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As I opened my eyes to the glowing globe of fire, I patted my own shoulder for buying a house in such a scenic location. I had recently bought this old bungalow in the hilly town of Natiel. I spent the whole cleaning the house and placing my things in the proper places. In the evening, I went downstairs to clean the cellar. In that dingy cellar, I discovered the pictures of the family that lived here before me. The family was a small one, parents and 3 kids. But the eldest of the kids caught my attention. She was a girl of about 16 years. Her beauty had a divine charm and I couldn't take my eyes off her for a long time. It was said the girl had gone missing. She's believed to have eloped with her lover. That incident lead the family to move to some other place as the memories of the missing member tormented them.

After cleaning the cellar, I came to my bedroom and had a leisurely bath. As there was still time to dinner, I decided to read a book. I heard a knock somewhere from within the house. I wandered throughout the house searching for the sound. Finally, I realized that it was coming down from the cellar. I unlocked the door of the cellar, stepped down and switched the lights on. I saw a girl sitting by the far end of the cellar.

"Who's there?" I asked.

The girl turned towards me and I gasped out of horror. The girl was the same one I had seen in the family photograph a little ago.

"Who a..are" I stammered, "how did you get in?"

"I'm Nyla." She said in a sweet voice, "we used to live here many years ago."

"But now this house is mine." I said firmly, "please leave."

"I can't," her eyes filled up, "my stepfather has locked me up in the cellar."

"What?" I blinked morosely, "What do you mean?"

"It's a long story." She sat down on the old oak table that was centrally placed in the cellar. "Do you want to listen?"

I nodded and sat down on the steps.

"My father had died when I was 10 years old. My mother married his friend Parzan. He was an atrocious, selfish and greedy man. 6 years passed by and I had a younger sister and brother. One night I was sleeping with my siblings when I heard the noise of someone walking stealthily into our room. I thought it was our mother who was just checking on us and drifted back to sleep. The footsteps paused near my bed. I felt my quilt being dragged off my bossom. The next moment, I felt the touch of two huge muscular palms on my breasts. I was woken up by a repugnant sensation as those hands vigorously caressed my breasts. I opened my eyes slowly while staying still and pretending to be fast asleep. In the dim light that came from the window, I saw it was my stepfather. I was so terrified that I couldn't even scream or cry. I lay frozen on the bed out of terror. By now he had unzipped my gown and his hands were feasting on the bare flesh of my delicate breasts. The heinous touch sent shock waves through my body. I felt dizzy as he sucked on my nipples and soon passed out on the bed.

When senses dawned upon me the next morning, I found myself lying on the bed with a naked bosom. I immediately covered myself and wept my heart out. I decided to shift to my grandmother's place instead of telling the truth to my mother and making life difficult for my siblings. When I told everyone about the decision, my stepfather objected to it. But my mother supported my decision and allowed me to go. I was to leave the next morning. That night I locked our bedroom from within securely and had a peaceful sleep.

I woke up early the next morning and found my stepfather standing right outside my room. My mother was still asleep. He ordered me to clean the cellar before leaving. I took the broom and started cleaning. I heard some noise behind me that seemed like footsteps. But as I was in a hurry to leave, I went back to cleaning. Suddenly, I was grabbed by my waist from behind. As I turned, a wet towel was quickly placed on my face. An intoxicating smell oozed out of the towel. I identified it as the smell of the juice of those purple flowers growing in the wild behind our house.

It can make anyone faint within minutes and the person was not going to wake up any sooner. I guessed what his intention was. He wanted to stupify me so that he can have me at his mercy. I scratched his hands with my nails and kicked him with my feet while screaming for help. He was a tall and robust man. He lifted me up from the ground by waist and laid me down on the table. He jumped over me and pinned my hands down behind my head. His grip was tight and he didn't allowed me to move much. He rejoiced as he had rendered me helpless. I swayed my head but he held the towel forcefully pressed to my face. In a matter of minutes, my struggles weakened and I passed out on the table.

He locked me down in the cellar and went upstairs. He woke up my mother and younger siblings and told them that I was missing. They frantically searched for me all around while I was lying unconscious in the cellar downstairs. Hours later, I opened my eyes slowly as the effect of the drug waned out. I heard the cellar being opened and thought it was my mother. But it was my stepfather. I was still hazy and hadn't completely gained consciousness. He tore my gown away from my body and smirked as he saw me lying semi-nude. I folded my hands and begged him to leave me. He tore my brasserie off my chest as I burst out crying.

I was in a semi stupified state and was not able to resist much. He sucked on my lips in a brutal kiss and fondled my breasts. His hands and teeth feasted upon my luscious flesh and all I could do was to cry. He pulled my panties down my legs and thrust his lust into me. He groaned out of satisfaction and jumped down from the table. He hurriedly wrapped me in a quilt and injected me with a sedative that would keep me sleeping again for hours.

He passed a word around that I had eloped with my lover. My mother became depressed and he moved to our grandmother's place with her and his children. But the beast would come every night to feast upon me. He would inject me with a sedative before leaving in the morning to keep me sleeping for the whole of the next day.

A year passed by, and I gave birth to a beautiful daughter who resembled me. After a few days of my delivery, I had a high fever and chills. He didn't take me to a doctor and I died of the fever a week later.

"What!" I was dazed.

"Yes, it is my soul that's locked in now." Nyla said, "My baby is with him. Please save the child, then only I will get salvation. "

"I will, Nyla," I promised her as I made my mind to set out on a hunt for her culprit and save her daughter.

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