You, Me & Reva

You, Me & Reva

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 After 10 years, they were meeting each other, it was a big gap, but the celebration was there, he arranged everything, he was so excited, for this get together, none other was there, they were 3 only, Kartik, Nitya and Reva. At night, after finishing dinner, Kartik was in his balcony, and was thinking something, “What you are thinking? Nitya said, to Kartik. “Nothing, I am thinking about, Reva, it’s a long duration, after 15 years, how will she be?, how she is looking?” Kartik said, and became a nostalgic.

Reva, Kartik were friends, from their college life, they completed their graduations and post graduations, from same college, they had their professional degrees Kartik was preparing for banking exams also and Reva wanted to take a degree and afterwards a good job. They finished their education with good marks, Kartik joined a good bank, and became a banker, and Reva was working in Finance Company, as a Financial Advisor. Meanwhile, when both were in college, Reva fall love with Kartik, she tried to every time express her feelings about Kartik, but it failed every time, the days were passing, the time was spending, but Reva’s heart was just full of emotions towards Kartik, but why she wasn’t able to express her feelings, she was thinking that, after completion of education, I will tell him about my feelings, I will tell that how much I am like him, how much, I really love him.

At a farewell function of their college, she decided to express her feelings in front of Kartik, It was a lovely evening, it was last day of college, every one was having their own dreams, they were having their job letters, they were entering in horizon of corporate, a new life, with full of challenges, the life was changing, because it was not college, but now it was corporate life. Kartik was also happy, because he got, what he wanted, a job letter in leading bank, Reva was also happy, because she got job in financial firm, both were satisfied because, they achieved, what they were expecting from their corporate dreams, but…………………..

 Kartik was thinking same, what Reva was thinking in her mind. Kartik also decided to say something, he told Reva also, that he wants to talk with her about serious thing, Reva, feels very happy, she was thinking that, it is both sided, and she became very happy, they decided to speak after party. It was grand event, most of the students were placed in good companies, now they were an alumni of the college, everyone was felicitated by Principal of college, after speeches were over, the grand event started, it was just music, dance, DJ, food, cold drinks, and all the enjoyment atmosphere, both were enjoying, dancing together, after some time, Kartik said to Reva, “Let’s go, I want to say something to you”. Reva shook her neck, and both were outside from party hall, they went at other restaurant.

Kartik took Reva’s hand in his hand, and said, Reva was also very enthusiastic about how he will say that he is loving with her, after that, she wanted to express her feelings towards Kartik………………….. But, Kartik’s word, when she listened, she was in shock, she wasn’t understanding how to react, but Kartik was happy, he was saying, and he held her hand, she wants to take her hands back, but it was not possible, she wasn’t even crying, she felt that, if I cried in front of him, what he will think, his happy mood will spoil, she stooped her tears, and just gave a smile, on his speaking, Kartik was very happy, after he dropped Reva to her home, and he left, he was very happy, because he shared what he wants to share, with Reva, he forgot that Reva also wanted to say something, she was near her gate, he came back, and said, “Reva, you were also saying something, what was it”. She shook her neck and said, “Nothing special, just……………..” “Are you sure,” Kartik said, again she just shook her neck, and said, “no……. nothing is there.” Kartik went back, he was in that happy mood, in that situation, he didn’t understand, what in her mind, what she wants to say, he went, and she came in her room, and she cried so much, and she decided to move for job. She got posting in Pune, and Kartik got posting in Bangalore.

Next morning, she dropped message to Kartik, and she left, even, she didn’t want to meet Kartik, he called Reva, but she didn’t receive his calls, then she switched off her phone, now they were separated…………….. Different way of living a life…………………

It was a nostalgic moment for Kartik, when he was talking about Reva, to Nitya. Nitya said, “Should I ask one question?” “Yes of Couse, proceed,” Kartik said. “You and Reva were good friends, much more time spend you, together, were you only friends or more that that………… this relation was only limited with friendship, or beyond that………..” Kartik laughed, “Are you crazy, we didn’t have a relations like this, it was just pure friendship, if she had some feelings about me, then she would definitely share with me, but our relation was transparent, noting we were hiding, with each other, so it was limited only by friendship, a pure friendship.” You know, Nitya, tomorrow will be another fantastic celebration, after all we are meeting, after so much time, I am really eager to see him, how she is looking, how she is talking, I think during her job, she must have changed, and Nitya prepared all her favorite dishes.” Kartik said to Nitya, she shook her neck, and he went to sleep, Nitya was In balcony, and something was in her mind, Kartik came again to her and said, “Tomorrow will be only three of us, You, Me & Reva.

