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Mira Sharma

Tragedy Crime Thriller


Mira Sharma

Tragedy Crime Thriller



5 mins 202 5 mins 202

Nobody knows what turn one's life is going to take. Sometimes absolutely unexpected things happen that leave us shocked. Accidents that occur out of the blue and devastate us. Horrible incidents that question a girl's safety in our society are common these days. Such an incident happened to 15 year old Aliya. 

  Aliya was returning home after her tution classes one evening. As it was already dark, she decided to take a short cut way to her home. That particular street was almost desolate and as it was already twilight, there was no sign of himan being anywhere. But as she knew it will hardly take 5 minutes to reach her home, she decided to take that route. Little was she aware that those 5 minutes will change her life forever. 

  Aliya started walking in a hurried pace. She had hardly walked for 2 minutes when she heard the roar of a vehicle from behind. Vehicles came rarely this way but Aliya didn't bother and kept walking. As she took a few steps ahead, a SUV halted behind her. A tall man jumped out and grabbed Aliya's slender waist from behind. Before she could know a damp towel was placed on her face. Aliya panicked and let out terified scream that were instantly muffled by the towel pressed on her face. Aliya swayed her head and scratched his roboust arm with her nails. The man was much stronger and taller than the petite teenager. He lifted Aliya from ground and pushed her inside the SUV. 

  Another man jumped inside the SUV and closed the door. The SUV moved ahead with the speed of light while Aliya hopelessly struggled to break free.The other man tied her hands and feet with a rope while the first one held the damp towel tightly pressed to her face. Some obnoxious liquid was placed on the towel that made Aliya feel dizzy. Darkness seened to enter her eyes. But she kept on struggling. 

The man who was holding her whispered in her ears, "stop this stupid fight of yours baby. It's all in vain. Just breath this in and go to sleep. You are all ours now."

The other man let out a thunderous laugh. The drug started taking toll on Aliya and her struggles weakened. She felt her hands and feet turn numb and her eyelids started dropping. She struggled to stay awake. But the drug knocked her off. In a few more minutes Aliya felt everything fading out of her vision. Soon she fell unconscious in the arms of her kidnapper. 

 He took off the towel from her face as he realized that Aliya had fainted. He patted cheeks to make sure that she had passed out. 

"How marvelously her body is carved!" He said as he took a look at the gracious curves of Aliya lying unconsciouss in his arms. He then pressed his lips on her soft rosy lips and kissed her fiercely. 

"A damsel indeed," the other man said vigorously groping oblivious Aliya's breasts.

Aliya woke up with a terrible headache. Her vision was still hazy. As she came to senses, she remembered being kidnapped by two beastly man and drugged to sleep. She had no idea how many hours has passed while she while drugs kept her unconsciouss. She couldn't make out where she was or how she got here. As minutes passed by, her vision cleared and she saw a sight left her aghast. She could see her school uniform as well as her undergarments lying scattered on the floor. Those men had been undressing her while she was unconsciouss and had spread her naked body on the bed with her feet widely apart. Aliya let out a scream and the men who were drinking by the side of the room rushed to her. 

  On seeing them, Aliya drew her hands and feet to her chest and cuddled into a ball. As the men approached Aliya pleaded for mercy. Along with the two kidnappers, the man who drove the SUV was also there. Two of them rushed to Aliya, pulled her hands and feet and streached her nude body on the bed. The third man jumped on her and carressed her luscious breasts. His touch jittered her and she screamed. He sucked her nipples voraciously while groping her breasts.

  The man who was holding her legs parted her legs widely apart and started licking her sensuous folds. The friction of his rough tongue on her dainty folds drove Aliya mad. She swayed her legs and tried to fight back. 

"Put her back to sleep," The man who had held pinned her hands down on the bed said. 

The man who was sucking her breasts let go of her. He emptied out the contents of a bottle on the towel and pressed it on Aliya face. Aliya swayed her face but in vain. Within a few minutes, she was subdued. This time they left her semiconsciouss. 

  Two of them got back to their drinks while Aliya was left at the mercy of the third one. He took off his clothes and jumped on the bed. His filthy mouth kissed and carressed every inch of Aliya's young body. Then he parted her legs to pump his lust into her. Aliya felt a stab of pain as he entered her. As he rocked the bed, Aliya sunk deeper and deeper into unconsciousness unable to bear the pain and torture. She saw all her hopes and dreams being doomed. Those three beasts had tarnished her body and scarred her soul forever. As he ejected his lust, a partly consciouss Aliya moaned helplessly beneath him on the bed.

  After he was done, he dressed up and filled a syringe with a sedative. He gave Aliya a shot and waited for her to faint. After the girl had passed out, he wrapped her in a blanket. He picked her up from the bed and carried her back to SUV. He laid the unconsciouss girl on the back seat. Then he sat on the driver's seat and turned the engine on. The SUV rushed forward in a vigorous speed with sedated Aliya lying in the back absolutely unaware of who he was and where he was taking her.

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