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Her Decision

Her Decision

11 mins

It was Meghna’s Birthday, she called to her some friends, relatives, and the most important guest was her daughter, Neha, Neha’s husband, Vihang, Her son Amey and his wife, Ketki. These four were a special guest for her, and she was going to announce some important thing, which she already decided to do. The party was very good, decoration, lighting, her birthday cake, and food everything was well managed, and well presented, in front of all the guests, everyone was happy. Everyone brought some gift to Meghna, in her relatives, there were his uncle, and her mother’s sister, no more relatives for her, before 5 years her mother died, and before that, his father was also died, she was an alone, though she was having her son and daughter, her in laws, but still she was an alone, so she decided that, her 50th birthday should be fantastic, friends, relatives will come and they will enjoy, and she can see to them again, and she wants to be with her son, daughters, and with her in-laws also.

           Meghna was working in bank, she was having good income, her son, Amey was working with, multinational company, his wife Ketki, was also doing a job in that similar company, Amey and Ketki, fall in love, and they took a decision to marry with each other. Neha was working with college, as a lecturer, and Vihang was working in bank, it was an arrange marriage, all of them were settled in their life, all were busy in their work, Meghna was also very busy in her bank job, social work, visiting to library, reading and writing, though she kept busy herself, but she was an alone, after death of her parents, the day was passing, but the night was more dangerous for her, and more, she was feeling that aloneness………………………

           “Mummy, you still are not ready, the guests are waiting outside, come on, hurry up,” said Neha. Meghna became a nostalgic, Anil her husband, in her hand, there was Anil’s photo in her hand, they were celebrating her birthday, and these old memories was remerging by her, the tears was coming from her eyes. “Mummy, please don’t cry at least today’s day, it is your’s day, so let’s enjoy”. Neha sat near to her, and she was saying to her, Ketki came inside, “Oh, Mummy ji, please hurry up, the cake is waiting for cutting, without you it is not ready to cut, all are waiting, so let’s come, today you are the host of party, “ Ketki took Meghna’s hand in her hand, and was trying to get up to Meghna. “Mummy, don’t cry, otherwise your whole make up will spoil, and my working on your make up also” said Neha. Meghna get up, and she came out side. The party was enjoying by all persons, everyone was very happy, everyone was wishing to Meghna, and was giving a gifts to her, everyone was also enjoying cake as well as the delicious dinner.

           20 years back, when Anil died, due to major heart attack, Meghna stood strongly, because she wants to live for her children, though there wasn’t any financial crisis, for their family, but the main person, wasn’t there, now Meghna became a father and mother for her children, she was taking care, their schools, their eating’s, sports, extra activities, their home works, with her bank job, she was balancing for every time, simultaneously, she was looking for Anil’s FD’s policies, all the necessary documents, she was looking for everything. The people was critising to her, but she ignored to them. Once her mother said to her, “People are saying that, you are heartless, you don’t wait, and you started to work”. Meghna said with angry, “I don’t mind at all what peoples are saying, they are not giving money or food to my children, or they are not coming to my home for helping me, I have to take care myself as well as, my kids also, if today I didn’t became a strong, my children’s career will spoiled totally, and that I don’t want to do with them, now my children are my priority”. Her mother asked to her about second marriage, but for that also, she refused, but her mother told very important thing, that in future, when you will be passed a certain age you will feel that, there should be someone, who can take care, someone should be there who can listen to you, that time her words will remember to Meghna.

           After finishing the party, everyone wants to sleep, because everyone was tired, the friends and relatives wasn’t at home, but Neha, Vihang, Amey and Ketki was there, they had their holt with Meghna, before going bed, Meghna called them, and said that, “ before Good Knight, I want to say something, when she saw their faces, it was question mark on their faces, “ Relax, don’t worry, tomorrow morning I will tell whatever I want to say, ok Good Night.” After finishing her talking, she went in her room, and all of them also went in their rooms, the lights of hall offed now, it was dark, a black dark, the things was there, just finished party’s environment was also there, the smells of foods and cake was also there, but in dark night, the breeze of cold air, was there. All were very silent, just before one hour, how much noise, people were laughing, eating, smiling and was dancing also, but not it was stopped, and the party was over……………..

           All were having a curiosity about what Meghna is going to say, is it property related, or is it related with their father’s money, everyone was having a different angle of thinking, and everyone was finding their selfishness in their angles.

           Next moring, all were gathered for tea, Meghna made and served a tea to everyone, and she started to speaking, everyone was on serious mode. “As I told you last night, I am going to say something to you,” Meghna kept her empty cup on table, she continued and she looked to all faces, it was in different mood. “Tomorrow, you all of know, that, I completed 50 years of my age, and now I am entered in 51. I decided to something about myself.”, Meghna said. “Mummy, what you are talking?” Amey talked on that situation. Amey didn’t spoke more things, but he start to spoke, on his talking, Neha also replied, “ Yes Mummy, from tomorrow, you became carzy to us, it is puzzle to us about your words.” But this time, Ketki and Vihang were quite, they just had their tea, after finishing tea, Ketki went to the kitchen for making another tea for all of them.

           “I have decided to marry.” Meghna spoke, and everyone’s faces was just shocking, like that someone threw the bombs on their head. Everyone was just looking to Meghna’s face. “Why are you all shock, and why you all looking to my face, “ Meghna replied to their question marked faces, yes question mark, it was a big question mark, on every one’s face, what our Mummy is saying, at night they were having different angle, now this an angle with another direction, it was totally unimaginable to all of them.

