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Romance Action Fantasy


Melanin Writer

Romance Action Fantasy

The City of Ruins

The City of Ruins

9 mins

Water from the Waves crashed against the cliff walls .The splashing of the wave  echoing throughout Sage ears. The birds above called to their young, to box in their prey. Meanwhile sage combat boots slipped on the mud riddled climb more times than  he could count  as he continued his trek up the wall. His finger’s digging in harder in the moist earth for a secure hold. As the fiery  flames of the sun licked at his back and sweat tickled his upper lip. He was content to have to decide on wrapping his walnut locks in a famous “man bun”.  He hadn't  got a chance to put on any hiking wear so he was Freshed out in a skin tight tee and camo shorts. By now he knew his short’s were ruined with grass stains. his jaw clenched as he moved along the side of the cliff .Gripping and fighting for any open space he could to reach his destination. The top where he knew Angela was practicing her swordsmanship  skills .His arm’s burned at the next climb,gulping down the ache in his bicep’s he carried on.  Angela .ruthless .bad ass.

It wasn’t long before he reached the top of the cliff ,when he did his  sights were set on her form.  Angela was in a stance he knew well . her wool made katana  a shield in front of her as she paced back and forth .Her cherry lips set in a straight line as her midnight silky hair dangled  in a braid to her butt.  She doubled crossed it with black string so that it wouldn't get in her way while she practiced. That’s how much of a perfectionist she was.She wore her practice clothes from the armory .thick leggings adored by a ruffled shirt that stretched to her  skinny wrist and a satin vest studded with gold thorns, In her last name initial.``K” for kyoto . Sage crouched over to catch his breath taking in the scene before him. Angela was not your average best friend . She was his long time trainer ever since the day they  stumbled upon each other and  she beat the hell out of him in the arena. The arena was a test of will power and strength.a test to see if you knew what you were doing with your weapon’s .a way to know if you're authentic .the steel ironed cage making it hard for anyone who enters to get out . There was only one way to get out and that was to make your opponent unable to stand back was a vicious tactic but it kept the organization in line,made the soldier’s know who was in charge. Made us undefeatable.

The fight between Sage and Angela was the fight to the death. It had the other soldier’s paying attention to the next pair in the ring instead of the stale bread that was placed on the silver trays  for dinner every evening at 7 like clockwork . The fact that Sage was a newbie that  had  immortality  was a curse more than a blessing to Him. Because Angela's fist was heavy handed .She paid no heed to the blood already pouring from his mouth. She stomped his leg’s to make sure he wouldn’t move.His consciousness was fading in and out when Angela finally stopped kicking him in his stomach he was sure that his ribs were cracked. Angela glared down at him with disgust. It was almost like she was used to the feeling of winning .There was no smile, no jump of victory for herself she was just emotionless .she was the first to leave the ring walking into the dark somewhere. With his regenerating abilities it  took him a whole 2 weeks to recover from the fight.  

Since then him and angela’s formed a sort of bond.he wouldn’t call it “friends” but it was one where she liked helping him learn the ways of the organization.she explained to him  the reason he was still aloud to be here after losing was because angela has never been defeated by none of the organizations people. She was the best of the best for them.

Sage stretched out his shaky limbs he  waved at Angela but there was no reply she was too deep into her training  “hey””he screamed over the waves at the bottom, his  voice carrying itself to her.

 Angela moved  in a different stance now she practiced with her arm’s angled forward ready to thrust the sword through to her destination.she looked up suddenly a smile playing on the bottom of her lips. Clicking her tongue she said “ look who it is“ she parted her feet . “why are you here ?” she steadied her katana, Balancing it as she swung “the wool’s lighter than my sword “ she mumbled to herself 

“Would you rather train by yourself?”he leaned back on his heels not really in the mood for Angela's mood swings. He rather  be home snuggled in his cover’s. Listening to his soothing rain music lulling him to sleep.

She shrugged “ I wouldn't of texted you if that was the case ” she swung,missing a seagull landing from flight by an inch .

Stuffing his hand in his pocket he pulled out a pack of marlboro lights “see,I would of stayed and slept all day but you text me  early this morning to meet you here” searching for his lighter he pulled out his pocket’s “where is it “

Angela paused she side eye’d him. Raising her hand out like a child wanting a piece of candy. 

