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Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 16

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 16

3 mins

August 15, 12:15 AM

Ranjeet Dev was not very happy with what happened in Devdurg. The woman was still alive and his men had been arrested by local police. He has called up his government’s minister for internal affairs, to get his men out of the police lock up; they may be broken under the pressure of police. The minister assured him that his men shall be out of police custody within an hour.

There was still no word from Jafar.

That man was really lunatic. He wouldn’t tell him his whereabouts and expect him to rely on him. The man charges a lot of money, the man is really very unpredictable.

His wife has gone to sleep, but he was still waiting for any news from Jafar. He again switched on the TV. To his surprise there was breaking news, the news anchor was shouting to tell the world that a female police officer was brutally murdered by an unknown killer at Devdurg. In the background there was a building enveloped in darkness and a little insufficient light was indicating that the building was a police station.

May be the murdered police officer was the one who forced his men to flee from that culvert. Perhaps Jafar has done this Job to get some information that woman. He is really a very dangerous man, but he really knows what he is doing. May be useful in future also.

But why the hell didn’t he get that woman yet?

He cursed that he’ll again have to go to parade ground to hoist the flag.

Damn it, I hate going to those public places. But as he was the only government minister in these areas so he has to go there to do this boring work.

He has cautioned all his men to be careful at the parade ground. He has never relied on the useless police force. The new recruits were useless; he’d often use four letters word to curse those police officers.

Damn it, where the hell is that useless Jafar? What has he done? Where the hell is that dangerous woman? 

He looked at the wall clock and cursed again. He’ll have to hoist the flag at 08:15 AM.

Why the hell this clock is moving so fast.

He went to the nearby wooden cabinet and brought a Black Dog bottle out, poured into a glass tumbler added some water and started sipping it. The twenty-one years old scotch took him into its grip and he went on drinking it until the bottle was empty. His eyes were hazy and his steps were not steady, he walked slowly to his bedroom and fell into his bed.

August 15th, 12:30 AM

The constable took the money from Peter, which he had withdrawn from the ATM situated on the outer ring road of Devdurg. And he left without saying a word.

“Police, my foot…. gang of robbers.” snarled Peter.

“How much did you pay?” asked Jagir and drove the car forward.

“Forty thousand, the bloodsuckers, he was adamant on eighty thousand, but I said that was all I had and he took that sum.” said Peter and heaved.

Peter was surprised when the Inspector informed him that there were no charges against them so they were free to go. He knew that the minister had pulled some strings, that is why this lion had become a lamb. The inspector took them in his office and offered tea which they declined. But then that filthy mouth demanded the sum of hundred thousand for their immediate release. Peter was surprised that the inspector had a little fear of the politicians who forced him to release them. Peter negotiated and forced him down to forty thousand. In the course of time he has learned not to mess with the police.

“Where to go?” said Jagir.

Peter thought for a while and blurted, “Back to Veer Nagar, we have to face Ranjeet Saab."

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