Sarmistha A Classic Tale Of Lust

Sarmistha A Classic Tale Of Lust

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Chapter 1



In the heaven, the Gods Vayudev, Agnidev, Varun dev and all are waiting for lord Indra to come and preside over the meeting for the recent war among the Gods and the Asuras, where they have been defeated. They tried their best to kill the Asuras, but an unknown power save the life of the them. The deaths have been given life. In the war the number of sepoys of their side continuously going down but the Asura’s side remains the same. They could not understand the mystery. So lord Indra urgently called the assembly of all the Gods.

(Announcement of Lord Indra’s arrival)

All the assembly stands for the respect of the king of Gods. The king was accompanied by Dev Guru Brihaspati. The king sits on his throne.

Indra: My respected assembly members, please be seated and let’s start our agenda for the day.

Vayudev: Maharaj, You know our situation in the war. We tried our best to kill them but mysteriously, all the dead sepoys of asuras become alive again and again.

Indra: Yes. I know, Vayudev.

Agnidev: Maharaj, we have to find the mystery behind it and who is so powerful that he could make the deaths alive.

IndraDev: Yes, Agnidev, You are right, we have to find the mystery.

Barundev: But how, Maharaj?

(Devguru Brihaspati seems to be thinking over it)

Barundev: We have no option.Better we must seek Lord Sri Hari’s suggestion.

Indradev: Yes, Barundev I am also thinking to go to Lord Sri Hari………

Maharaj…. (Devguru shouted)

Devguru: Soryy for intervention May I suggest something?

Indradev: Yes, Gurudev, why not.

Devguru: I think the mystery behind it is the Asura Guru Sukracharya. He knows the Sanjivani mantra (A hymn that gives life to deaths). I remembered He got it from lord Mahadev. So before going to Lord Sri Hari we must think a trick to learn the hymn from him. We must send someone to Guru Sukracharya as his disciple.

Agnidev: Good suggestion. Gurudev, but who will go as a disciple to learn the hymn from him.

Vayudev: Let’s play another trick here. Let anyone one of us go there in guise of Asura.

Varundev: No Vayudev, Sukracharya will come to know of it within a second.

Devguru: Yes, Varun dev is right. Guru sukracharya is so powerful that no body can present himself before him as an impostor.

Indradev: What will we do then, Gurudev? Show us a way Gurudev, show us a way.

Gurudev: How good it would be if I send my son Kach to him as his disciple. He will never say no to my son because he knows me and my son. As a Brahmin, he will accept my son as his disciple.

Agnidev: Yes, it would be very good.

Indradev: Gurudev, make arrangements for sending Kach to Guru Sukarcharya.

(The assembly is over with this decision)

Agnidev, Varundev, Vayudev and Devguru Brihaspati goes to meet Kach in the next morning. Kach was in Samadhi in his ashram. His ashram was very beautiful standing beside river. A lot of different flower raws, which were boundary of his ashram. There was a beautiful orchard and amongst the bushes the melodious chirping of birds could be heard. There was a nice pond in his ashram where geeses were swimming. There was also a vegetable garden. The breeze brought a sweet smell for them. They understood that it was the scents of the flowers that were planted there. They fell in love with the ashram. For a moment they forgot the purpose why they had arrived there. The place was so peaceful that slow swimming of the geeses were heard nicely. His small cottage was also beautifully decorated with wall paintings.

“Kach” Brishaspati call his son, open your eyes and see who had come to your ashram.

Kach: Father. Pranam. Agnidev, Vayudev Varundev is in my ashram. What a lucky person I am. Pranam Prabhu. (He greeted all the Devas with folded hands.)

 “Tathastu,” They said. You reside in a beautiful Ashram. It feels like we are in heaven in the earth.”Thank you” Varundev. Kach offers seat and some fruits to them. They thanked Kach for the offerings. He then washed their feet and insisted them to stay for the night in the ashram. Varundev: Dear Kach, actually we are in a problem. In the recent war with the aasuras we are badly defeated. And we are here to solve it through you; if you help us then we could come out of the problem.

Kach: I am always ready to help the Gods. In other words, I will be grateful to all of you for giving me a chance to serve the God. Kach again insisted them for stay in the night. They nodded their head. Kach gave sigh of relief. He thanked them.

At night it was time for dinner. They all sat in a mat for the dinner. There were different types of items e.g. pudding, fruits juice, sliced fruit etc. Devguru Brihaspati asked them to have the dinner. The three deva’s had their dinner whereas Kach was serving them. When the dinner was over, they sat for the discussion with Kach.

