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Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller Drama


Adhithya Sakthivel

Crime Thriller Drama

Gang War: The Beginning

Gang War: The Beginning

6 mins

Mumbai, one of the famous cities in Maharashtra has become a big headache to the police department, headed by DSP Ravi Krishna IPS. Because, the place is highly prone to the gang wars, that happens predominantly for every year.

Henceforth, DSP Ravi Krishna holds a meeting with his colleague police officers, ASP Murali and many others.

"Sir. What should we have to do now? The gang war has become a huge headache for us" said Murali.

"Let's leave the problem as such, Murali. They will come to control somehow. If not, let's take an action against them" said DSP Ravi Krishna.

"Ok sir" said Murali.

Mumbai's main place Daravi is controlled by Krishna Raj Mudaliar, a Tamil man hailing from Meenakshipuram, Coimbatore district of Tamil Nadu, who takes charge for protecting the Tamil leaders and soon after, has become an underworld don, indulging in smuggling business and murders.

Soon after, Krishna Raj becomes a huge threat for the Mumbai city and further, he starts to dominate the Tamil people in Mumbai. At the same time, he also has a rival mafia from the other side of Mumbai called, Pune. The gang is headed by Hari Singh Lal, a dangerous gangster in the city equal to Krishna Raj.

These gangster units are arch rivals, who often indulges in a gang war and in the process, Krishna Raj wife Susheela was killed by Hari Singh Lal and his men. Right after this, Krishna Raj has sent his son Akhilesh to Coimbatore district with the help of his relative Prakash, who takes him for safe.

At this juncture of time, DSP Ravi Krishna forms a meeting with his police officer's group and tells to them, "Guys. This is the right chance for us to eliminate the gangsters in Mumbai city. We have to do the encounter carefully"

"Yes sir" said Murali.

"Let's start the mission as soon as possible" said DSP Ravi Krishna.

Krishna Raj angered with his wife's death enters into the house of Hari Singh Lal, where he brutally murders his brother Haram Singh Lal for killing his wife. This furthermore fuels up the anger of Hari Singh and he vows to avenge Krishna by destroying his whole mafia business in Daravi.

As a first step, Hari Singh burns down the entire place of Daravi, where the Tamil people are settled and as a result of this, Krishna Raj is blamed for the problem and is asked to go out from their place, because they didn't want to suffer anymore because of Krishna Raj and Hari Singh's gang war.

Because of Hari Singh's severe attacks against the henchman of Krishna Raj, he is forced to go for hiding prior to the request of his assistant, Rajarathnam, who is concerned about Krishna Raj's life. He agrees to his words and goes into hiding, from where Krishna attacks the mafia units of Hari Singh and his henchman.

At the same time, Hari Singh's gangster units are eliminated by ACP Murali and his team. One of Hari Singh's henchman, who has escaped from the encounter goes to Hari Singh and informs to him that, "The Gangster units are being eliminated by the Police department considering the gang war to be a golden opportunity."

Threatened, Hari Singh decides to escape from Pune to Pakistan (through sea transport) as soon as possible. But, before escaping from Mumbai, he plans to murder Krishna Raj, in order to avenge the death of his brother.

As a henceforth, he bribes one of the trusted henchman of Krishna, who is driven by money and henceforth, tells that he is hiding in Pune Reserved forest areas, where Rajarathnam is also hiding. One of the police officer named Inspector Ibrahim(team of DSP Ravi Krishna), who has heard of this, calls Ravi Krishna.

"Yes Ibrahim. Tell me" said Ravi Krishna.

"Sir. We have got a good news. Both Hari Singh Lal and Krishna Raj are meeting face to face" said Ibrahim.

"You have done a good job, Mr.Ibrahim. Follow Hari Singh. I am coming with my police teams" said Ravi Krishna.

"Come on, guys. Let's move on" said Ravi Krishna and Murali, who too has arrived to the place.

After this, Ibrahim reaches the forests of Pune and he also shares the map link to Ravi Krishna and Murali's team. Later, Hari Singh and Krishna Raj duels after which, the latter stabs Hari Singh in his neck and he dies on the spot.

Later on, the police surrounds the whole place of Krishna Raj and Rajarathnam after which, they kills Rajarathnam. Left with no way, Krishna Raj has to surrender. Hence, instead of surrendering, he tried to escape from the place after which, Murali shoots Krishna and he also dies on the spot.

"Sir. Mission successful. Both Hari Singh and Krishna Raj are dead" said Murali Krishna to DSP Ravi Krishna.

"Good job, Murali. What do you think about this gang war now? Do you think it has come to an end?" asked Ravi Krishna.

"Yes sir. It has come to an end. Our mission is successful" said Murali Krishna.

"No Murali. The gang war has began and it still more continues. We have ended the gang war only in Mumbai. But, we have not yet put a full stop for gang war in other cities of India. Come. Let's move on…" said Ravi Krishna, implying that, there still occurs a war among gangsters in the Indian cities.

After this, Prakash, Krishna Raj's relative learns he is dead but, refuses to take his body, which has come to Coimbatore, after being post-mortem-ed. But, he instead asks it to be buried.

Later on, he goes to the 2 year old Akhilesh, to whom he tells that, "He should not follow the footsteps of his father and instead has to serve for the country" and he holds him in his shoulder. At that time, rains starts to downpour and Prakash realizes that, "It is the symbol to show the signs of love, affection and happiness."

After this, he goes near to the photo of Krishna Raj, where he writes, "The one who takes the sword in his hands, will face his death by the sword."

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