Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 13

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 13

4 mins

August 14th, 10:04 PM

Shobha came back to her police station residence. On the way back to her police station, she has informed all her higher officials about the evening incidence and she specially emphasized on the political angle of that incident.

She entered her living room and searched for a light bulb switch like a blind person. She found one but there was no light in that area and electricity inverter has also given up. She cursed the electricity department and searched for a match box and a candle. She found them lying on her study table. She lit the candle and she saw a familiar man sitting in a chair near her bed. She pulled out her gun, but the man sitting in the chair acted fast his silencer laden gun hissed and the bullet from it struck her gun out of her hand.

“Calm down, dear Shobha.” said the man.

“What the hell are you doing here Jafar, did someone gave you contract to kill me? asked Shobha and tried to hide the pain in her hand.

“No darling just came here for a little chit-chat.” said Jafar with a wicked smile.

“Come to the point or get out of here.”

“You’ve always been a crazy woman; don’t you have a little brain to understand that I didn’t take all the trouble to come here just to have a look of your filthy face.”

She clenched her teeth and said, “Okay, what is it?”

“Where is that woman you caught this evening?”

“We had nothing against her, we let her go.”


“At the bus stand.”

“Okay, you must have frisked her, what did you find?”

“Why, what’s your problem? Go find her and check what she has with her.”

“Simple question requires a simple answer, don’t make it complicated.” said he, and raised his gun and fired again.

The bullet scratched her ear lobe and a little blood dripped out. There was panic on her face, she was sitting in front of the world’s most ruthless killer, and she must handle this lunatic delicately.

“Just her personal belongings and her jail discharge certificate.” said Shobha.

“That’s better now, let’s move ahead now, did she have any weapon with her?”

“No, there was no weapon in her bag.”

“Any idea, where she is heading to?”


“Don’t you think you are getting older and flabby?”

“Put the gun down, you’ll know who is getting flabby.”

“Interesting.” said he, and put his gun down on the floor.

The moment he put his gun down, Shobha darted at the candle and put it off.

There was darkness in the room now. Shobha knew she was not safe in this room so she started moving towards the room door. She outstretched her arm towards the door, but instead the wooden door her hand touched the rock-hard chest of Jafar. And a powerful blow on her face hurls her in the air and she fell on the floor with some furniture of the room.

There was a gas lighter light in the room which illuminated the face of that ruthless killer near her.

“You have gone flabby dear.” whispered Jafar, “Now a little business talk, where has that woman gone?”

“I don’t know.” said Shobha with remorse. She could feel the killer’s hot breath on her face. The moment words fluttered from her mouth; she felt the cold muzzle of the gun below on her belly.

“No more games, deary.” Jafar chewed his words, “Open up now otherwise you are a dead duck in a jiffy.”

“There was a paper piece in her satchel….”

“Okay, go on.”

“JACK was written on that paper.”

“JACK.” repeated Jafar.

She saw Jafar was a bit away from her, she knew if she didn’t act fast the man would certainly kill her. She acted fast and slapped hard on his lighter holding hand, kicked in the belly of Jafar and jumped towards the door. She was very close to the door when a big knife struck her back which forced her down on the floor. She felt unbearable pain between her ribs and she vomited blood on the floor. She used all her power to turn around. The room was lit well, perhaps the light has come or something was burning in her room. She saw the killer was standing near her and wiping her blood from the big knife with her bed sheet. And there was darkness everywhere the next moment.

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