Agnidev: Son Kach you are in need of service to your father and also to the Gods. Without you we could not do are the only option that can learn the Sanjivani hymn from Asura Guru Sukracharya.

Kach: Agninidev, I already told you that it is my good luck that you all have come here and selected me for the task. Now kindly tell me what I must do and what is Sanjivani hymn.

Brihaspati: My dear son, Sanjivani hymn is the hymn which can give life the deaths and in this world only Sukracharya knows it after lord Mahadev. Sukracharya had saved the lives of the killed sepoys in recent war between the Gods and the Asuras. Therefore, Maharaj Indra and his assembly decided that you should go to Sukracharya and learn the hymn from him as his disciple.

Kach: But father, how this is possible. He will directly reject me as his disciple. He knows I am the son of Devguru. In this situation how come he accepts me as his disciple?

Brihaspati: My son, you are right. But think it differently. He may not think as you are thinking. He may accept you as his disciple. Because he and all the world knows you as one of the most loyal, noble and truthful person. Therefore, he may enquire why you were there. Just tell him frankly that you are there to be his disciple and that your father had sent you to him for the Shiksha. I have a strong belief that he will certainly accept you as his disciple.

The three God’s also added that Sukracharya will never deny a Brahmin as his disciple.

Kach: Ok. Father. I will act as your wish. Shortly I will start my journey to the capital city of Asura King Maharaj Brishaparava. The Three Devas and his father left the ashram blessing him for the task.

Chapter 2


The capital city of Asura Raj Brisahaparva was a giant city with skyscrapers beside a beautiful river named Tista. His palace was near the river. He lived there with his wives and his only daughter Sharmistha. Near their palace there was a cottage where Gurudev Sukracharya lived with his family. Her daughter name was Devayani. His capital was one of the most prosperous cities in his time. He had number of great warriors and with them he had defeated most of his nearby cities of other kings. He made them prisoners and looted all their property i.e gold diamonds etc. Thus he made his city a wealthiest one.

The city was completely planned. There was good drainage system. There were reserve forests for the sages and also for the animals. In every 5 miles he constructed guest’s houses called Atithi Griha. The travelers can stay there with fees of ten gold coins. He also erected embankments for control of the flood in his city. He planned the river in such a way that in rainy season the overflow water was automatically diverted to the drought areas. So his agricultural activities flourished. All the economic activities were controlled by the king himself. In other words we can say Maharaj Brishaparba had self sustained city where anyone can live peacefully. He erected a boundary wall from all sides of his state. Anyone entering the city has to write his name with gate watchman in the main gate of the city. The watchman was Brishaparva’s favourite because he was guarding the city with due care. Once one spy from near by state wanted to enter the city with false identity, he immediately recognized him and beheaded that spy there. Since then maharaj Brishaparva give him a name As Brishapriya.

It is the royal court of Maharaj Brishaparva. All were delighted being the winner of the war. They were laughing and insulting the Gods. Maharaj arrived along with Asura guru Sukracharya. All were praising Maharaj Brishaparva.

Brishaparva: Courtiers please be seated and start today’s royal court of justice.

Mahmantri: Maharaj. Before starting our royal court I want to congratulate you for the win over the Gods. Without Your leadership we could not win it, Maharaj.

Brishaparva: Mahamantri you are right. But actual credit goes to Gurudev Sukracharya. He knows the Mahmantra Sanjivani. Because of him we won the war. Gurudev I congratulate you for your support to the Asuras.

Sukracharya: It was my Duty, Maharaj. As a Guru, it is my primary duty to save the king and his people.

Brishaparva: Gurudev, it is my previous life‘s good deeds that I get you as my Guru. I am very happy being you as my Gurudev.

All court members praised Gurudev Sukracharya.

Mahamantri: Maharaj I have a doubt that this tricky lord Hari may play a game to snatch the mantra from Gurudev. They are now so jealous of the Asuras, because only the Asura guru has that Mantra in this world. Lord Indra might have already gone to Sri Hari for controlling Gurudev.

Brishaprava: Mahamantri, You are right. They are always jealous of us.

Gurudev: Maharaj, You need not be worried for this. Lord Mahadev had given it to me. Once me and Devguru Brihaspati both went to Lord Shiva for this Mantra. But he didn’t give anyone one of us. But after that I performed penance to lord Mahdeva, he was pleased and in return He gave this mantra to me. So nobody can steal it from me. By the blessings of lord shiva it will never be destroyed. I can give it to the most hardworking disciple, if I wish.

Mahamantri: But there is a fear in my mind that some of the gods will come to you in guise of Asura and prove him to be most hard working and as a result he will get it from you, Gurudev.