Flicking his lighter he shielded the wind from the warm flame . inhaling the tobacco he breathed in a deep draft. The strong smoke hitting the back of his tonsils and circling back to his mouth. “Awh ,man that never gets old “ he looked to the side chuckling at Angela as he handed her the abstract lighter and cig.

Sage watched the bird’s fly by as his cigarette smoke misted his vision . the wind was cool on his sweaty back. His face set in a relaxed state he moved  past the training square. The white lines marking the border’s.

“What are you doing” she said with a cigarette tucked in her mouth.

“Unlike you when i have nothing else to do ,i like to  focus on the landscape im in” 

“What’s the environment got to do with any of this” she pointed her finger towards the training bracket’s and sword’s.

“I'm gonna regret this later but “he sat on the moist grass “what do you mean ,the landscapes what motivates you “he craned his neck looking back at Angela she was staring at him in confusion “ you’ve got to be kidding me you’ve never sat down and appreciated the landscape or just took it in”

“No,why would i it’s nothing but rocks and dirt “ she followed his eyes towards the sky.

“So you’ve never ever “he said in astonishment “wow,no wonder your such a-”

“A what ?” she repeated

Sage giggled “a amazing citizen of the state “he lied 

“Are you ever going to train or are you going to gaze at the dead sky and birds or do some other weird shit “ she blew the last of her cigarette  flicking the butt over the cliff. “Get your lazy ass up Sage ,i'm not the one who needs training here”

Sage brushed his pant’s off walking towards her “i'm not an invincible robot “

“But you are immortal or so you say… what a load of crap” 

Sage was used to Angela in her harsh words instead of getting angry and ruining his day thinking of her replies all day with her smart mouth he got even. “First”he motioned his tatted  finger “i am not immortal “ shrugging he said “i just have unlimited healing powers unlike you who does...what exactly ?” he shot back at her 

Angela straightened herself she angled her head to the side “i beat your sorry ass pretty damn good last time i checked “ she shrugged moving to the side picking at him so more “regenerating abilities ,immortality all that's bullshit and i don't need it “she got closer to his ear “you won't be able to touch me . “she said slowly twirling away from him with her sword. Sage noticed that when he and angela trained .she was more like a child then the relentless fighter at the arena the first day they met.she was different.

Sage grinned as he got a perfect view of her rounded ass this way. So he just ignored her “yeah well you gonna fight me or talk” at the end of the day he was a man. Who had needs and angela man was she a teaser. He laughed it off focusing on the chirps in the air .

“Can i not do both” she made eye contact with him. hazel meeting moss.waves crashing.she  was testing him like she always does. 

He slid his hands in his camo short’s .Why exactly did she text him about training if the competition for the promotion  was in the next two months . 

 “hey, why did you text  me so early i mean i didn't even have time to taste my bagel, i just spread my miracle cream and crammed it into my mouth  I ran here so quick”   

Angela stopped in her midst of practicing. She gave me a side eye .exhaling hard she stepped  towards the end of the cliff.  as she said her next words.She turned towards me “I was elected to go to war, “ she said confidently. Her back straightened “so you’ll have a new training partner “

Before sage could ask she held out her palm 

“Don't ask who’s gonna be your next partner cause i don't know, the organization have’t told me anything yet”

“I just hope their nice and petite..having you as a partner for so long may have made me dull in some areas “

“Your disgusting”

“Mmm not the first time i’ve heard it ..  when did you find out this good news “

She was about to say something smart but she turned it in for a shrug “a month ago”

Thinking back to  last month i had no assignments i was up early every day like an espresso shot why didn't she tell me then.we spent every second together .”soooo why didn't you tell me “ he got in front of her blocking her next move.

She sidestepped him “you ever notice how many questions you ask?”

“I’ve been told an estimate “

“And you still ask so many “


“Great” she focused on her thrusts for a while before she answered “ it’s  none of your business “ 

“Your training me which part of that is not my business, if my trainer leaves to take care of a mission” he dead panned. Sage got in her way again waiting until she replied .

Angela grunted placing her sword back in her bracket “are you ever gonna train or are you just going to annoy me “

“Why cant i do both “he smiled at her 

Heyyyy, 👋Melanin writer here im new to story mirror so please be mature and honest about my writings I work all day on them just for you guys and anyone else who wants to give me a chance .writing is my PASSION I never felt more at home with any other hobbies.reading and writing words are very delicious to me . thank you for the read .share. Comment .like

Stay free of covid 19 😊

Also I wanted to continue you this as a book votes on that please give me your votes on that too.

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