           “Don’t look to me like this, I am serious about it,” Meghna was firm on her decision. “Look Neha and Amey, I sacrificed my whole life, for you, after your father’s death, you were my priority, your education, carrer, my job, for these things I was living, never I thought about myself, and now the time is came that I should think about myself.” Meghna told to Neha and Amey with confidence.

           “Why you have need of marriage?, Are you unhappy with us?” Amey asked to his mother. “I am happy with all of you, your company, but it is for very few time, You all are busy with your career, your jobs, in this house, I feel very alone, no one is for talking, I am cooking for myself, no one is here to whom I can share my feelings, no one is here, who can understood me, no doubt, you all are there, but in an emergency, no one is here, till your father it was easy, after your father, my parents were there, still it was good, but after therm, my friend was there, Rohini, last month she passed away, I was sharing everything with her, now she is also not there to listen me, then with whom, I should talk.” Meghna was saying.

           She woke up from her place, everyone was listening to her carefully, she went to door, and said, “Yes I am talking with these doors, with these windows, curtains, these clock, these paintings, they all are reliable and an honest, because they are listening to me always, because after coming at home, only these things are with me, though they are nonliving, but they know my feelings, they can understood, to me and my mind, yes I am always talking with your father’s photo, which is always with me, “ Meghna was speaking, but tears was coming from her eyes continuously. “You have your own person, with whom you can share everything of your life, but what about me? I don’t have mind, tell me Neha, Amey,” Meghna was talking with taking hands of Neha and Amey in her hands, she sat down, and she started to carrying.

           Ketki, went to Meghna, “We can undetstand to your feelings, but marriage is not way, come with us, at Banglore, you can enjoy yourself”. Ketki told to Meghna. “No Ketki, thanks for your advice, but I don’t want a burden on anyone.” Meghna told. “Mummy, how would you be a burden for us, “said Amey, Amey went to her, “We know you sacrificed whole your life for us, and we are respecting to that, but this decision………….” Amey stopped. “Why you stopped Amey, please talk.” Meghna said. Amey wasn’t able to speak anything. “Mummy what people would say?” Neha replied. Meghna laughed, “Neha, When your father died, and all things I took in my hand, and I started my working, the people were also critsing to me, but I ignored, if I would listen to them, then you didn't have bright careers, and also these beautiful life partners. “ Meghna replied instantly to Neha. Neha stopped talking, she doesn't understood, what she should talk about. There was silence for a while.     

           “I really appreciated your decision Mummy ji,” Vihang, broke the silence. “I am really happy for that also, go ahead Mummy ji, “ Vihang said with a smiley face. “ Neha shouted on Vihang. “What rubbish, are you out of your mind, are you crazy.” Amey was supporting to Neha, but Ketki was quite. She kept her aside from this matter, and she decided when she know that, then things wouldn’t be in control.

           Very politely, Vihang said “look, Neha and Amey, everyone having their own life, and everyone having a right to live their life, as they want, if Mummy ji had decision, then we don’t have any right to interfere in it, she had also some dreams, today, she is alone, there must be someone who can take care of her, Amey you are in Bangalore, We, Neha and myself are in Delhi, it is not possible to instantly help them, in any situation, at that time that someone should be there, and not it the phase of her life, where she needs security not financially but emotionally.

           Neha and Amey were not able to say anything on this, they weren’t given any justification on the note of Vihang, and they haven’t any option to accept the decision of Meghna. “But who is that lucky man, Mummy ji, Vihang said with a smile on face. “His name is Abhay, he is working in Mumbai, he is also financially strong, 2 years ago, his wife died in a car accident, he having no kids, he is alone, and we were friends since from our college days, before 6 months back, we met in conference. “ Meghna explained about Abhay. “Then who proposed firstly,” again Vihang was asking, others were just salient. “I proposed to him because he was also alone like me, and he was also badly needed a partner who can share, and care to him, we don’t have any physical needs, but emotionally, definitely yes. “ Meghna was again confident. Meghna’s good confidence, and about her forwardness in thinking Vihang was really feeling happy, from his inner side. “Amey, Neha, and Ketki, we must appreciate and congratulate to her, for choosing the person, who have needs beyond physical, and purely emotional link with our Mummy ji.” Vihang said with happy.

           “Look, Amey and Neha, if you think that I am wrong, then yes, I am wrong, but now I should think about myself, it is not that, I will not look after to all of you, you all are a part of my life, and it would be same, till my death, no one can separate to all of you from me, the question about the property and money of your father, wait for minute. “ Meghna said to Amey and Neha, and she went inside, she came with papers. “In these papers, all things are mentioned, after marriage me and Abhay would shift in his Mumbai’s house, last week I went to our lawyer, and did all things legally, the whole property, and all Anil’s money, divide equally in you, every one of you would get it, this house I will kept with me, after my, this house would be your property, I will have just with me Anil’s photo, and his manglsutra.” She kept the papers on the table, and she started to cry. All of just stand, they did not understand how they should react. Meghana remembered the lines which her mother said.

           Vihang was very happy, because, he could understand the reality of the situation, he was aware of, her feelings, it was not physicaity anymore, but it was purely an emotionally, he was knowing that the Abhay and Meghna’s relations are, for security and safety, and beyond the imagination of Neha, Amey, and about Ketki?............. Vihang wasn’t sure about her reactions. He was happy on Meghna’s firm decision, Her Decision.

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