Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 10

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 10

3 mins

August 14th, 07:03 PM

The follower sitting in the front seat saw the hold up at the culvert. He waited for a while and saw all the action, a common Indian policeman habit. But when he saw that a man has dragged a woman out of the bus and was about to kill her, he shouted, “Ma’am trouble, shootout.”

Shobha heard him and stammered abruptly, “Whaaa…. aat? Stop that!”

The follower jumped out of the car with his ancient police rifle, he wasn’t sure if the rifle will be able to fire or not.

Shobha, pulled out his service revolver and ran towards the culvert where there were two armed men and a woman lying on the road. She suddenly heard the sound of gunfire.

She ran towards them, shot a fire in the air and shouted, “Police, leave the woman, drop your gun.”

Peter has missed his first fire; the woman writhed like a fish and dodged the bullet. Before he could fire again, he saw two policemen and police woman running towards them.

“What the hell……” he cursed and shouted at Jagir, “Take care of the police, I’ll finish her off.”

Fire sound has awakened Seema. She saw that her assailant was distracted; she gathered all her strength and kicked the gunman. Peter wobbled and shouted, “You…...I’ll kill you.”

Shobha saw the fallen woman. The man was again going to fire at the woman. It seemed that he wasn’t much worried about the police. Shobha, sensed the situation, she aimed her gun towards the man’s gun and fired.

Peter fired again at Seema, but a hot bullet hit his gun which fell down and his hand was wounded.

Peter looked at Jagir, who was standing like a fool.

“Run idiot.” Peter shouted at Jagir. Jagir came out of the shock and they both ran towards their SUV.

Shobha saw them running towards their SUV, she didn’t want to waste more bullets at them.

She shouted, “Stop…...or I’ll shoot.”

But both of them have entered their SUV, Jagir pushed the accelerator pumped gas and ran over the police people.

Shobha saw them entering their car and running towards her like a bullet, she jumped aside to save her. Both of his policemen also did the same. The big car was out of sight soon.

“Did you note the number of that car?” said Shobha to her policemen.

“Missed that.” said the follower.

“Damn it, inform all the petrol cars, and tell them the car description.” she instructed them.

Seema saw the entire violent episode. She got up and started moving towards the bus, but she saw a big policewoman walking towards her.

“O Madam, where are you going? What the hell was this? Who were they? Why were they trying to kill you? Shobha asked all the questions to her. Shobha went very close to Seema and held her by her arm. “Will you answer my questions here or need police station hospitality?”

Shobha looked at the terrified passengers and bus staff; she thought for a moment and waved them to go ahead.

The bus was gone.

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