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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Tinsel Nettie

Crime Thriller


Tinsel Nettie

Crime Thriller

Vacation Trip

Vacation Trip

6 mins 239 6 mins 239

The old woman dropped her purse, spilling its contents all over the sidewalk. He rushed ahead to help her stopping short when he saw the gun under the purse. The old woman pointed the gun towards Paul and threatened him to take her to his home. She took his mobile and threw it in a dustbin. Paul also noticed that three men were following them. 

Paul is a Marine Engineer working in Miami Port. He has a strained relationship with his wife, Rachel, who doesn't love him anymore due to Paul's alcohol addiction. His kids Eddie, 15 years old, and Amy, 18 years old, wanted to go on and out of town trip with the whole family for a very long time. Paul decided to surprise them as he had just bought four tickets for a trip to a nearby Island. He was taken captive by the old woman when he was going home after buying those tickets. 

Paul's hands were trembling with fear when he rang the doorbell of his house. Rachel opened the door. She was confused when she saw the old woman beside Paul. Suddenly, the old woman pointed the gun towards her. She was frightened but didn't scream as she knew it would make things worse. The old woman entered the house and along with her came three men who were following them. The old woman removed her prosthetics and it turned out she was a man! The four of them were friends from work. They were Christopher, Steve, Benjamin, and William. Christopher was the one who posed as a woman earlier. 

There was nothing Paul and Rachel could do except obey the four men as each of them had a gun. Eddie and Amy were in their rooms finishing their homework. Soon, they were also taken captive. Paul's family was blindfolded, tied, and gagged. Christopher went into the bathroom to take a bath. Steve cut the landline wire and searched the house for any other communication devices. He also took any sharp objects which could be potentially used as a weapon and hid it somewhere. Benjamin took Rachel's mobile and called someone and asked him about their exit plan. William turned on the television in Paul's house to watch the news. 

In the news, it was broadcasted that a drug lord named Robert was arrested. His cartel had recently smuggled three hundred kilograms of Cocaine from Croatia. Four of his former employees had taken the drugs before Robert's arrest and hidden it somewhere. Police were searching for both Robert's former employees and the drugs. 

Paul's family was held captive for a week in their own house. Rachel was forced to cook for them and Paul was made to bring them necessary commodities from the market. Amy had to massage them before sleep and Eddie had to wash their clothes. They also insulted Paul's family by making them dance to sexually provocative songs occasionally. 

Once Paul's nosy neighbour, Jessica, knocked on the door. The cartel members and hostages hid in a room. William freed Amy and asked her to open the door. Jessica came into the house and sat down. She handed Amy an empty cup and said "Dear, could you please give me some sugar. I just found I ran out of sugar." Amy went into the kitchen, brought sugar and gave it to Jessica. Jessica then asked "What happened to your Mom and Dad". Where are they? Are they divorced?". Amy calmy replied "Mom went to Uncle Richard's house and Dad is in his office." Jessica then asked her "Why are they not using the car? Why is it in the parking lot for a whole week?" Amy said " The car engine has a glitch due to which the car is not starting." Suddenly, Jessica's servant comes into the house and asks her if she could take the extra sugar present in Jessica's house. Jessica felt embarrassed and went into her house with her servant. The cartel members were relieved and praised Amy for handling the situation swiftly. 

A delighted William kissed Amy much to the despise of the family. It was clear that William was attracted to Amy. Things turned topsy-turvy, when Amy too started reciprocated his feelings. She had developed Stockholm syndrome.

Few days later, Paul's family were taken in their own car to a forest in the outskirts of city where the four men have buried the drugs. Paul and his family memebers were forced to dig and retrieve several sacs of cocaine. Meanwhile, Christopher took Paul's car to a nearby car shop owner and traded the car and a teenth of a drug for a mini van.

All the sacs of cocaine were loaded in the minivan. When the cartel members forced all of them to board the mini van, Paul resisted, but all in vain. The cartel members had stuck a deal with another cartel present on the nearby Island. They made Paul drive everyone to Miami port. En route, when they reached the Toll plaza, Eddie tried to inform the policeman about the drugs and the cartel members. However, the policeman turned out to be an informant for the cartel and is the same person with whom Benjamin dicussed about the exit plan earlier with Rachel's phone. The policeman let the van pass through the toll gate safely without any suspicion. Benjamin shaved Eddie's head as a punishment.

They reached the Miami port. Paul used his identity and contact to get a boat on which they loaded the drugs and set to sail. In the middle of the Ocean, after six hours of travel, the wind speed suddenly started rising exponentially. Dense clouds started forming. A tropical depression had intensified into a cyclone. Paul realised that they were at the eye of the cyclone. He immediately told the hostage-keepers to turn the boat to the shore or at least make a contact with the control room. Christopher ignored his plea.

Suddenly, strong gushy winds, followed by Incessant rains along with violent tidal waves began to destroy the boat and carry away the drugs. Steve told Rachel to body pack few sacs. Rachel refused and instead beat him. Angrily, Steve decided to pull the trigger on Rachel. But, Paul intervened and attempted to strangle Steve. Steve called for help from his friends but they were busy trying to save the drugs. Paul killed Steve and the ocean currents carried away both the drugs and rest of his friends. Paul and his family held the boat tight till the conditions became normal. 

They woke up the next day morning in the middle of the ocean holding to a piece of log which was broken from the boat. Eddie saw a Coast guard ship approaching them. Eventually, they were rescued and taken back to the Port. The officials asked them about the reason behind their travel. Paul showed them the tickets he had bought earlier and said it was a Vacation trip. They were allowed to go back to their house. Rachel understood Paul's love towards the family and reconciles with him. Amy started going to therapy sessions with a psychologist to overcome the PTSD due to William's death. Paul too decided that he would go to a Rehab centre to get rid of his Alcohol addiction. Eddie exclaims "What an exciting VACATION TRIP it was!".

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