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Day Of Love

Day Of Love

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Irina is a young girl who lives in a small town called Snowrain. She is fun-loving, short-tempered and down to earth girl. She is learning music which is her long time passion and now she likes to turn it as her profession as well. Irina is a kind of girl who doesn't believe in the philosophy of love at first sight.

Since from the past week, Snowrain was acknowledging heavy rain. On the following day also, the sky was revealing the dark clouds. Irina was walking in a less traveled road which was a short-cut to reach her home quickly. On the way her eyes were glancing some good charms like chirping birds, nice view of a rainbow and an amazing climate which has changed the usual beat of her heart into some rhythmic beat.

"What's happening to me?" her heart mumbled.

She could also feel the nice smell of the soil and some drizzling rain drops which are the hints given by the earth as the rain is about to start! While walking, She saw a man who was riding the bike and coming towards her. He stopped his vehicle near Irina.

He asked, "Hey..Wanna join with me?"

"Wha..What?" She cleared her throat.

"I guess it's about to rain heavily if you join with me I will drop in your point," he replied.

Few seconds of pause, she said, "It's okay, I will manage."

He told, "Hmm..Okay.. Carry on."

Oh! No. Within some steps of walk it has started to rain heavily. She couldn't find any shelter nearby to stand. With some little hesitance, Irina turned to see her traveled path, Hey! He is still in the same place looking at her, His eyes and hands were gesturing against her like, "Come on! I will drop you in your place."

Her heart warns as, "Don't go."

But her mind says, "Just go ahead."

He crossed his arms and sprinkling smiles now and then.

In dilemma! What next?!

She is standing near to him and they start to travel together.

"I am travelling with a stranger. It's wrong," her heart murmured.

"So what? At present, there is no mode of transport to reach the home. Make use of the available mode," her mind said.

After, some miles of travel. He stopped his vehicle at a point.

"Yeah, Why you stopped here?" She questioned him with a blend of fear and suspicious attitude.

"It's raining heavily. Thus, can't go further in the sloping roads, lets wait here until the rain stops," he replied.

"I feel like it's not good to stand alone with a stranger in the lonely place,"her heart alarmed.

"Come on! Idiot. Don't ride your imaginary horses in the ancient ages. Just try to live in this century. Wait until the rain stops," her mind answered.

Again Dilemma! What makes her to stand near him?

"Coffee?" he questioned.

"But.. Here.. No!" she refused.

"It's there," his index finger pointed at the nearby coffee shop. After some steps of walk and refreshments.They begin to sip the coffee cups.

"What makes me to listen you man? Travelling, Having coffee! Oh! No. I can't resist watching your eyes again and again. What black magic you have done towards me to sight your face non-stop," her heart whispered again.

Breaking the ice, he started the conversation.

"I am Thomas and yourself?"


They both had some general chitchats, and then he shared some of his likes and dislikes.

"What? Black coffee, paranormal mysteries, rugby, summer, train travel, black color! Amazing! Never came across a human who has similar sorts of interests like mine. Is this is the reason still I am chatting with you? Else any other magnetic attraction in you? Which makes me to stay here?" her heart flabbergasted.

"Idiot. Having similar likes is not a big deal! Remember! You are chatting with an unknown person in a crowd less place. Move on," her heart warned.

"Lets we move," said Irina.

Thomas told, "Hmm.. Okay."

They started to travel again. After, a couple of kilometers again he stopped his bike. Lonely road, few fallen flowers and some trees. She couldn't find any human there. He said no problem with his bike or road, Then she asked why he stopped there.

Thomas asked her to wait and started to search something seriously.

"Instead of driving. What business he have got here?" this time she got fear rather than attraction.

When she was about to run, he studied her mind and stood in front of Irina with a smile.

"I went to search some fresh flowers. But I couldn't find," he told.

"For what?" she asked suspiciously.

"Need a reason?" Thomas questioned.

"Yes," Irina answered.

"For joining your name with mine. That is from Irina to IrinaThomas," he revealed his love on her.

"What are you blabbering?" she inquired in a haste.

"Yes. I love you. Will you marry me?" he proposed.

"How dare he ask this to me. Stupid. Roadside Romeo," her mind yelled him.

"Are you mad? What do you know about..?" he interrupted.

"Irina Sebastian. Musical student. Likes reading, pizzas, interested in writing haikus, sends tiny gifts and greeting cards to her favorite author."

"Author? You.. mean..?" Irina raised her eyebrows.

"I love the way when you call my name as 'Santa'," said Thomas.

"Santa! Santa! So yourself?" her words were stammered in joy.

"Yes! I am the author of the book 'Untold Love' and I am also writing a poetry series called 'Secret love' in the weekly magazine. My pen name is Santa. My real name is Thomas."

"Santa! My favorite author and crush as well. Is this real?" she can't trust her eyes.

"And for your kind attention. Until now, You didn't travel with a stranger instead you are spending a quality time with your secret crush," he said sarcastically.

"God! He read my thoughts it seems," her mind whispered.

Thomas is Irina's favorite author. He didn't disclose his face in public and to her as well. He was communicating with her via text messages and she had the chance of speaking to him twice. She also tried her best to meet him but it went in vain. His chats and writings made Irina to develop an interest on him.

"Hello. My secret love. What are you thinking about?" he shuffled her thoughts.

"No. Nothing," she replied.

He went on his knee and unlocked the gift. "My dream girl, secret crush, lady love whatever maybe! Everything is you dear. My words are purely for you. I am in love with you darling. Will you be mine, Irina? Will you marry me?" he asked in a lovable tone.

"It's not dream!" she pinched herself.

The girl who made fun on love at first sight and love dramas was standing in a wonderstruck mode with choked throat and happy tears.

"Yes." she blushed.

The Pre-Wedding Occasion:

They both were exchanging the rings and the nature was showering its blessings on them via rains.

"I never thought, that I will meet my life partner in a rainy day," said Irina.

"Dear, sometimes life's most happiest occasion will happen in an unexpected moment and it will remain as our sweetest memory forever. Love you sweetheart!" Thomas hugged Irina and planted a kiss on her cheeks.

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