Sukracharya: Mahamantri, you are thinking baselessly and underestimating my power. I can recognize any one within a second whoever come to me in guise of an Asura. I treat the Gods as my enemy. So there is no chance that Gods will learn this Mantra from me.

Mahamantri: Pardon, Gurudev. I didn’t mean that. I am just telling what fear creeps up in my mind.

Brishaparva: We cannot deny the possibility of being cheated by the Gods. Lord Sri Hari can do wonder.

Sukracharya: Rajan. You are worried meaninglessly. Nothing going to be happened like that. Rest assured Maharaj.

Brishapriya: Maharaj, Maharaj,…( The royal city gate keeper entered in the royal court.)

Brishaparva: What has happened Brishapriya? Why are you shouting?

Brishapriya: Maharaj, Last night I had a dream, where I have seen that someone come as a disciple of Gurudev Sukracharya.

Brishaparva: Our Gurudev is so famous that Asuras from different places may come for his blessings and teachings. Here nothing to worry Brishapriya. Please cool down.

Brishapriya: No Maharaj that was not an Asura, but a Brahmin young boy.

Brishparva: What. !

Brishapriya: Most surprising thing was that he had learnt the Sanjivani hymn from our Gurudev and joined The Gods. He cried and said that Maharaj, The Gods overthrew you from the city with the help of that young Brahmin boy.

Sukracharya: What? This is not possible.

Brishaparva: Ok Brishapriya. Nothing to worry, it was just a dream. Please stop crying. Tears do not suit you.

Brishapriya: Maharaj, I cannot see you defeated. (Speaking and crying)

Brishaparva: Brishapriya, Please stop crying, it’s a royal order. Go and resume your duty.

Brishapriya: Maharaj. (He left the court)

Sukracharya, Mahamantri and the King himself seemed to be in worry.

Brishaparva: Gurudev, whether it is an indication for the future or a caution...

Chapter 3

In the ashram of Kach, He was telling his disciples to take care of the ashram in his absence. He told them to take special care for the orchard and flower raws. “The geeses must be taken care of properly”, he advised one of his disciples. All the disciples were very sad because their master is going for an expedition. He didn’t tell them where he actually was going. He assured them that he will come back soon but in his absence he wants everybody to be punctual towards their duties.

He started his journey to the capital city of Asura raj Brishaparva. He had heard that though the king is cruel for the Gods, but he was not so cruel for the Brahmins. He also knows that there is gate to enter to the city and there he has to tell his identity and the purpose for what he is entering the city. After 11 days and night’s journey he has arrived in the bank of the river near the city of Brishaparva. To get the city he has to cross the river. There was no boat. He swim through the water to get city. When he crossed the river he met with some Asuras, who were humiliating him. Those Asuras sometime chase him and some time through pebbles on him. He didn’t say anything. He knew that, his actions may divert his great purpose.

Finally he arrives, the huge gate of the city where Brishapriya was sitting in his office. Kach sought his permission to enter into the city.

Kach: May I enter the city, Prabhu?

Brishapriya: (Looking at him) who are you and why are you here?

Kach: I am Kach son of a Sage. I want to meet Gurudev Sukracharya. My father sent me here to learn Vedas and shastras from Gurudev.

Brishapriya: Oh you are a Brahmin. (Brishapriya remembered his dream). He was frightened, for the dream. Now the dream boy is in front of him. He was at a loss. What to do. He got angry with the boy and denied his entry.

Kach: Prabhu, I fell in your feet, please let me meet my Gurudev and help me to fulfill my fathers dream.

Brishapriya: No, not at all. I cannot permit you to enter here, because you are a Brahmin. Brahmins are not allowed here. The only Brahmin that lived in our city is Our Gurudev Sukracharya and his family. You are neither his family member nor known to him. So, better you go from here or else I will imprison you.

Kach: Ok . You imprison me. But at least for just a second allow me to meet Gurudev. If he denies me as his disciple then you put me in prison.

Brishapriya: Do not utter a single word. Go from here. Get lost.

Kach found no way and sit there. He again requested Brishapriya to allow him to enter and meet Gurudev. Brishpariya denied again. It was evening by the time. All asuras were entering the city. He sat below a banyan tree. He had already set his mind that anyhow he had to enter the city. He passed three days beneath the tree. Whatever edibles he brought with him was going to be finished by next two days. That a Brahmin boy is waiting outside the city for last there days to meet Sukracharya, has reached the ears of the king. He discussed it in the royal court. Mahamantri and Sukracharya were surprised to hear it. Sukracharya amazed more than to meet him he has already passed his last four days beneath a tree. His inquisitive mind wanted to know who that boy was and why he wanted to meet him. So he took the king’s permission to bring the boy inside the city and he went to meet the boy.

