Kumar Vikrant

Drama Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Drama Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 12

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 12

3 mins

August 14th, 09:00 PM

Jafar entered the city of Devdurg. It was dark everywhere, there was some sort of light failure in that area. There were only a few houses illuminated, perhaps due to any electric generating device. He fished out his cell phone and searched for Peter number, provided by Ranjeet Dev. After a brief searching, he found the number and dialed.

“Who is there?” a tired voice came from the other end.

“Where is that woman?” said Jafar without giving heed to the question.

“We have lost her, the police attacked us and we lost her.” voice came from the other end, perhaps the man at the other end understood, who he was talking to.

“Give me the police men’s description.”

“There were two male policemen and a female police inspector.”

“A very huge woman?”


“Okay, now you are out of this case, don’t mess with me anywhere.” warned Jafar and disconnected the phone.

August 14th, 09:05 PM

Peter was terrified to hear the hissing voice of that ruthless killer. He saw the phone was disconnected. He heaved. He saw his wounded hand. Jagir had dressed his wound by using the first aid kit, which he had in the car.

Peter thought of the Ranjeet Dev’s menace in case of failure, and he has been failed, failed very badly.

Suddenly he remembered that his gun was lying somewhere in that cursed bus, if someone has not stolen it. The rupees 500000 cost gun had lost, his dear gun was lost.

“Jagir, we must check that bus, hope the gun is still in that bus.”

“Who knows? Perhaps the bus has left for another destination.”

“May be, but what’s wrong if we give a try.”

“As you wish boss, but remember people might recognize us.”

“There is dark outside, no one will recognize us.”

“Okay, let’s go.”

Soon they were inside the Bus stand. There were not so many buses out there at this hour. They looked for that bus; but there was no sign of that bus. Peter went to the inquiry; there was none in the inquiry box. But there was a bus conductor.

 Peter went to him and asked, “Brother we came from Junagarh and we forgot our things in that bus, how can we find that bus?”

“Very hard, if the bus has gone back to Junagarh then you must go back to Junagarh to find your things. Besides please go and check at the bus depot, perhaps they have left the bus there before going elsewhere.”

“Thanks a lot sir. I’ll go and check the bust at the depot.”

The bus depot was just beside the stand and the depot was mainly the workshop where they usually fix minor and major technical issues of the buses.

There was darkness everywhere. The bus was found easily both of them recognized it from its broken glass screen. Peter went into the bus stealthily and started searching for his gun with the help of a pencil torch. He searched every nook and corner of the bus, but the gun has vanished there was nothing but a lot of broken glass.

He clinched his teeth and cursed the whole world.

Suddenly the sound of several sirens panicked him, a number of police cars entered the depot premise and a harsh male voice came out a megaphone which instructed them to surrender.

“Game over.” cursed Peter.


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