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The Life of Vikrant Dubey

The Life of Vikrant Dubey

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Has anyone ever thought that why people take to crime? Or, why is it alluring to some and deplorable to many? Questions like these have been an enigma for many philosophers, sociologists, researchers, and the general masses for so many centuries. Since the time of Hammurabi and Manu, people have tried to look for reasons behind anyone resorting to criminal activities. According to many social scientists, criminologists, doctors, and philanthropists; people only take to a crime under certain circumstances. These circumstances can be anything like disparities in economic and social status, victims of inequality, racism, communal hatred etc.

There are others also who believe that one of the main factors of leading a criminal life is just to get the thrill of it. Imagine if you can openly flaunt your power, disrespect, and usurp the laws of the land, create an atmosphere of fear and awe in your acolytes and the general public; then wouldn’t you for one moment be tempted for such a lifestyle?

The following story is based on just such a theme and it has been inspired by the real-life incident which took place a few days back. This is the story of a man who became one of the notorious gangsters of a state and, later on, became a much-wanted man in the whole of the nation. It was because of his belligerence and open flaunt of illegal power that first brought him to the attention of authorities. It also later on led to a dramatic showdown which had a major impact on all of those involved.

All the characters, scenes and places are purely the author’s imagination and any resemblance to any real people or places is purely coincidental.

Vikrant Dubey hailed from an ordinary poor family. Though his father Ajit Kumar Dubey was working overtime in an iron smelting factory overtime; still they could hardly make both ends meet. His mother worked as a maid in many houses to supplement the family income in the city of Kanpur, U.P. Vikrant was the second in a line of two brothers and one sister. His sister was the eldest of all. Despite all the hardships, Vikrant and his siblings were studying in a public school; which his parents had somehow managed for all of them. Though Vikrant was an ordinary boy, he had a violent temper since childhood. This was the reason he used to get frequently in trouble with his classmates and his parents used to have a hard time from the school authorities very often. Though his siblings were brilliant in their studies and were very popular in school. This was also one of the reasons why Vikrant used to remain constantly jealous of his siblings, and this also aggravated his anger towards everyone.

It was during his teens that something happened which decided the fate of Vikrant and changed everybody’s lives forever. It was during his senior high secondary days when Vikrant started falling into the trap and company of some of society’s elite class. He started mingling with a group of students who came from rich backgrounds and who had extraordinary tastes in everything. They used to flaunt their money and status everywhere. Vikrant, coming from a poor background had never seen such royal treatment meted out to these students everywhere and the luxury and affluence they lived in. These children indulged in all the things which Vikrant could never even dream of. Things like parties, booze, narcotics and all kinds of debauchery etc. Things started changing from the moment when Vikrant was initiated into drugs by one of his classmates Rakesh, who also went with the alias of ‘Rocky’. Rakesh was so impressed with Hollywood movie ‘Rocky’, that he decided to go with the same name as an alias.

It so happened one day that Vikrant accidentally bumped into Rakesh when was doing narcotics abuse. As he was taken aback by this sight and was about to go when Rakesh stopped him and influenced him to give it a try. Since that day, Vikrant got so much addicted to narcotics that he started falling in his grades in his examinations and also started missing important classes. Things came to confrontation when Vikrant’s parents were called by the school authorities and all the report was given to them. Both of them naturally were aghast and completely shaken to their core. His father even dragged him back to the house and gave him a good thrashing; still, Vikrant did not mend his ways.

The actual trigger went off when Vikrant started demanding more from Rakesh and Rakesh refusing him and asking for money. For a few days, this went on. Then one day Vikrant was already in a volatile mood when during an argument with Rakesh, he took a heavy stick and struck him on the head. Rakesh immediately fell on the ground bleeding profusely from the head. It was much later when Vikrant came out of his daze and realized what he had done. He tried to shake Rakesh back to consciousness, but it was of no avail as he was already dead due to loss of blood. Now understanding the gravity of the situation Vikrant started to panic and he knew that he cannot go back home. So he ran as fast as he can from the place and everything and everyone in his life.

