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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Eddie Loud

Action Fantasy


Eddie Loud

Action Fantasy

After The Fall Chapter 18

After The Fall Chapter 18

6 mins 199 6 mins 199


Pupil's crumpled form lay in the corner of the floor, exhausted. He hadn’t slept or eaten in days. He made sure the girls didn’t go without and now, after healing Dani, he had nothing left. He hoped he had enough to do what must be done shortly.

The Spire shook as the ship landed next to it. Pupil laid there, thinking it was indeed a good idea to send the girls off. The door buckled and Pupil pushed himself up to a sitting position, he turned his attention to the bed and the blonde woman laying there. Dani slowly faded from view.

The door blew open and the room filled with Iguanoids, tridents drawn. A large Draconian walked in, and the Iguanoids came to attention.

“This is all that is here?” he grumbled

“Yes my Lord.”

The Draconian flew into a rage. “Damn intelligence was wrong!” He hurled part of the door across the room. He spun around and put his snout inches from Pupils face. “Where are the Ransfords!?”

Pupil smiled a toothy smile, and passed out.

The Draconian grabbed him in one giant hand and lifted him from the ground. Two Greys came forward with a cage and the Draconian tossed him in. “Take him to the ship.”

The Greys scampered off with their cargo when an Anole comes in.

“Lord Kaltchus, humans approach.”

A white pickup truck was coming through the field, towards them. The general came out the door and watched as they drew near.

“What is that Pa?”

“That is one of the aliens.” the rest came into view. “Well hell, that’s a lot of aliens.” he stomped on the brakes.

“Pa, we have to stop them, they have me.”

“What? You’re right here.”

Caleb pointed at the cage being carried by the Greys.

“I don’t get it.”

“I know, no time to explain.” he got out of the truck.

“Wait,” Pa said, as he got out. “Are we doing this?” Caleb answered with a rush towards the Iguanoids and knocked them to the ground, tritons flying in the air. “I guess we’re doing this.”

The two had the guards down in minutes and were heading towards the Greys with the cage when a giant Draconian stepped in front of them. Over his shoulder the door to the ship opened and more troops poured out.

Caleb ran up and put the palm of his hand on the chest of the Draconian, sending him through the air and crashing into the forest. Pa was doing the same with the Iguanoids, but they aren’t as bulky as the Draconians, so there were ribs popping and breaking as he waded into them. As they were being thinned out, the door opened again, and out slithered a Naga. Before the two could do anything about it they were frozen by a dark circle of power. Arms pinned to their side they could no longer fight.

Lord Kaltchus reemerged from the trees at this time, covered in leaves and sticks sticking out of his hide. “Master Set, your timing is perfect, as usual.”

“It would appear we have the remnants of the Promethean League here.” he hissed.

“Are you sure? We were under the impression they were destroyed.”

“We were also told the Ransford children would be here. And yet they were not.”

“What should we do with these two?”

“Put them in the cage, kill the other one. We don’t need him.”

The two were drawn together and were heading towards the cage.

“Pa, I need a distraction,” Caleb said.


“I need to touch him.”

“Shit,” Pa thought, “What kind of distraction? If things weren’t already weird, they were about to get there. What the hell is that now?”

The ground began to shake violently as the Spire began to repair itself. The other spire, closer to the road, the big one, began to come to life. Everyone stood frozen, watching. The tower was like new, glistening in the sun. A blue beam shot from the top and hit the ship, all eyes watched it happen. When they looked back at the tower, a tall blonde woman stood there in a white gown, a breeze flowed through her hair. All was still, then she spoke.

“Let them go!” boomed her angelic voice.

Of course they didn’t, and, of course they should have.

The wind seemed to come from her. It whipped into the enemy and began to tear the flesh from their bones. Soon, dozens of Iguanoid skeletons stood there, held up by the wind. As soon as it stopped they collapsed to the ground. Only Set and Kaltchus remained. She looked at Set’s staff and it snapped in half. Kaltchus had enough, he drew his plasma blade and charged her. She looked at him and he froze mid leap. With a tip of her pretty blonde head he once again flew through the air.

Caleb, crawled over to Pupil, reaching for him, as Dani walked towards Set.

“We meet again.” she said.

He recognized her then, “You, Wife of Ransford! You should be as dead as he is!”

Dani backhanded him, he fell. Set coiled up and sprung at her, missed badly and sprawled out behind her. He raised his head from the ground and looked at the toes of some black boots. He looked up.

“You!” he gasped. “How?!”

“You’ll never understand,” Caleb said.

Dani walked up to his side, he put his arm around her.

“Pa, you got this? I have some catching up to do.”

“My pleasure Cale.”

Pa reached down and grabbed Set by the tale and drug him off towards the woods. Bambi was following him.

“Hey girl, how ya been?”

Bambi barked happily.

“Me too, I was wondering if Naga tasted like chicken.”

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