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Drama Others Romance Inspirational Action

Unlimited Love

Unlimited Love

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Varun was curiously waiting for Varsha's arrival, but she was walking towards him with the blend of temper and discontent.

"Stupid! Can't you inform me about your birthday before? Why are you always preferring to maintain a low key profile about your special occasions?!", Varsha frowned.

"I am sorry dear. What do you like to have?", Varun asked her.

"Don't divert the topic Varun.", She interrupted.

"I apologised right? Come on Varsha. Stay cool.", Said Varun.

She told, "Happy birthday Varun. Sorry didn't have time to buy gifts."

"Who said Varsha? I didn't receive anything? I have already got a special gift from you."

"Wait what?" She questioned.

"Yes Varsha. You have cancelled all of your appointments to meet me right? 'PRIORITY', the most precious gift in the world", He answered.

"No Varun. I guess you are overestimating my availability and don't justify your mistake."

"Dear merely a phone call from me made you to postpone all of your works without asking for a reason.Thus,Time is the most expensive gift we can present for our loved ones. Do you agree?"

She grinned and said, "Yes."

"Now I have got a surprise for you." Varun hinted.

"Bitter or Sweet?" She inquired.

"It's based on your reply.", He answered.

"In an era of modern technology and tireless people, I really found a girl who can spend some quality time with me and I don't want to miss that partner in my life. So…" He paused.

"So?!" She raised her eyebrows.

"I am in love with you Varsha", He proposed.

Honestly she didn't expect his proposal. Because, every time he used to talk about a girl whom he loves a lot.

"You are already in love right? What happen to her? Is she rejected you or what?", She asked.

"No she is standing in front of me right now."

"Are you mad?"

"Varsha I have woven an imaginary tale and revealed my love on you indirectly. But, my misfortune your IQ didn't work properly. You have mistaken my love story.", He made fun of her.

Though, her heart realised the truth. She said, "Stupid. No I won't trust this. You are a player of words.".

"But, you are a champion in dumping my speech." He winked.

She smiled.

"Waiting for your reply Varsha.", Said Varun.

"Why should I marry you?" She questioned.

"Because, nowadays love comes with a validity or stays for a limited period. But, my love for you is unlimited and will sustain forever." He answered.

"Life time validity. Isn't?", She asked sarcastically.

"Of course, yes. I like to prove my love in actions not in words." He went on his knee and unlocked the gift box. It's a ring. "I love you Varsha. Will you marry me.?" He proposed again.

Happy tears rolled down from the eyes of Varsha. "Yes, I will." she accepted his proposal, and he put a ring on her finger.

It's a fabulous moment for them. Varun hugged Varsha and planted a kiss on her cheeks.

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