On the other hand, his parents were getting worried and anxious that it was getting late and he was still not home. When his father decided to go out and look for him, but the police came looking for him instead. 

The first thing that the police asked was “Tera beta Vikrant Kahan hain?” Vikrant’s father was surprised at the police’s arrival and said “Hume bhi nahi pata sahaab, subah se Ghar pe  nahi hai”

The Police Officer says “uske dost Rakesh ka Khoon ho Gaya hain, ussi ke baare mein baat Karni hai.” Both Vikrant’s parents are aghast upon hearing this and both silently pray that Vikrant doesn’t have any hand in this.

Meanwhile, Vikrant after escaping the scene lands in Kanpur city and is in a complete state of shock and confusion as to what to do next. Anyways, he somehow survives his days on the streets of Kanpur by doing odd jobs. However, he cannot control his addiction for drugs and this lands him in a conflict with a local street gang, led by a youngster named Johnny. Johnny and Vikrant have a tiff with a deal and Vikrant in a fit of rage gets into a physical fight with him and nearly pummels him to death. The rest of the members of the gang are too stunned to react at first but they also jump into the fray and start hitting Vikrant. This confrontation again lands him into trouble with the police as they take him in for questioning; however, this time fate look benevolently upon him, when Nilesh Pandit, the Don of Kanpur learns about this feisty guy from his subordinates.

Now Nilesh Pandit was one of the first godfathers of Kanpur Crime family, and he is known to be a ruthless and vicious gangster. He is also known to be a brilliant strategist and has connections in all the right political circles. He even had a good relationship with the media, who often write about his charitable work and other notable contributions towards society. Nilesh Pandit’s empire was mainly based on extortion, gambling, racketeering, labour union and real estate deals. Though being a gangster, he had certain basic principles; that is, not to do narcotics and flesh trade. He maintained and imposed his tenets on his gang with impunity and if anyone was found violating his principles, the punishment was swift. So when he heard about this young boy, he was naturally interested in meeting him.

The next day Nilesh Pandit personally goes to the station and bails Vikrant out on his guarantee. Nilesh takes Vikrant and embraces him as his son and starts grooming him as his protégé. The only condition that Nilesh puts on Vikrant that he will stop his addiction to drugs. Nilesh Pandit does all this for Vikrant because he had taken a liking to Vikrant the moment he laid his eyes on him for the first time. He also knew that by channelling his temper towards his enemies, he could vanquish all the other competitors and rivals in his business.

Also, from this moment life takes on a new turn for Vikrant too. As now he has a family where he starts getting respect and attention.

Gradually time passes and now Vikrant is the most feared enforcer and second- in command of the Pandit Gang as it is known to rivals, police and within political circles. Whenever there is a problem Nilesh relies heavily on Vikrant to solve the issue, and this also becomes a bone of contention for the rest of the gang members. However, they cannot do anything about it and have to silently and patiently endure it. Vikrant has by now turned out to be one of the most brilliant and master strategists for the Pandit Gang, and his suave, polished nature hides the dark, wild temper of his.

One day it so happens that Veer Pratap Singh, the local politician and member of the ruling party in U.P., who is a close friend of Nilesh Pandit has personal problems with the police, and wants ‘Panditji’, as he is called by people closest to him to take care of the situation. So Panditji sends Vikrant to clean up the mess. One of the corrupt police officers, who was also the Station –In-charge in one of the districts, was blackmailing the politician and was demanding exorbitant amounts of money.

So Vikrant heads to the police station and demands an audience with SHO. The SHO was a short, fat man and who from his appearance looked as if he enjoyed the whole situation. However hard Vikrant tries to reason with the officer, but the man was not ready to listen.

So when Vikrant asks “aapko Kitna chahiye?”

The Police Officer replies “jitney ki baat hui thi”

Vikrant says “Thoda Kum kariye”

The officer says “Ek paisa kum nahi hoga, aur zyaada chalaaki ki to sab ko expose kar doonga and Andar daal doonga”

Vikrant was about to lose his patience and temper when he somehow managed to keep it under control and said “Thoda time dijiye.”

