His Salvation

His Salvation

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Mystic Solitaire

"I'm tired of living this life Veena. Six months has gone by but I still couldn't find a clue to find you and Medha." Jai Kishan looked at the dark water of river Kali and murmurs to himself.

His wife Veena and daughter Medha were traveling in a bus when their train was terminated at Manda railway station. The fateful bus could never reach to Will City; it was abducted by a group of bandits at the Colonel Pass. They killed all the male passengers and took women and girls with them. Later the bodies of women and girls were started floating in river Kali, they were all raped before killing. Bodies of his wife and daughter could never be found.

Jai Kishan, who came to Will City to receive his wife and daughter from Kalsia, a little town 35 km north of Will City did his best to find his family but failed. He requested every policeman to help him find his family, but they didn't do anything. Finally he decided to search his family on his own; he bought a horse from a local horse trader and started roaming through the valley in search of his family. But it was almost next to impossible to search all the five hundred km barn perimeter of the valley.

I cannot find them but I can end myself to meet them.

You have never been a coward; you always respected life. Veena's voice echoed in the air.

"Veena, I want to be with you both."

Who says you'll be with us after ending your life.

"I'm tired of living alone; death is the only solace for me."

Jai, you used to live for other people, you've always been ready to go to any extant to help other."

"I was selfish Veena, by doing it all I used to think that someday someone will also help my family in my absence. But I was wrong; no one helped you and Medha."

Jai please don't be sad for us, please go ahead and live your life.

"Where are you Veena?"

I've been an integral part of you and still I am.

"I'm also a part of you and Medha, please Veena take me with you."

Roaring Silence

The silence was broken by the faint sound of horse hooves. Soon the sound became clearer and twenty or more horse riders emerged from the east. They were carrying lump bodies of school children on their horse backs.

Jai feel a strange rage running through his veins. He stood up and shouted, "Stop, where are you taking these children?"

All the riders stopped their horses and a tall horse rider came forward, "You hooligan, want to die."

Very next moment there was a carbine in his hands and he fired at Jai. Jai dodged the bullet and threw a hunter knife simultaneously at the bandit. The sharp knife entered straight into his neck and he fell from his horseback. Jack darted at his gun. He snatched the gun from the dead bandit and fired at the rest still on the ground. Next moment they were all writhing on the ground in their own blood pool.

Beauty Of Life

Durga Singh the police check post in charge was busy chatting with his subordinates. At the very moment an elderly man and five young women clad in colorful sarees came running and start shouting in unison, "Help us officer, our school children have been abducted by the bandits. Please save our children."

"Idiots, I didn't understand anything, speak one by one."

The elderly man explained.

"What have you been doing at the colonel pass?"

"We took them here for the picnic......."

Durga Singh spat on the ground and said, "Madan, prepare the horses, we are going after the bandits."

Within a few minutes all the policemen were putting on riding boots and watchmen were tiding saddle on their horsebacks.

They were ready to go when a cloud of dust entered the check post. There was a thin tall man driving a jeep, there were unconscious children on the seats of the jeep and bodies of twenty three bandits on the ground tied to the jeep.

"What's going on? Who are you? Who are these dead men?"

"They are bandits who kidnapped our children." Said the school teacher.

"I see who killed these men?"

"I did." said Jai.

"Arrest this killer," shouted Durga Singh and two policemen subdued Jai on the ground.

"Why are you arresting this man?" asked the elderly man.

"Mind your business, or I'll arrest you also. Take your children to the hospital before they die."

The elderly man took out a card and placed it on the broad palm of the in charge.

"Advocate Bhoop Khattar, supreme court. Arrest this brave man and I'll plea before the honorable Supreme Court to take appropriate action against you, for this wrongful arrest. This man deserves a bravery award and you are arresting him."

In Charge shrugged and motioned his men to free Jai.

"Will you come for the evidence or not?" asked in charge to Jai.

"Sure, I'll.

Jai thanked the advocate and came out of the check post.

Jai you are not a selfish, you instinctively help other people. Live this way and certainly you’ll find a way to make this lonely life worth living.

Veena’s voice echoed.

Messenger Of Death

Far from the madding press and menacing policemen Jai was feeding Duke and was ready to go to the valley when a big SUV entered his farm.

