Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 15

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 15

5 mins

August 14th, 10:45 PM

Jafar left the city of Devdurg after killing Shobha, he wanted to get more information from her before killing her. But that woman was too anxious to get herself killed. He stopped his car in front of a roadside motel to have dinner. He ordered Dhal and Chapati with green salad. Suddenly he glanced over his right hand, there were some blood stains left on the side of his palm. He went to the washroom and tried to wash the blood stains with the help of a dirty soap lying on the wash basin. He did his best, but the blood stain didn’t go completely. He frowned; he hated to use knives to kill someone. He came back; the waiter had placed his order on his table. He thanked the waiter and started eating.

He was frustrated for not getting any leads on that woman, Seema.

Those two idiots’ hasty act had alerted her and she might be anywhere now.

He couldn’t get much from Shobha. 

Perhaps she tried to fool him, who knows?

Jafar was restless over the words scribbled on the paper.

JACK, what does that stand for? What is the meaning of these abbreviations? Is it a name or a code word or simply a gimmick by Shobha or that woman to fool others?

Does that word stand for that fool ‘Jack,’ who pretends to protect the Colonel Pass from criminals? Is she planning to get help from Jack? What if she gets Jack involved in this? Things might go wrong; he may be a problem.

He finished his dinner, paid the bill and came out of the motel. His only clue to trace that woman was, searching her in Will City or at Colonel Pass. He started his car and raced it towards Will City.

August 14th, 11:55 PM

The cab left her at the Dudha check post; the outer police check post which links Will City to the Neva town via Colonel Pass. She let the driver go to a nearby hotel to have his dinner and requested him to come back as soon as possible. Both the places had a contradictory relationship between them. Will City the emerging cosmopolitan city, full of modern marvels, tall buildings, big shopping malls, and night clubs and so on. On the other hand, Neva town, actually not a town, but a collection of five little towns which were parts of the golden triangle. These towns were scattered on a 27 km long agriculture stripe. There were big farm houses bought by rich people from the whole country, but mainly from northern India and Will City. Those farms were mainly leisure, places for the rich people. They spent their lazy hours living in those cozy farm houses and enjoy the peaceful country life. Some Yoga and meditation teachers have established their ashram (hermitages) with five-star facilities. They teach Yoga and Meditation to the rich folks and charge them heavily for their services. All these activities in that area keep the Colonel Pass busy whole the year. There has always been traffic on the pass which keeps the police busy to look after the safe passage of the traffic.

There were some tea vending shops which were still open at this hour. Several insects were hovering around the dimly lit light bulbs. There were some supply trucks, which were being lined up by some police constable to form a convoy. Some of the truck drivers were sitting on the long benches, placed in front the tea shops. There were some cots as well, some empty and some were occupied by the tea shop workers and tired drivers. There was not a single female around. She felt awkward when she looked around; she waited for a moment and then went towards the tea shop. She saw the tea vendor was pouring tea into small glass tumblers.

She went to him and asked, “Bhai jee Jack Saab kaha milenge.”(Brother, where could Mr. Jack be found?)

The tea vendor was surprised to see a woman at this hour, he looked at her from tip to toe and answered, “Bahen jee Jack Saab karwa ke peeche ayenge.” (Sister Mr. Jack will come trailing the convoy.)

She sat down on a deserted bench’s corner. She put her small satchel on the bench; there was little sound which was made by the metal and wood’s contact. She looked around; there was not a single soul who was interested in that sound. There was a heavy locally made revolver in her satchel, which she bought just for twenty-five thousand from a grey market dealer in outer Will City. His reference was also given by Devyani. She travelled to Will City to meet Mr. Jack. Devyani, her fellow inmate has told her several times that the man was a living legend. She has told her several stories regarding his valor. How he lost her wife and little daughter in the wilderness of the river Kali valley, how he saved several people from the claws of vicious criminals. She advised her to meet him in any difficult situation, he would certainly help her. And this was the hour of need; there were killers who were looking for her to kill her.

Three and half years was a long time at Zaura, to break an ordinary human being soul. But Seema was living with a hope to get someday out of jail and take her revenge from that beast Ranjeet. She was sure that Ranjeet will also try to kill her and he had acted first.

She observed that Ranjeet always goes in public to hoist the national flag on the Independence Day and the Republic Day. There will be tight security, there will be his private goons and he will also be armed. She hasn’t got any clear plan to get near him to shoot him. But it will be her last chance to get her revenge; however, she wasn’t sure that she will be left alive to make an attempt on Ranjeet life. She knew there would be more killers on their way to search her and kill her. Though Devyani has advised her to go directly to Jack at Will City’s outer check post, but she wasn’t sure if that man would help her or not.

A sharp honk brought her back from her somnolence. There were several vehicles which were reaching at the end of Colonel Pass from the Neva side. She waited for the last vehicle to go and then she saw there was coming an age-old green jeep.






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