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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Abhijit Chakraborty

Drama Thriller


Abhijit Chakraborty

Drama Thriller

The Roadside Saviours

The Roadside Saviours

6 mins 960 6 mins 960

She is late today. She had a pretty hectic day in her in-shop retailing job. She was waiting for a taxi on a vacant road to return to her home. The road was completely empty except a few stray dogs. They were staring at her.

She was wearing an orange top with blue denim jeans. Her hair was tied with a black elastic. She is fair and beautiful. She was carrying a purple sling bag.

Her name is Priya. She is the only earning member of her nuclear family consisting of three members, her parents and her. After graduation, Priya searched for a secure career. So, she decided to take admission in a business school. She had a belief that these schools were genuine to provide high profile jobs. Her father was reluctant to admit her into a business school. She insisted on her father. His father invested all his savings for the admission. The school authority promised her father that after the course, they will provide a high salaried job. But their promise was fake. At the end of the course, they provided her with a low salaried job. Now, she has excessive pressure to run her family because her father has no savings. It was all wasted because of her. This job is her last hope.

After almost 40 minutes wait, she took out her most expensive smartphone one more time to book a cab. This was not the first time she made an effort to book a cab through her phone. Each time she tried but couldn't book it because of the network issue. When there is a network problem even expensive smartphones are of no use.

She was worried. She had enough idea about what's happening with women nowadays. She read those news on paper. She tried to contact her close friends for help but the call got disconnected due to no network. She noticed a taxi appearing. She ran towards it to stop but the taxi driver refused to go. Maybe the driver panicked to see the girl alone. He didn't take the risk to drive her home. After the 2012 Nirbhaya Gang rape, several new laws were enforced which permitted women to lodge a complaint to police against any boy at any time without any evidence. But all the boys are not criminals. Few women grabbed the privilege of those laws for their own benefits. As a result, men stopped helping women on the empty streets. The taxi gradually moved away from her eyes. 

She looked at the time on her mobile. It was 11:15 pm. Her smartphone which she bought for rupees 22,0000 was being used for watching only the time today. Priya purchased the phone from a big mobile showroom. She had saved up the amount from her pocket money. After looking for more than two hours, she decided to buy this smartphone.

When she turned backwards, she found the stray dogs more in number than before. She got frightened. She always fears them. She thinks that stray dogs are good for nothing. They always bark at strangers but they vanish when pathetic crimes took place on roads.

In her childhood, she had a girls' gang in school who used to throw stones at the stray dogs. Priya was the leader of the gang. They used to maltreat them. Many times, they called the dog catchers and helped them to catch and take the stray dogs to the prison.

During the Diwali time, her gang would tie firecrackers with their tails and lit the fire. They jumped in injury because fire burnt their flesh but they burst into laughter.

She walked fast to avoid the dogs but they followed her. Their constant barking made her more terrified. After walking for a few distances, Priya noticed the dogs were also following her. Out of fear, she took shelter and sat on a bench in a nearby bus stop. She was tired as well as hungry. She needed to relax. She also felt cold because it had been raining since morning. She took out a small water bottle that she often carried with her from the sling bag. She gulped down the remaining. When she finished the water, Priya noticed the stray dogs surrounded her.

She stood up to check for any conveyance which could help her to reach home. She saw another car was coming towards her. She stood in front of the car in an attempt to stop it. The car stopped with a jerk. The boy in the driver's seat stretched his head out of the front door of the car to abuse a slang but stopped himself seeing a girl. Another boy was sitting beside him. He also looked at the girl. She approached them and asked for help. They were fully drunk. Priya could smell the stink.

"Why not! We'll go wherever you say," the driver murmured in the intoxicating voice.

 He gripped her hand which she rested on the edge of the front door of the car. She understood their intentions. She walked fast to ignore them. But they chased her by the car. She, out of fear, entered into a narrow lane so that the car couldn't reach into it. But the boys, getting down from the car, ran after her. 

Priya, seeing them getting down from the car, she ran fast to save her modesty. She was caught by them within a few seconds. She slapped one of them in the scuffle. They became more outrageous after the slap. The boy, slapped by her, slapped her repeatedly in return. Her eyes got swollen. The boy jabbed her down. He, holding her hands tightly above her head with one hand, tried to remove her top with his other hand. She was helpless. Another boy stood nearby. He was enjoying the scene. 

At the crucial moment, the group of stray dogs who were following Priya attacked them. Two of them bit the boy bitterly who was molesting the girl. The Rest of them jumped on the second boy. They both groaned in exaggerated pain. But the dogs were in no mood to leave them very easily. It seemed that they were fighting against all the lustful men who exploit women just to satisfy their sexual desires. For the cause of numerous times biting, blood was profusely dripping down their bodies.

They had to run to save their lives. Priya was saved. She realized her mistakes that she committed in her past. Today the stray dogs protected her from being molested. They were the saviours, the roadside saviours.

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