Brishaparava was thinking over it. He remembered the dream of Brishapriya and scared. He thought, if really this Brahmin boy succeeds in learning the Sanjivani hymn, then no body can stop the The Gods to demolish us and our beloved city.

It was raining heavily then. The boy still was beneath the tree. It seems that he was not caring for the rain and was totally wet himself. Brishapriya seen it and felt pity for him. He was supposed to call him in his office but in the next moment his dream stopped him to do so. At that time he heard the sound of wheel of a chariot. He looked back and it was the chariot of Asura Guru Sukracharya. He ran to him.

Brishapriya with folded hands Gurudev, You are here, you could have called me. Why you have taken the pain to come here.

Sukracharya: Brishapriya, I have heard that a Brahmin boy is waiting outside since five days beneath a tree. You are not allowing him to enter the city.

Brishapriya: Gurudev, Yes. I don’t know who he is but he wanted to meet you and wants to learn Vedas and Shastras From you. He told me that his father had sent him here. But as per the rules of our city, no Brahmins are allowed to enter inside the city.

Sukracharya: You are right. But it is against dharma to keep any man outside not permitting him to meet someone. You could have informed me about this.

Brishapriya: I am sorry Gurudev. But?

Sukracharya: You fool! But, what?

Brishapriya: With folded hands Gurudev for my dream and for the security of our city I did so. You remembered about the dream I explained to the king one month ago. This boy is exactly like the boy whom I had seen in my dream.

In the mean time the King Brishaparva also reached there. All greeted Maharaj with folded hands and bowing their head.

Sukracharya: Maharaj, You.

Brishaparva: Gurudev I could not wait to see the boy. So I am here.

Sukracharya: Brishpriya, go and get the boy here, you fool. Because of you a Brahmin has to suffer a lot of trouble here. You have to suffer the atrocities in the hell for this. Basing on a dream you left an innocent boy in the mouth of wild animals. We are thankful to Lord Brahma that the boy is still safe. If anything had happened how I would show my face to anybody.

Brishapriya: Gurudev I am sorry. I won’t repeat it again. He called the boy. But he didn’t listen to him and sat arrogantly there. He said that he would come to him only when he himself come and brought him there.

Brishaparva was angry. He had orderd his sepoys to catch him here. He too had a doubt like Brishapriya for the boy that he would one day learn the mantra and help the Gods. The sepoys could not bring the boy near the entrance gate. Kach used his yogic powers to stay intact. The king himself wanted to go to bring him but Gurudev Stopped him to do so.

Sukracharya: Maharaj. Let me try. Sukracharya went near Kach and asked. Son, who you are and why are you here?

Kach: Gurudev Pranaam. First of all thank you for coming here. If you wouldn’t have come this gate keeper would have left me to die here. With folded hands and kneeling down, Gurudev, I am Kach, son of Devguru Brihaspati. My father has sent me here to learn Vedas and shastras from you Gurudev. So I came here to be your disciple. Gurudev I know you treat all the Gods as your enemy and my father is the Guru of them. But believe me gurudev I had a dream since my childhood that I must learn Vedas and Shastras from you. I told my father about my dream, and he finally permits me to come to you, Gurudev. With your grace, Gurudev please accept me as your disciple.

Sukracharya: Kach, I know your father well, though he is the Guru of the Gods but he is not my enemy. As a guru he is doing his duty towards Gods as I am doing for the Asuras. Kach, don’t worry from today itself I am accepting…..

Brishaparva: Gurudev, before accepting him as your disciple, think again Gurudev. It may be a trick of Indra. Indra might have sent him to you to learn the Sanjivani hymn. As far as I know, Kach himself is a great yogi and he knows all the Vedas and Puranas. Then why he has come here, is a matter of concern.

Sukracharya: Maharaj, it is not so. Had it been a trick, he neither wait for me here for five days nor he speaks so politely and devotedly the truth to me. I have seen the truth in his eyes. I cannot be tricked by a lie, Maharaj. I will accept him as my disciple.

Bishaparva: Gurudev, for the sake of Asuras you should not accept him.

Sukracharya: Asura exists because of me, Maharaj.

Brishaparva: Gurudev, as your wish.

Sukracharya: My son Kach, Please stand up. He himself took him up and said that form today itself I am accepting you as my disciple, the sun, the sky and the wind being the witness of my announcement.

Kach: Thank you Gurudev (with a tricky smile). I will be grateful to you ever.

Sukracharya took him to his cottage.

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