Her love won't sustain once she gets halted into her normal memory!". 

"Sorry, Sam it's our mistake without studying your past events. We have mistaken your character wrongly. What made her to lose memory?", Asked Daisy. 

"Road accident,'' Sam replied. 

"It's because of your silence a lot of misunderstandings and unfortunate incidents have taken place. Why did you choose to maintain a low key profile about your personal life with us?", Jayson questioned. 

"Yes, Sam. Not with us. At least, either you or her family should have shared these past events with Rainne priory. You might have saved her from the suicidal thoughts.", Said Daisy. 

"Maybe you are right. But, that happiness won't sustain for the longer period Daisy. Because, Rainne's memory loss is due to the slight damage in her brain. And about her disease, it's not a rare or severe. Since it has affected mildly, she could regain her memory within a short span of time. In precis, she will turn into normal life within a few months. Thus, I have preferred not to open up anything about my love or married life with her. But, her decision to end up her life is really unfortunate. I didn't expect that.", Samrat swiped his tears. 

"Sam, shall I talk to you now?", A voice interrupted in the middle of their conversations. 

The people who were present in the lunchroom twisted their heads towards that person.

"Rainne? Yourself?!", Bairav inquired in a surprising gesture. 

"Hmm..", Rainne cleared her throat. 

Sam's colleagues and Ray's friends were in a dilemma whether to blame or feel sympathy for her. They left the room with perplexing thoughts. 

"Sam I have manipulated your character badly and concluded that you have an affair with someone. I have noticed only the scenes which have shown you in the bad light and failed to analyze the reasons behind that. I have thrown your gifts and wedding ring in the street, ignored your apologies. In precis, my actions were generated a lot of scares in you. But, you have endured everything and even after losing my memory. Still, you are in love with me. I feel guilty of my behaviors. Will you forgive me?", Tears rolled down from the eyes of Rainne. 

Either Samrat's vision or his heart wouldn't trust those ongoing events. He was standing like a frozen statue. 

"What are you thinking? Reply to me Sam.", Her words brought him to consciousness again. 

"Ray..Ray.. Yourself.. Memory?!", 

 Samrat couldn't control his tears. 

"Yes Sam", She replied. 

"What made you to retrieve your memories again?", He queried her curiously. 

"It's because of you and only you!", Said Rainne.

"Me?! Ray please don't plant any hints. Instead, elaborate the exact incidents.", Sam requested. 

"Hmm.. I will. Sam do you remember about our research and study on the memory loss? After undergoing various laboratory and sample tests. Eventually, we had invented a medication to cure the patients who were affected by this. Though it won't heal the severe disorder. Our medicine has the capability to cure the patients who are suffering from temporary memory loss which sustains for a few months and helps to recapture their memories within a few days. We also submitted our research papers to get approval from an international board. Isn't?", Asked Rainne.

"Damn! I completely forgot. Your separation made me dwell in the world of dejection. But, why are you talking about those papers now?",  Sam questioned. 

"Yes. We have got the approval and guess what? I am the first patient to consume those pills and Hey! The medications have done a good job and within a week of time it recouped my memories.", She shared the events with a blend of rejoice and pride. 

Samrat pinched himself. He never thought that he would get back his lost love. He was standing on cloud nine. 

"Thanks a lot for perceiving my love again. I love you sweetheart.", Samrat hugged Rainne happily. 

"Sorry Sam.", Rainne apologized.

Samrat cupped her cheeks and told, "You didn't hurt me, dear, instead your selfless dedication is the sole reason behind my success. What I have learned from your separation is, perhaps if we fail to clear our misunderstandings from time to time. It would construct a bridge between us and leads to depart. Please forgive me Ray. I won't repeat those mistakes again. Dear, I promise, I will never hurt you anymore. Rainne will you accept me as your soulmate again?" 

Samrat proposed to Rainne again. 

"Yes Sam", She smiled. 

Samrat hugged Rainne close to his heart and planted a kiss on her cheeks.

"Never underestimate the power of destiny!", The fate which has wiped all of their happiness before some months has returned their joys in double the number to Samrat and Rainne. It rekindled their love life again. Now they are successful and happiest couple in their professional and personal life as well. 

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