Suhas Bokare

Crime Thriller


Suhas Bokare

Crime Thriller

The Professional

The Professional

1 min

(The exact 100 words story)

At an ATM in Mumbai, Ruther saw a tourist standing.

'My prey in the lonely night...' mumbled Ruther.

Ruther held him at gunpoint and demanded to draw money from ATM.

'John Brown', Ruther read on the tourist's ATM card.

ATM card was expired one.

"Need PIN, dear?" John teased Ruther.

Ruther punched John and John lost his consciousness.

Bending down Ruther searched John's pocket to find a note there.

"...God, help me to die today... - Six times suicide attempter, John."

Ruther hurried to take John's pulse, "God, you can't take my services free of cost."

He called for an ambulance.

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