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Robin And His Adventures-3

Robin And His Adventures-3

6 mins

The Truth revealed :

Robert gave his signal to Durcole. Durcole revealed the truth. He said “Robin, I, am Durcole, king Robert’s commander – in chief. This ship belongs to us, the pirates. Suddenly, while Durcole was speaking, robin and Robert‘s mobiles rang. They were confused as the caller was inspector Coleman. 

They took the phone and got a sounding welcome from inspector Coleman. He said’ ’hi, guys, how are you? I ‘m an inspector Coleman, your father and mother’s best friend. Robin and Robert just screamed at Coleman in the mobile for the reason he called them as brothers. But Robin too remembers Robert somewhere in his mind with a laden heart. But he did not remember any incident from his life from the age of 25. So, he and Robert just screamed at inspector Coleman in the telephone. They said’ ’There is no connection between Robin and Robert. Mind your own business and speak softly. Coleman laughed ‘’HA! HA! HA! See behind you, little dumplings. They looked behind and lo! There was inspector Coleman behind them. Robin and Robert looked surprised. 

Coleman started to explain their family lineage to them. It was actually that Robin and Robert were brothers and the late Rodrigues and Rosaline were their parents. Rodrigues was actually the king of Treasure Island, Sweden. Coleman was the best friend of Rodrigues and Rosaline. 

Actually, being a king, Rodrigues used to be a lawyer too. Coleman and Rodrigues have solved many cases together. But this Swedish case, a new one was very tough as both Rodrigues and Rosaline had been murdered in this conflict. Coleman had been striving to find the assassinator; and unknown to this, Robert had an unknown connection with an English girl Caroline. R jumped in agony saying that “why do you say that and who is Caroline?’’. Inspector Coleman replied ‘’When you were in your senses, you had befriended Caroline in your youth and you were classmates for at least 6 classes. At 18, you madly started loving her. Caroline accepted your love but, unfortunately, a 

huge tragedy broke out in which Rodrigues and Rosaline were murdered. Robin broke out in anger and agony saying “AH! To avenge my parents! Whoever did this evil act will be abolished from this universe’’! Coleman told firmly ‘’without my permission, no one must handle this case. This case has some mysteries into it. Coleman had a doubt on Rodrigues and Rosaline’s death; that whether they are alive or dead. Coleman started to investigate on this crisis. Days and months rolled by. 

A year passed by in the Swedish case. On a Sunday afternoon, Coleman called both Robin and Robert, with the vampire, Durcole. Coleman had finally finished the Swedish case. Laughing loudly, he had a wide grin on Robert’s face. Everyone started to ask the suspected name of the criminal anxiously. Coleman told ‘’this particular criminal must not be pointed immediately. I want to address a speech to all of you and promise me you would not lose your patience and get angry after my speech.” All were anxious about hearing Coleman’s lecture and to understand the victims and the culprit. Coleman started his speech” To the ones assembled here, the parents are the ones who in build all good things to us. I’m going to take an example of a parent whose two sons are disliked. The first son is obedient and much mature and a good child. The second son is just the opposite of the first son. He is an arrogant, bad, and short-tempered guy. This is at least somewhat okay; but killing parents is absolutely not acceptable. It is a huge crime as it is equal to god’s death’’. 

It kindled a thought in everyone except Robert did not think. Coleman noticed he was not comfortable and he conveyed this to all assembled there silently. Everyone made some discussions and some faces were glowing in happiness and some were exhausted and some were trembling in fear, some were anxious about what was going to happen in this court. Inspector Coleman discussed with his police members and decided to point the name of the criminal. The Inspector came down  the stage and drank some water and again went to the stage and announced” The Assassinator is Robert…..” It is difficult to engulf that Robert has killed Rodrigues and Rosaline”. 


Once hearing the name of the assassinator, everyone was left in shock to gape their eyes. 

Once hearting his name, Robert started to run away. Blinded by the parental love, Robin pounced on Robert like a hungry tiger waiting eagerly for its ransom prey. But Robert and Durcole just vanished. Robin was left depressed with Coleman looking at the sky. A few months passed by. Robin did not meet anyone in the past 6 months. He was totally depressed. For the second time in life he forgot everything in his life. He was so depressed for his parents and his lover, Caroline that he did not show his face to the world for the past six months. Suddenly, someone knocked on the door. It was inspector Coleman. Robin was surprised to see him as he forgot everything and everyone without meeting anyone for the past 6 months. 

He asked “Who are you?” Coleman surprised told “I’m Coleman, inspector of police, Sweden. Even more deeply, your parent’s closest friend”. Robin felt he had heard this name somewhere before. Coleman asked robin who was he and his story for a touch. Robin replied “I have heard the word “Coleman”. You are saying you are Coleman. I remember one thing; Coleman will be having a badge. AH! There it is! You are Coleman! They both hugged each other and in tears, remembering their parents and his friendship. Coleman made robin remember all the incidents of his life. He narrated all the incidents in his life with grief, making him remember his life and his future. Gradually Robin got all memory of his life. 


Robert who vanished from that scene, 6 months hence; became a local thug and started to terrorize the people of Sweden. He became the daredevil of Sweden and started to rule the kingdom in a wrong way terribly. H he started to loot the money of the public and disgraced all the citizens in Sweden. One fine day when he was fine seated in the throne of Sweden, a massive thought struck him. He decided to go to a sea cruise with Durcole and 112 of his subjects. They started to cruise in their ship, “The Pirates”. Once aboard all drank wine (which is anyway very bad for our health). They all fell unconscious after a while. On the other hand, Robin ensured that he is not an alone man here; as he also had the extreme support of Inspector Coleman who believed in dharma and peace. It became the match of life between 2 and 120 people with arms all over. It was also the war between good and bad; crime and peace. They believed that no universal force could come and stop this dharma and a good win over the evil and the wicked. That means, even the supreme god is a friend to those who do good things and try to prevent them from affecting the people. So, god is with robin and inspector Coleman. Meanwhile, the gang of Robert was sleeping after having intoxicated; arms were thrown either side or snoring loudly. 3 VS 112………

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