Again it was a great celebration, they shared many nostalgic moments of their life, Kartik, and Reva also shared their college life, it was just happiness, and enjoyment. “Reva, you are same, how you were before ten years…… moody, smile on face, happy go lucky like personality.” Kartik said. Reva laughed, and said, “It is secret of my beauty.” And all were laughed, “What's your better half is doing”? Nitya asked to Reva. “He has his own Advertising Agency, Swara Advertising.” Reva said, “Swara……….” Nitya asked with question mark on face. “Ya… it is my daughter’s name”, she replied, “You have a kid”. Nitya said happily. “Swara Advertising, means, Mr. Abhishek, yes I met him, regarding ad campaign of our bank, he is your husband…… good……. Such a nice person he is.” Kartik said to Reva, but Nitya was upset little bit, because she didn’t have a kid, but she didn’t express on her face, in whole party Nitya was feeling happy, she didn’t want to spoil any best moment of the party, because after long period, both friends were meeting, friends, pure friends?

After party, Reva, took good bye from them, they were in contacts but real meeting wasn’t there, Reva send her marriage invitation to Kartik, but due to some work he wasn’t able to attend it, they were meeting only on Facebook, whatsapp, they were social media friend, but now, they met actually, and shared a beautiful moment with each other, spend a quality time with each other, Nitya gave some chocolates and gifts to Swara. Reva left, when she was travelling to her home, the thoughts were coming in her mind………….. and suddenly she remembered that night, when Kartik shared his feelings, what did he say to Reva, so that Reva couldn’t express her own feelings, Kartik told about Nitya………….., she stopped the car, she remembered that moment, when he told about Nitya. Nitya and Kartik were childhood friends, Kartik was like her, and she had same feelings about Kartik, but they decided to have a better career, and after settling down in their own life, then they will take further to their relations, and on that date, Kartik expressed to Nitya, he proposed to Nitya, and they were going to marry, and this thing Kartik said to Reva, so Reva couldn’t say anything about her feelings towards Kartik, she took back her word……………….. Reva went to her home………………….

Abhishek was waitng to Reva, Swaraa was already go to bed, “Have you enjoy yourself,” Abhishek asked to Reva, while giving a glass of water, taking glass of water in hand, Reva thanked to him for water, “ya……….. it was really good,” she said just this. “Then why you are so upset,” Abhishek replied, “No just I am tired, tomorrow again office and all that, should I go to sleep”. She asked about his permission, and Abhishek permitted her, suddenly she came back again, and told him that Abhishek met Kartik, he is his client…………….. Though she was on bed, she wasn’t able to sleep, the past was coming in her mind, and Kartik? She wasn't able to forget to Kartik, though she had a good care taker Abhishek, lovely daughter Swaraa, she has a perfect family photo, but………….. somewhere in her mind, a small place was reserved, and that place was the remembrance of Kartik, it was that place, no one can remove to Kartik, though the Kartik was not the part of her life, but in that place, Kartik was there………. Forever…………., she slept after some time…………………

After 2 years……………….

 Swaraa got an award in her school, and for that Reva, went to her school, and she saw to someone, she just shocked. Nitya was there on the dais as a Chief Guest of function. Swaraa went on stage for receiving an award, she took it very beautiful smile, she awarded with the hands of Nitya, but she wasn’t aware that Swaraa is the daughter of Reva……….. Nitya gave an award, and kissed on her forehead as well as on her cheek. Reva was looking how Nitya is loving to Swaraa, the tears came from Reva’s eye, she wasn't able to understand that whether these tears are for Swaraa, or for Nitya, the huge clapping was for Swaraa……………….

After finishing of programme, Reva met to Nitya, and she was very happy that, Nitya was a Chief Guest of Programme, when Nitya saw to Swaraa, with Reva, she noticed that this beautiful doll is Reva’s daughter, Reva congratulates to Nitya. “I am surprised for you, you are a Chief Guest of function, and what is this Vatsalya?”  Reva asked to Nitya, both went in canteen Ntiya ordered Coffee, for them, and an ice-cream for Swaraa, “it is an orphan child care center, both me and Kartik are working for these.” Nitya said to Reva, with a very silent word, Nitya wasn’t feeling happy, why she is so sad?, why she is not speaking freely? These questions was in Reva’s mind, but she didn’t ask anything about that, and she also didn’t speak anything about Kartik. “Where you were 6-8 months before, I was trying to call you, I went your home too, but no one was there.” Nitya asked to Reva, but again her words were very silent. “I forgot to say to you that, I and Abhishek were going to America for 2-3 months, for Abhishek’s project, we went to America.” Reva replied to Nitya. Reva didn’t want to make any contacts more with Kartik, and Nitya, she wasn't able to face Kartik again and again, when she got news for 2-3 months, Abhishek is going to America, she forced him to take both of us with him, and Abhishek took them both of him.