The Police Officer says “Zyaada time mat lena, kyunki main kisi aur ke paas bhi jaa sakta hoon”

Upon hearing this Vikrant just nods his head and returns to Panditji and recounts everything. When the politician says that he cannot afford to give any money at this juncture, then the only option that looks viable is to get rid of this officer. Vikrant is then instructed by Panditji to take care of the matter and he does this with ease. The only hitch was that this incident sparks off a massive retaliation from the police and media alike. Even the people in Panditji’s payroll are helpless and unable to do anything.

There is a massive hue and cry over the killing of a police officer and the media and the general public are demanding swift and stern action from the police. The Police also, now under heavy pressure from the government and media decide to take swift counteraction. They do this handing the case to a very bright and honest Police Officer, Inspector Ranjeet Singh. Ranjeet Singh is an IPS and has handled difficult cases all over the country.

The first thing that Ranjeet Singh does is starts cleaning up Kanpur city. He orders that all the gambling dens, extortion rackets, gang influenced labour unions to be shut down. He also starts an investigation into shady land deals. The police with renewed vigour start executing the order and this result in huge losses for Panditji and his gang. All this also increases Vikrant’s frustration and he starts depending more on narcotics, a fact which he had managed to keep hidden from Panditji all these years. Then, one day, during this entire crisis Panditji comes unannounced to Vikrant’s place. Here he finds Vikrant in a narcotic induced haze, lying on his bed. Panditji is furious and pissed at this sight and immediately demands an explanation from Vikrant.

Vikrant, who by now understands through his haze that he is in deep trouble and tries to find ways to appease Panditji. Still, Nilesh Pandit is deeply shocked and enraged at this outrage and hurt by Vikrant’s deceit and lies. Vikrant now tries a different tack and says

“Panditji, galti ho gayi, maaf kar dijiye”,

Nilesh Pandit says “tereko galti ki sazaa maloom hain na, Maine tere ko pehle hi samjhaya tha ki in sab cheezo se door rehna”

Vikrant says “haan, magar ab ki baar maaf kar do, aage sey nahi hogi”

However, Nilesh Pandit is not ready to listen and decides on punishing Vikrant. Vikrant, now by this time is completely out of his cool and takes his pistol out and shoots Nilesh Pandit point-blank. He goes out of the room and announces in a proud voice that he has killed Panditji and now he is the leader of Pandit Gang, and whosoever has any issues with it, can come up right now and sort it out with him. The whole Pandit Gang is taken aback and is in a state of shock, anger and grief over this news but they chose to keep quiet again. 

From now on, starts another phase of Vikrant’s life where he is now the Godfather of Pandit Gang and he has even taken off the restrictions from narcotics and flesh trade. On the other hand, Ranjeet Singh and the police are closing in on Vikrant and the Pandit Gang. Despite the difficulties posed on by the police on Vikrant and the Pandit Gang, Vikrant still manages to live his life flamboyantly and flaunts off his wealth and affluence to politicians and media people. Soon he comes to be regarded as the ‘Godfather with flair and style’. This further infuriates and frustrates both the police and his fellow rivals. Amongst his many rivals is the dreaded gangster Munawar Khan. Munawar Khan always tried to look for ways and means to undermine Nilesh Pandit and now when his murder has shaken the underworld to its core, he tries to usurp Vikrant’s power and authority. At first, Vikrant chooses to ignore Munawar Khan, but when he comes to realise that he is hell-bent on destroying Vikrant’s empire; he decides to take a swift and strong action against him.

One day, when Munawar Khan is out on his stroll, he is gunned down in plain sight and in front of his family and the public by Vikrant. Vikrant had been following and observing Munawar on his daily routine for the past so many days. The whole of the underworld is taken by surprise and they are dismayed at the growing power and influence of Vikrant and his gang. So they decide to put this sudden and fast momentum by paying a visit to Vikrant. They enlist the help of the politician Veer Pratap Singh, who was a close friend of Nilesh Pandit and Vikrant. However, Vikrant is not ready to listen to the politician’s request to cooperate and harmonise his relations with the rest of the underworld.

