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Kumar Vikrant

Drama Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Drama Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 8

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 8

3 mins

August 14th, 07:00 PM

“Will you ever learn to chase something?” said Peter with irritation.

“What’s wrong?” asked Jagir

“You are trailing this bus like a rat; can’t you overtake it?”

“Okay boss as you wish.”

Jagir pumped more gas and overtook the bus with a little effort.

“Now look for a deserted place, we’ll stop the bus to shoot her.”

“How are we going to stop the bus?” asked Jagir.

“Have you got some brain or not? There are some narrow culverts, stop the car at any one of them, the bus driver will be forced to stop the bus. And that will be our chance to shoot her.”

“Got it, you just tell me where to stop the car.”

“Wait on I’m looking for the perfect culvert.”

August 14th, 07:02 PM

Seema saw the car overtaking the bus.

 So, they are going to stop the bus before Devdurg. 

They are armed and dangerous, all the odds are against her, and she hasn’t got a single stick with her to defend her.

Stick, yes, there must be a leverage rod in the bus.

She knew they kept the rod at the driver’s adjacent seat. She will have to rely on that rod, if there is one.

She kept her cool and waited.

August 14th, 07:05 PM

Sobha Singh was a bit frustrated today. The Senior Superintendent of Police didn’t allot him women police station, she was made the in charge of Rural Area of Devdurg. And a junior sub inspector was appointed as the Station Head Officer of the women police station. Perhaps her notoriety as a tough woman had reached here before her arrival in Devdurg.

She joined the police by chance, she has always wanted to join Indian Administrative Services, she tried her hard; she qualified pre and mains examination so many times but she always flunked the interview. After wasting all her attempts, she decided to give a try in state services, but again the same story, pre, main and fail. By chance state government announced vacancies of Sub Inspectors. Her friends advised her to give a try for she was tall and strong. She applied and went on qualifying and all the stages.

She joined the police department fifteen years ago at the age of 29. And at 44 today she has nothing in her hands, but two bad marriages, three suspensions, several departmental inquiries against her. Her reputation as a killer cop had closed all doors for her. Her way of interrogation was ruthless; there were two suicides, five deaths in lockup on her name now. No higher official was ready to take her at any city. She had always been posted at the worst police stations, criminals and corrupt policemen would try to leave that place for a better one.

She spent her first day at the police station by going through the files of the criminals of this area. Suddenly she got up and checked her mouser pistol and ordered her driver and follower to take her around the area and highway.

The driver told her that the police station Jeep was out of order; the mechanic was checking the problem.

She frowned and ordered him to take her own car out. Soon they were on the highway. She told the driver that she would like to check the Naka police check post. The Naka police check post was notorious for the illegal activities of police men. It was situated at the highway at the 17th milestone. She wanted to catch them red handed.

After twenty minutes they were on a narrow culvert which was suitable only for one-way traffic. All of a sudden, the driver stopped the car as there was already a car and roadways bus on the culvert. The driver decided to remain on the other side of the culvert until the coming traffic pass.

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