A burly tall man clad in pathani salwar kurta came out of the SUV and said, "Jack saab, they won't let you go with this massacre; they shall come after you with all their might. You are in a grave danger."

Jai kept quiet.

"Take me seriously, you've killed the men of Sanga gang, they must be planning revenge."

"Who are you, what do you want?" asked Jai.

"Jack saab, my name is Moosa Khan and I think I'm somehow responsible for the unrest of this valley. I dreamed of making Will City the Las Vegas of India and opened casinos. My casinos used to be the main attraction of this valley ten years ago. Rich people used to come here to spend their time in my casinos but those rich people attracted bad blood also. These gangs started kidnapping my rich guests for outrageous ransom. My casinos were closed by the government but the kidnapping trade flourished. There are at least seven big gangs who are in kidnapping business besides they extort money from rich traders,"

"Why are you telling me all this?" asked Jai.

"Jack saab, I just came here to warn you that one of those seven gangs is after you."

"I can take care of myself."

"I know you are a brave man but offence is better then defense. One of those gangs is responsible for the disappearance of your wife and daughter."

"Which one?"

"Either Mukhia or Pancha gang, they were seen on the Colonel Pass on the day your family was abducted."

"Where can I find them?"

"They don't carry an address tag, they are everywhere. Enter the valley and kill all the man with guns."

Jai didn't say anything.

"Mr. Jack I don't say that I'm a humanitarian and think of the welfare of this society. I'm a little selfish; I've given up all the illegal business and entered into construction industry. There are several big construction projects going on all over this area but I'm not able to attract the buyers due to the insecurities in this valley. You eradicate the bandits and for your services I'm offering you rupees fifty crore."

"Moosa Khan I'm not a mercenary, I killed those bandits because they were taking the innocent children for ransom."

"Exactly, Mr. Jack. I don't think you want more Jai Kishans wandering in the valley in search of their families." Said Moosa and addressed Jai with his actual name for the first time.

Jai looked at the curious face of the former gangster.

"There is the chaste of all modern arms and a suitcase full of money in form of gold and cash in the big box we are leaving with you. Use them as you wish."

"Why don't you use this money to hire killers to serve you?"

"Mr. Jack, there are plenty of killers who kill for money but all of them love their lives, I don't see the death wish in their eyes which I see in yours."

Havoc In The Valley

"Within a span of three weeks all the major gangs of valley has been wiped out. Police sources say that steel bullets were used to kill the bandits. The bodies found were badly mutilated." said the beautiful news anchor with a smile on her face.

"Police is worried about the gang war going on the in the valley, but it seems that they don't have any intention to stop it. Some miner group of bandits have fled from the valley." said the news anchor further."

"Who the hell is behind all these killings," Asked Bhoora Singh the active leader of Mukhia gang.

"It seems some hired killers are doing it." Said Jagia, his underboss.

"I don't believe, no hired killer has the will to act here. There is someone who is not afraid of death, is killing bandits out of a vengeance."

"Do you think that lunatic Jack is doing it?"

"May be but where did he get those sophisticated weapons? Contact the Twins; give them the contract to kill this Jack.”

Eradication Plan

"Dutta, they are not only bandits but relatives of the local farmers. Those farmers are our party's voters, stop this massacre immediately, find the killers and kill them."

Deputy Inspector General of Will City, Vineet Dutta was astonished that the internal affair minister was worried about the gang war going on in Kali Valley.

"I'm sorry to say sir that this is just a gang war and we are doing our best to stop it. Fortunately there is no innocent citizen casualties so far."

"This is not a gang war DIG, a very clever group of mercenaries is doing it. I heard rumors that there is a single man behind every killing."

"I don't believe sir.”

“Dutta I’m not interested in your beliefs, just stop this massacre. I'm serious about it, I'm deputing four encounter specialists to help you."

Encounter Specialists

Sub Inspector Kartar Singh, Ravinder Rana, Deepak Singh and Usman Ali were well known for their encounters with the criminals. Today they were hiding outside Jack’s farm and waiting for him to come out.

"It doesn't work like the way DIG wants us to do, we are not entering the blasted farm until we know where our target is?" whispered Kartar Singh who was senior of them all.

"This Jack guy has good horses." Said Rana.

"Sounds like a creature from western movies," Chuckled Deepak and all of them smiled.

"Come on let's get this guy." Said Rana.