Veer Pratap Singh “Vikrant, try to understand, tumko unki zaroorat hain”,

Vikrant “Mujhe kisi ki zaroorat nahi hain”

With that, he ends the conversation and politely says “Veer Pratap Singh Ji, main aapki bahut izzat karta hoon, kindly aap inme mat pariye, aur unko samjha dijiye ki mujhse uljhe na”

This was the last straw and the entire underworld now concludes that Vikrant has to be stopped at all and any cost. So they anonymously tip off the police about his whereabouts. When Ranjeet Singh gets the chance he was waiting for in the form of the call, he immediately assigns his best officers to form a task force and raid and arrest Vikrant. However, one of the corrupt officers on Vikrant’s payroll tips him off about the impending raid and arrest. Vikrant, on hearing this at first gets furious but then plans to ambush the entire police team.

On the other hand, the police team, led by officer Mohit, is unaware of the ambush planned by Vikrant and his gang and are caught unawares from the moment they land smack in the middle of the kill-zone. It was maybe after forty minutes of crossfire when a grievously injured Mohit manages to place a call to Ranjeet and make him aware of the situation. After the smoke had cleared, around 10 members of the police party were dead or dying and around 8 policemen were injured badly. This tragedy of gargantuan proportions hits the nation and the political establishment of the state of U.P., and that of the centre the next day through the media. The entire nation is in a state of shock and grief over this unfortunate incident. They demand a swift retaliation by the police and ask the centre to condemn this heinous act. The media also plays a very important part in arousing the public’s sentiment and angst against Vikrant Dubey and Pandit Gang. The Centre decides to unleash the full power of the government and grants all powers to Ranjeet Singh and the police to hunt down Vikrant and his gang.

From then starts a game of cat and mouse, and after maybe a month after literally exterminating all of the Pandit Gang’s members, they get a tipoff about Vikrant’s safe- house. Here IPS Officer Ranjeet Singh personally leads the group to kill or capture Vikrant. Meanwhile, Vikrant is aware of the massive manhunt directed towards him and knows that it’s a matter of days when he will either be killed or captured. Still, for the last time, he decides to show off his somewhat remaining flamboyance and throws a massive party for the remaining members of his gang at an exclusive hotel. He also in a fit of megalomania and delusion makes a video and releases it to the media. In the video, he is shown to be poetic and fully aware of the outcome of his lifestyle. He says “yeh maana ki Zindagi bahut khubsurat hain and lagti sabko pyaari hain.”

 “Chalo Aaj hamaari, to Kal tumhaari baari hain.”

This was in fact, an open challenge to Ranjeet Singh and rest of the establishment that do whatever you can. This challenge was an affront to the entire nation but Ranjeet Singh calmly accepts it and in a fitting reply says “Apni taakat aur hukook pe itna garoor na kar.”

“Arrey nadaan, apne jurmo ke liye uparwaale se dar”

A few days later, Vikrant, despite the warning went out in the open to get some fresh air. Despite knowing fully well that Ranjeet Singh is fiercely hunting him; he went to the market to just enjoy. Here Ranjeet Singh got a tip-off and he went on to confront Vikrant. Although Ranjeet Singh had given fair warning to Vikrant to surrender as he had come face to face to with him; still, Vikrant went for his gun and fired upon Ranjeet Singh. In return, an injured Ranjeet Singh fired and killed Vikrant Dubey on the spot. Vikrant Dubey had the strange look on his face when he was bleeding to death as if he didn’t expect to die. The rest of the team reached the spot within a few minutes and took control of the whole area. They escorted Ranjeet Singh to the waiting ambulance and rushed him to the hospital where, unfortunately, Ranjeet Singh also succumbed to his injuries.

The whole nation mourned and grieved at the tragic loss of this brave and selfless hero, who didn’t think of his safety and risked his life for justice. Thus ended the life and times of Vikrant Dubey. When his parents came to know of inglorious demise, they just said that “usne apne liye yehi Zindagi chuni thi.” With that, they went on with their lives as they knew that it was useless to mourn and grieve for such a person; who, although was their son.


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