“Oh! So that you were not at your home”. Nitya said to Reva, Coffee was finished, almost Swaraa finished her ice-cream, some moment passed, just a silent moment passed………….. suddenly, Nitya said to Reva, ”Reva, could you do me one favor,”, “Yes of course! Tell me Nitya,” Reva kept her hand on Nitya’s hand and said., “Tomorrow evening would you like to come to my home”. Nitya was looking with very hopes, Reva didn’t want to keep any more relations with Kartik, due to both were in same citiy Mumbai, Kartik shifted from Banglore to Mumbai, and after marriage Reva was in Mumbai, when he got news that Reva is in Mumbai, then he arranged that party, and from that party Reva was facing her past, even today she wanted to refuse to Ntiya, but Nitya was very forcing to her, Now, Reva didn’t have any choice, and she promised to Nitya.

Next day evening, Reva went to Nitya’s home, again she became very nostalgic, different feelings were coming in her mind about Kartik, she was asking to herself that, why I am going? What is relation with this house now?, but her leg was pulling towards Kartik’s house, Nitya opened a door, and welcomed to Reva, Reva sat on sofa, there were many newspapers were scattered on table, and the pages of Jobs and vacancies were opened, and some adds was ticked, and circled, Nitya brought a glass of water to Reva, Reva took it, and asked about that circled, marked adds, “I am searching a job.”, Nitya replied. It was shocking to Reva, “Why you are finding job? Reva asked question to Nitya. She replied, “From somewhere I have to start again.” Reva couldn’t understanding that what she is saying, and was doubt about her suspicious behavior, she asked about Swaraa, and again she went to bring a coffee for her.

After sometime, Nitya came, with cup of coffee and a small piece of paper, she kept cups of coffee on table, and gave that piece of paper to Reva. Reva opened that paper, and when she started reading to that paper…………………..

“I know that you loved Kartik, so much liking for to Kartik, but you didn’t express it, because maybe he told about me to you,” Nitya told to Reva, Reva was not able to speak a single word. “I know you really loved to Kartik so much, I came between you and Kartik, and I am very guilty for that.“ Nitya said to Reva, and started to cry. Reva said, ”it was just past, Kartik loves you so much, yes it is correct on that day, I wanted to say about my love, but when he told me about you, and when he was telling me that, he was very happy, so that I decided to take back to myself, I thought that, Kartik would live very happy with you, because you were his first choice, and priority, every time on that night he was speaking about you, he came back and asked me about what I want to tell him, but that time I refused. “Reva said, and she felt relax for some time, now the burden reduced form her mind, she felt so, but the things were different.

“Why this happened Reva? Nitya was crying, and Reva said, “What happened?” Nitya was crying, she wasn’t able to stop her tears, after sometime, she said, “how I could live without him, Reva.?” “Means what?” Reva asked to Nitya, and when Niyta told him that thing Reva just froze.

Nitya said to Reva that, Kartik is no more, he died in car accident, when both were going to a small picnic, and Nitya wanted to give a good news to him, but suddenly……………. The things were over, doctor couldn’t save her baby as well as Kartik also. Nitya was briefing to Reva, but Reva just froze, she couldn’t speak anything, even she couldn’t blink her eyes, just silent she was………….Reva sat on sofa, and took water and she came out from her house, she didn’t understand that how she drove her car, and reached to home, when she came to home, she went in her room and just she was so crying, Abhishek came to her, and was trying to speak with her, but the things were very helpless, After sometime, Reva told about death of Kartik………….. Abhishek was also very shocked, Abhishek was knowing about the past of Reva and Kartik, he was aware about their relations, Reva told him about Kartik, Abhishek accepted to Reva, as it is with her past, the life was going smoothly, but suddenly this u-turn became, and the story changed……………………… though Reva removed every relation with Kartik, but she couldn’t deny that soft corner in her mind about Kartik, and she wasn’t able to accept that, Kartik is no more.

The day was passing, It took some time to Reva, to accept the death of Kartik, Meanwhile Abhishek was taking her care, and now slowly, slowly, she was returning to her life, Nitya was alone, but she was living with the golden memories of Kartik, and she was working with his, Vatsalya, an orphan children care, some money was with her still she was finding a job, after some time, she got a job in Swarra Advertising Company, meanwhile Swaraa and Nitya became a good friend, both Nitya and Reva were happy in their life, or at least trying to live happy, but at the small place of their mind’s Kartik was alive.

In this triangle, You, Me & Reva……………………. That “You” was missing, only Me & Reva, means Nitya and Reva were there, and that “You” wasn’t there……….. and if was for forever……………………… 

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