"I want to see some action; I still don't believe that a single man could be a menace to a number of ruthless bandits. Let's enjoy his western movie before killing him," said Deepak.

Deadly Twins

Billy was five minutes elder to her twin brother Kaanu and she has always been dominant.

They followed their parents who were trapeze artists in Continental Circus; they travelled all over the India and loved hanging on the ropes without a net. One unfortunate day their father's hands slipped and he fell on the rough ground with their mother, both of them died a tragic death. Billy decided it was time to leave the circus.

They were roaming in the city when police arrested them for nothing. Policemen didn't take them to any police station; they were taken to a ruin outside the city. Sixteen years old Billy was raped by five policemen in front of her weeping brother. By the time police left them, Billy was half dead.

Billy didn't weep, she was full of vengeance. It took them one week to trace those police men. Billy was a good knife thrower; she killed the first policeman by stabbing him from back side. Rest of them took knives in their necks, within a week all the rapists met their death.

Old coot Raja saw the duo in action, he offered them shelter and protection. He saw the potential killers in the duo and soon he trained them in all the physical assaults and handling all the weapons. After that Raja taught them to kill people for money.

Raja died after three years, by that time the twins were independent and using internet to collect killing contracts. They were known as The Twins; no one knew their true identity.

One week earlier they received the contract to kill a man by the name Jack. They were provided his whereabouts.

Now they were outside of Jack's farm and waiting for him to come out. After two hours long wait finally a lean figure came out and Billy straightened her sniper rifle and took aim at the man. But the man was faster than they expected, within a second he was on his horseback and riding towards the valley.

Billy and Kaanu also rode their horses and started chasing Jack, he had vanished in the valley.

Floozy Chasers

Cops saw Jack disappearing into the valley and the twins going after him.

"Bandit queen in the wilderness." chuckled Usman.

"I'm anticipating a colorful noon today." Said Deepak meaningfully.

"I hate your orgies, I'll ride her first." Said Rana smiling.

"Guys, guys control yourself, first of all we'll finish this Jack business we could catch the bandit queen later." said Kartar.

Valor Of The Knight

Jack saw all five men and one woman chasing him in two different parties. He knew they were all after his life, he could easily fix them alone but today he had important business to accomplish.

Mukiya and Pradhan gangs along with their leaders were gathered near Death Marsh in different camps, it was perfect time to eradicate them from the valley. For the purpose Jack was carrying a M20 Bazooka on his shoulder, from the weapon chest of Moosa and capable of killing an army unit at the same time.

After three hours riding he entered the Death Marsh area. He rode through the alienated alleys to go close to the bandits camps. But he was unaware that at least 30 pairs of eyes had been watching him with guns in their hands.

The bandits lured him to the death labyrinth by letting him know their whereabouts, now he has entered into their trap; they didn’t act until he came in their fire range. First bullet toppled Jack from the horseback and entered in his shoulder. Jack cried in pain and ran towards the Death Marsh, there was flying led all over the alley and two burning bullets entered his right shin, he fell again on the ground and started creeping towards the deadly marsh entrance where only fools could think of entering.

His body was losing blood every passing minute and his enemies were getting closer. He saw one big group was up on a hammock and fixing their sniper guns on him. He loaded cartridge in his bazooka gun and took their aim, he and the bandits fired simultaneously. Jack ducked to save himself from the flying led and his bazooka blast killed at least twenty bandits.

Jack knew they shall attack again from a different position. He looked up and saw that the bandits were changing their attack plan. His only chance to win this battle was to attack on them before their next move.

Cat's Paw

Billy and Kaanu saw the battle going on between the bandits and Jack. Billy saw Jack was hiding in pit and was in her fire range.

Billy took her position on a dust pile and ordered Kaanu to watch over her from the other side, she wanted to carry out this contract as soon as possible and get out of this blasted valley.

Government's Goons

The cops saw the fight between Jack and the bandits from a safe distance.

"Look the bandit queen has also taken position to kill the fool Jack." Said Rana looking at the twins.

"Let her kill that idiot, we'll feed on her after this fight is over." said Deepak.

They had their long range rifles ready to handle any unexpected situation.

