Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 17

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 17

5 mins

August 15th, 12:47 AM

Jafar drove his luxury car very fast to Will City and within two hours he was in the suburban areas of this city. He looked at his GPS and raced towards the direction of Colonel Pass.

This was the first time in his life when he was still searching for his target.

JACK, the legendary warrior, the real pain in the neck.

He never had dreamed to cross paths with that lunatic old man. He searched everything about him available on the net. The man was really a dangerous one, the fastest gunslinger. Does that woman know him? What will be the outcome of Jack stands against him?

What the hell, he was just imagining things. To the hell this legendary warrior, he’ll breathe last if he dares to cross paths with him.

He reached on the Dudha check post. There were several commercial vehicles lined up to go to the golden triangle area.

He looked around; there was no sign of that woman. He saw there were some tea vending shops on the other side of the road. Let’s give it a try out there as well. He came out of his car; left it unlocked and crossed the rough road. He went close to the shops and tried to trace that woman in the dimly lit outer area of the shops. There were several truck drivers having tea and soft drinks, but there was still not a sign of that woman.

He cursed his luck and looked around again through the darkness. Suddenly the dark area bathes into the light from the approaching vehicle’s headlights. And then he saw her. She was there; sitting on a corner bench, looking in the direction of coming vehicles. He put his right hand inside his shirt and felt the cold handle of his magnum, placed in the shoulder holster.

Suddenly a police car emerged from the pass and policemen came out of it and scattered everywhere. He pulled out his hand and stood there for a while and after a few moments, he returned to his car. He will have to wait for a better chance. He cannot afford to lose this woman now; he’ll have to be extra careful. Staying at this place for a long time was also not possible, it was a police check post, there may be policemen who may come and search his full of weapons car.

He’ll have to leave this place. He started his car and started moving in the direction of the city. Soon he found what he was looking for, there was a man-made mound of debris. He stopped his car and took his sniper gun out of the bag and fixed an infrared telescope on it and checked it, he could see everything through its green light.

He came out of his car crossed the road carefully, there was not a single soul looking at him at this hour. He carefully mounted upon the mound; it was at least thirty feet high. He was using only his instincts to move upside, one wrong step and he will go down with a thud.

Finally, he got up on the top of the mound and looked for a perfect place to have a look at the check post-tea vending shops. He found one and lies down on the rough ground. He placed the gun incorrect position and peeped through the scope, there was a sort of commotion on the check post.

He saw the woman was standing now and walking towards a tall man. He looked at the bony face of that thin man.

 Yes; he was the legendary warrior, Jack, the lunatic Jack. 

He moved his gun slowly and fixed it on the head of that woman.

August 15th, 12:50 AM

Seema looked at the approaching open jeep. The driver of the jeep was still in the dark; his face was not visible yet.

Behan Ji, Jack Saab ki jeep.” (Sister, Mr. Jack’s Jeep) informed the tea vendor.

Seema looked at the vendor and nodded. The jeep finally came to halt and a tall and thin figure came out of that jeep. His face was still in the dark; he bent down and checked the front tire of the jeep.

Seema got up, picked her satchel up, and went straight to the standing jeep.

She looked at the man and blurted, “Good morning sir, may I talk to you?”

The man turned towards her and she had a glimpse of his bony face. His hair was short, gray, and dry.

“Sure, what do you want?” asked the man and came a little forward.

She retreated a little and looked at that tall man. He was an old man; he was dressed in a loose cotton shirt and trousers. His long hunting shoes were full of dust.

“Sir, I’ve released from Zoura today, people are chasing to kill me. Minister Ranjeet killed my husband and my little son, he ruined everything I had. The courts were all fixed, they found him innocent. The courts labeled me a characterless woman. I have no faith in those courts, I’ve come to you in a hope to get the justice served.” said Seema with haste, there were tears in her eyes.

He saw at her with his frigid eyes, turned his face towards the tea shop, and said to her, “Please follow me.”

Aao Jack Saab, idhar se aao Saab.” (Come, Mr. Jack, please come this way) said the tea vendor. He moped a dirty table with a damp cloth and blasted the dust from the chairs with the help of a duster.

Jack offered her a seat and occupied one in front of her. The vendor seemed anxious to please Jack, he brought a thermal flask and two bone chine cups. He placed the cups on the table and poured tea from the flask.

Aapki pasandida chai saab.” (Your favorite tea sir) said the tea vendor and stood beside them.

“Thank you, Jogi.” said Jack in his rough but calm voice.

The vendor stood there for a while and left.

“Who is chasing you?” asked Jack.

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