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Everyone is busy in throwing their hats from the mountain and collecting it back. The game is a true entertainer and it inspired Joshua as well. He threw his hat from the elevation and received a map in return.

"Map?! What happened to my hat?", He puzzled.

"We guess some random creature which survives down the hill is wearing your hat now.", His friends made fun of him.

"Oh! No. I have missed my favorite hat.", Joshua regretted.

The following night Joshua was sleeping in his bedroom. Minutes later, some creepy and horrible voices were started to mumble in his ears, Highly annoyed by those noises, He hopped out of the bed and rolled his eyeballs and gazed all around the room. The ongoing events were swirled the intestines of Joshua. Five horned tiny vultures which are in the color of red was hovering above the map and emitting the green color light rays, with some hesitation he walked near to it. His eyes were started to study the map which was placed on the table.

He placed his palm on the map. Some words were started to display on the mirror, 'Hundredth target! Match Found'. His eyes were widened and chills ran down his spines.

All of a sudden, a hand from the map pulled Joshua into the devil kingdom.

"Welcome! Joshua. My showstopper!.", The devil king greeted him.

"Wh.. Who.. are you? Which place is this?", His words stammered.

"I feel pity for you my dear. Anyhow, I will introduce myself. I am the devil king Gresham. You are my hundredth target and your death will unlock the doors of 'Tick-Toc World'", Said the devil.

"Tick-toc world?! Where it is?", Joshua questioned.

"It's a world of time, which was guarded by the aliens in the past. Tick-Toc world is bottled with many extraordinary magical powers and it's primary feature is we can alter the activity of this universe as per our desire and also possible to travel from present to past, future to present, past to the future or present to the future. It also grants access for us to become the ruler of this universe and all planets. In precis, if I get entry into the Tick-Toc world. Then, I would be the king of this universe! After the launch of my devil kingdom, my evil population will happily taste the blood and flesh of the humans.", Gresham cackled.

"Wha.. What do you mean? How come an ordinary human's death would pave the way to reach an other world?", Joshua inquired.

"It's none of your business! and I didn't like to waste my precious minutes by narrating the past events to you. Goodbye." When the devil king is about to kill him, all of a sudden Joshua transformed himself as a young girl.

"Yanya - an alien from planet Alabaster?!", Gresham's eyes were enlarged and now he is perceiving the feel of scare and bemuses in unison.

"Yes! You are absolutely right. I am Yanya, princess of alien dynasty. Your everlasting nightmare! Until my survival you can't capture the Tick-Toc world.", Her chortles shrilled all around the locus.

Gresham couldn't believe his eyes! Because, thousands and thousands of years ago, to capture the Tick-Toc world. The devil's have initiated the war against aliens. In the end, devils won the war. Though, he vanquished the aliens cunningly, he couldn't enter into the Tick-Toc world! The magical place has transfigured itself as an invisible world and turned as a daydream to Gresham. After several attempts and applying various black magic skills. Eventually Gresham has found the route to land on Tick-Toc. Merging the palm lines of hundred humans beings who were born in the rare blood group named 'Odd' would pave the way to unlock the doors of Tick-Toc.

"What are you thinking about?", Yagna snapped her fingers. Her words shuffled his thoughts.

"Impossible! No. I won't trust you. I have devastated the roots of alien dynasty priory and Yagna was the final prey to my sword! You are an evil in disguise!.", He spoke in a berated tone.

"Moron. Half baked knowledge is always dangerous and you are the perfect example for that. You have learned everything stealthily about Tick-Toc world but failed to dig about my birth mystery.", Yanya grinned.

"What do you mean?!" Gresham inquired in haste.

"Yes. I am a half human and half alien. I can survive in Earth and in Alabaster as well. Previously you have extirpated my single soul and missed to annihilate my other one. But, I am not an ignoramus like you! I have done a complete analysis of your devil dynasty and applied my strength on your weakness.", Said Yagna.

"Means?!", Asked Gresham.

"Listen my rival, merely terminating the lives of hundred humans wouldn't yield any fruitful results to you. In fact, Except Joshua, others are not humans. Just an illusory people which are created by me. It's my tactics to trap you in my net."

"What are you talking about? Don't test my patience. With the help of my black magic skills and evil powers, I have got this 'Secret Jar' which holds the route to enter in the world of Tick-Toc. I am sure, It never end in vain.", Gresham screamed in anger.

"Right. As I mentioned earlier, In order to win the battle, It's essential to identify the flaws and limitations of an opponent and myself also applied the same. "Puzzling right? For every one thousand years. All the evils from the devil dynasty has taking a nap for fifteen minutes isn't? You have slept before reading the content in the 'Secret Jar'! And I have perfectly utilized that opportunity and placed the 'Map Jar' and grabbed the 'Secret Jar' from you.", Said Yagna.

Gresham was standing in confusion.

Yagna resumed her speech again,

"The world of Tick-Toc was locked and sealed with clocks and presently, it's in the state of an invisible mode. Conjoining the two halves of the clocks would pave the way to reach Tick-Toc and the world will turn as visible again. The first half of the clock is concealed in the heart of Joshua. And the rest…" She paused.

"Rest?!", Gresham furrowed his eyebrows.

"The other part is hidden in your crown, which is belongs to me. And I am here to snatch that half.", Yagna smiled.

"No. No. I won't allow these. It's my long time goal and wish to become the ruler of this universe. I will attain my target.", Gresham screeched like a mad animal and when he is about to use his black magic powers to kill her.

At an instant, Yagna metamorphosed as Joshua again.

Joshua tugged the part of a clock from his heart and darted towards the crown of Gresham. Within few seconds, both the pieces of clocks were conjoined together and Zeus-the Lord of Tick-Toc world appeared in front of them.

"The unique quality of time is, it never pauses or stops for anyone. It never grants permission to rewrite the past or to skip the present. The future always remains unpredictable. The god has created this earth only for the human beings and there is no room for the devils like you. Count your seconds!", Said the Lord of Tick-Toc world.

Zeus began to generate several clocks and all the arrows from the clocks started to stab the body of an evil king randomly. Immediately the devil kingdom and Gresham turned into ashes and dissipated in the air.

Zeus parted Joshua and Yagna has two different souls. They both knelt before the god and paid their respect.

"My Lord! Thank you so much for helping us at the right time.", Yagna and Joshua have expressed their gratitude in unison.

"There is no history of evils won the war. Goodness and truth always wins at the end. And Yagna, again I am entrusting the duty of guarding the Tick-Toc world to the aliens.", Said Zeus.

"Thanks my lord", Yagna replied.

The god of Tick-Toc world has re-established the Alabaster dynasty and gifted to Yagna and he made Joshua as a protector of this universe. Zeus blessed Joshua and Yagna with some supernatural powers and vanished.

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