Final Countdown

Jack was sure that group of bandits was going in the opposite direction to attack from the other side of the marsh. He was sure their leaders were hiding behind the thick bushes along with other bandits. To take aim on them he'll have to come out in open. He thought for a while and started creeping out of the pit. Soon whole his body in open and not a single bullet was fired at him. He again loaded his bazooka and jumped like a pawn and fire in the direction of the bushes, another powerful blast echoed in the valley, a number of bodies flew in the air. There were no counter fire; Jack was again safe in his pit. He saw there was stampede in the valley, maybe he has hit the bull’s eye and killed the bandit's leaders.

Perfect Target

Billy saw the havoc in the valley.

This jack guy is really dangerous; he has killed all the bandits on his own alone. He must die.

She couldn't take a proper aim and that guy has gone. She knew he'll not stay in the pit forever. She was ready for him. Her wait was over soon, Jack's head come up and that very moment Billy fired, she saw the bullet blasted his head.

She got up and motioned Kaanu to come out of his hide; she wanted to see Jack's body before leaving the valley.

She saw Kaanu coming towards her and next moment he was falling on the ground. She turned and saw four stalwart men behind her and one of them was blowing smoke from his revolver silencer.

Before she could do anything one of them jumped on her and dragged her on the rough ground. She kicked between his legs; he abused her and started kicking her. Within two minutes she was on the ground half conscious and that very moment her assailant started tearing her cloths.

Kill Me....

There was blood all over Jack's face. The sniper bullet just scratched his temple but he was safe. He wiped blood from his face and checked his revolver, there were only six bullets in the chamber rest of the ammunition has gone with Duke, his horse. He cursed to himself because he had no bazooka cartridges now and the killer woman was around. He took a deep breath and peeped out of pit in the direction of the killer woman, all he saw was astounding, there were rest of the four men, one of them was tearing the women's cloth. He thought for a while and jumped out of the pit and ran in the direction of the woman. All of the three men standing out there saw him with astonishment and they started firing in the direction of Jack instinctively. Jack dodged their bullets and fired back, three perfect fires destroyed their pistols and the cops ran for the shelter, the man on woman also joined them.

Jack saw at the wounded girl and helped her get up and said, "Now get the hell out of here, come some other day to kill me."

Billy saw at the lean man and ran in the direction of her wounded brother. That very moment the copes started firing with their guns. Jack ran in the direction of the Dead Marsh. He had no choice, he was out of ammunition. The moment Jack entered the marsh it was early evening, soon the deadly marsh start emitting deadly carbon mono oxide gas.

Deadly Marsh

"The man has run out of ammunition, otherwise he wouldn't run from her, come on let's get him now." Said Kartar Sing.

"Yeah let's go, that bustard has snatched that bitch from my clutches." said Rana clenching his teethes.

They rode on their horses and entered the marsh; they didn't know that they had entered the place where brave heart dared to enter after evening.

They saw that Jack was near a dirty water pool. Kartar fired at him and he jumped in the pool.

"Spared guys, that man is in the pool, he won’t remain under the water forever, kill him whenever he surfaced," said Kartar and all of them ran in a different direction to take their position.

Slow Death

Jack knew his assailants has rounded him and ready to shoot him, his wounds and loss of blood was also killing him. He couldn't hold his breath longer, he surfaced his head and took a deep breath and filled smell less carbon mono oxide in his lungs. He felt dizzy and struggle hard to come out of the marsh. Soon he saw the horses of his assailants were running out of the marsh without their riders.

He dragged his body near the bank of the pool and yelled, "Duke my lad...."

He was half dead when he saw the white face of Duke.

Fifteen Days Later

When DIG Dutta entered Jack's farm, he was sitting on the porch.

"Mr. Jack?" asked DIG.

"I'm Jai Kishan, but let it be Jack, no problem." said Jack.

"There is a problem; several people have been killed in Kali valley including some of my finest police officers."

"News papers say the cops were killed by the marsh," said Jack.

"Exactly, but they were killed chasing a killer. I presume you have connection with all these killings, that is why I came myself to search your house."

"No problem, search the house as you like."

"If I found a single illegal weapon, you are going to jail today."

After two hours dense search the cops found nothing and gave up.

"You are a sly fox Jack, to the hell the peace in valley, in the city, the citizen of this city who think you are their hero, PM bravery award which you are nominated for to save the school children, all I know you are a dangerous man, I won't rest until I take you to hanging noose." said the DIG and stomped out of Jack's farm.

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