Suhas Bokare

Drama Crime


Suhas Bokare

Drama Crime

The Seventh One

The Seventh One

4 mins

I don't remember the exact date when I reached this town. My set mind recognizes the dates only when I collect the news and release it to my headquarters. 

Daniel, my room partner, knew this city and he helped a lot to ease my work in this country. 

The locals here can hardly wait for the sun to go down to stimulate their evenings with the foaming beers and girls. Daniel enjoys this place a lot, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. 

Every Friday, he asked me to join him at his favorite joint and every time I came up with an excuse. On one Friday I tried it the other way - 

"Daniel, don't stay out so late at night. Read this news item I am sending to my editor." 

He partially viewed the news I had drafted. It read on the five consecutive murders of the whores that occurred in the city in last two months. 

"Don't worry; the killer won't dare to touch my girl and don't show me this shit!" He scrunched the paper I held. "Ain't you coming out with me?" he asked me in a sharp voice. 

I could not turn him down this time; I went with him. The place had an aura of aroused charm. Air encompassed the blended smell of liquors and perfumes. Some girls exhibited the wild response to the electrifying music, whereas the others simply took up the seats beside the guys. 

I ignored the famished looks of those watching me and enjoyed the exciting feel. At the same time, I affronted Rosie by neglecting her beauty. First, she gazed at me intently, then sat next to me. Daniel signaled her.

She greeted me and said, "I like you," Rosie's tone, though weak, still carried the clever message required for her customers. 

I stared at her speaking eyes. "You are beautiful!" I said. 

"Yes. I know. I really like you." 

I figured out the response she needed. 

"Okay. I like you too." My tactless reply did not disturb her. 

She invited me to spend the night with her at her house. 

"Do you live alone?" I inquired. 

She smiled. "Yes! I stay alone," her voice turned silky. 

I tossed off the beer and uttered sourly, "No sorry, I won't come." 

"Why?" She knitted her brows a while this time. 

"Have you had your dinner?" I ignored her question. 

"Yes." She looked dully sideways. 

"Would you like to smoke or have some beer?" 

"No, I never drink or smoke." She went restless. 

"Really! That's good." 

"So, are you coming with me?" Her warm touch had a stimulating effect. 

I did not answer. "Tell me, or I will look for another customer." She got irritated. 

"Well, you can if you want to. Don't count on me." 

She stayed with me for a little while. 

"Why the heck are you in this business?" I asked her. 

"Umm... It's a long story; my mother tells me to do this. I've been able to provide for my family, doing this." 


"Would you mind paying for my taxi?" She held my hands in hers. 

"Sure. I would pay that." While leaving, she gave me a nice hug outside the restaurant. I kissed her cheeks and said bye to her. 

Her memories, she left for me as a gift. She also left her card with me. 

Absence of Rosie ruined the charm of the place and with the permission of Daniel, I left that whorehouse. Daniel did not return home that night. 

Next morning the city had witnessed another homicide of a prostitute. Promptly I typed the message for my newspaper reporting this sixth murder in the series. 

Another two days left for my departure from the city. I could not forget Rosie. Her beauty lingered in my mind. That night, I left the house. Daniel stayed out, so I left the key with the watchman. I took a taxi. I took out Rosie's card to see her address. The taxi moved through the city streets. I kept thinking about the piteous life of Rosie. Then I checked my pockets. Yes! I felt its cold sensation: my clean steel knife. Without it, I could not complete the quota of seven in this city. 

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