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Mira Sharma

Crime Drama


Mira Sharma

Crime Drama

Pills Of Love

Pills Of Love

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"It's a 13-year-old school girl this time."

Inspector Shukla informed as he walked through the corridors of the hospital with ACP Ahana Dixit. She had a shocked expression on her face. The city was rocked by a serial rapist who used to drug his victims with a unique formula which he calls - 'the pills of love.'

"The girl was not allowed to watch television by her mother. So she slipped out of her home on pretext of tuition classes and went straight to an ice cream parlor to watch a football match. He befriended her and doped her ice cream. The girl was found today in an unconscious state among the woods by the side of a desolate road on the outskirts of the city 24 hours after being kidnapped. Her nude body was wrapped in a blanket. The medical reports have confirmed that she was raped several times within the duration." Shukla informed as they reached the room were the victim was admitted. "She is still unconscious."

"Thank you Mr Shukla," Ahana said, "but I want to see her alone."

Shukla saluted her and waited outside the room. Ahana pushed open the door and saw a lady doctor attending on the girl.

"How is she, doctor?"

"She is fine, officer."

"Why hasn't she woken up yet?" Ahana was concerned for the girl.

"She is just a kid and the dose of the drug was heavy." The doctor said, "but she will wake up any time now. You won't have to wait for long to take her statement."

"It will be very kind of you doctor if you can leave me alone with her."

"Sure Officer," The doctor said and walked away.

The girl was lying unconscious on the hospital bed. Ahana took time to study the girl to find out whether he followed a pattern or had any particular affection to some kind of girls. It was essential for her to find out the lead. Ahana came closer and sat on a chair by the side of her bed. The girl was a mere child and Ahana felt pity as her eyes fell on the girl's childishly innocent but gorgeous face. All his victims were young and beautiful girls like this one. But this one was youngest among his victims till now. Ahana's eyes noticed that her lips were bitten. She wondered how could he feel lust towards such a young kid. Tiny buds of breasts had sprout upon her chest. She closed her eyes in disgust as she imagined his filthy hands caressing and his lusty mouth sucking the child's baby breasts. As she had already stepped into her teens, her body had the contours of an adolescent woman. Ahana sighed and ran a hand upon the forehead of the girl. Her touch made the girl open her eyes and she looked around like a panicked doe.

"Its okay baby," Ahana said as she caressed her forehead, "you are just fine."

The girl calmed down and turned to look at her. Ahana had to take her statement. She had interrogated many rape victims but none among them was such young. She had no idea how to interrogate the kid without adding on to her trauma.

"Baby," she said as she took her hand in hers and caressed it reassuringly, "do you remember anything from last night."

"Yes I do," the girl said, "we went for a long ride on his bike, then we enjoyed a lot at a disco and then he took me to his apartment."

Ahana had to ask the details of the sexual assault but she was hesitant to ask the kid as she was a minor. But it was her duty to ask and she had to fulfill it.

"Sweety," Ahana asked as tenderly as possible, "did he hurt you very much? Was that really hard?"

Ahana couldn't think of any other way to pose her query.

"No," she said, "it was tender and exciting. I never had such a pleasurable feeling like I had last night. I fell in love with him. And I really loved those things he did to me and I want him to do that again to me."

"Okay," Ahana was shocked, "take some rest. You will feel better."

"That's the peculiarity of the drug that he injects into his victims." Shukla remarked as he took seat opposite to Ahana in her office, "He dopes their drinks or edibles with some pills and the pills make the girls to willingly indulge in sex with him."

"Quite interesting," Ahana remarked sarcastically, "lets track him down."

* * * *

Ahana dressed herself in a low back, short dress that clung to her svelte frame. Its V shaped neck revealed her cleavage as she seated herself inside the disco waiting for her prey. Her plan was to seduce the culprit and put him behind the bars. As he used to dope edibles and drinks Ahana made a point to stay away from those things.

Soon a man came to sit near her and tried to befriend her. From the witnesses of the victims she had got a sketch of him made. All the descriptions stated by the victims matched with the man sitting by her side and she knew it was him! Now she had to seduce him. To her surprise, he didn't offered to buy drinks for her. Instead, he asked her to join him on the dance floor which she readily obliged.

While they were dancing, the man suddenly came closer to her and cupped her face. He sucked her lips in a long hungry kiss. Ahana felt a bit awkward at first on being kissed by a stranger. She wanted to push him apart but he put his arms around her slender waist and pressed her tightly to her. He put his tongue into her mouth and kissed her deeply and passionately. Ahana seemed to lose control on herself and kissed him back even fiercely. He let her go after what seemed like forever. But she didn't wanted him to stop as she was hungry for him now. He picked her up and Ahana swung exuberantly in his manly arms. He walked towards the lift and Ahana hugged him tightly to her.

Ahana had no idea on which floor he was taking her. She kept sleeping calmly in his arms as if she had handed herself over to him. He opened a room and laid her down on the bed. Ahana opened her arms for a hug. He turned her around and unzipped her dress. He slid it down her shoulders and slowly down her waist and pulled it off her legs. She was lying almost naked on the bed except for a skimpy bra and a frilly panties. He unbuckled her bra, cupped her shapely breasts and sucked vigorously on her nipples. Ahana felt exultant and pulled him close to her seeking more of the pleasure. He pulled her panties down her long sensuous legs and parted them. He put his head in between her parted thighs and licked her sensitive folds. Ahana screamed out of pleasure. He entered her and pumped his passions into her and Ahana moaned out of pleasure at every stroke.

* * * *

Ahana woke up as strong rays of sun fell on her eyes. She was lying naked on the bed of some hotel room with only a blanket wrapped around her body to sheild her modesty. She looked around for him but he was gone. She found a note on the table. Ahana picked it up and read.

"That was one of the best experiences in my life, Officer Dixit. You must be wondering how I had administered the pills to you without a doped drink. I slipped the pills into your mouth when I kissed you and then rest is history. But I must admit that you are the best girl I had beneath me on bed. My pills make girls fall in love with me but last night I fell for you."

Ahana slipped back on the bed with the note pressed to her chest. Now she could understand why the girl at the hospital said that she has fallen for him and wanted him to do those things again to her. Ahana also wanted him back in her arms like the last night.

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