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Aanya Chand

Drama Crime Thriller


Aanya Chand

Drama Crime Thriller

Case Gone Cold

Case Gone Cold

6 mins

Protagonist - Thomas Williams 

Profession - politician 


 Chapter 1- The man of the hour. 

A wave of ovation rose, and keeping constant motion, they all drowned the hall in flower necklaces and daffodils, all thriving in beauty, as they were being pushed out. The afternoon sun glared at the immense amount of people gathered for his speech yet it was as if, the heat wasn’t making an impact at all. There was utter chaos, and people ran in all directions, some stood trampled in the force of the stampede and others looked around helplessly trying to find their loved ones. Amongst all these people stood Thomas Williams, a man with an obsession which he called his ambition. Yet, when his lips moved, only the most potent words made their way out. He had managed to build a respectable reputation in the political world and people from far and near had knowledge about this dynamic candidate for the US presidential elections 2016. 

The final day, of the vote-counting approached and anticipation, filled the air, but it was a known fact that he would win the elections, it was long accepted nonetheless formalities stood in place. 

Chapter 2 - The missing man. 

As winter proceeded, so did the final day, Thomas stood on the stage, proud, holding his shoulders up, and even against one of the biggest politicians of the country “Mr Davis Miller” he seemed to be doing quite alright, he wore the most skilful suit and wore a mask of confidence on his face, the announcements continued but the celebrations followed a piece of astounding news, that left everyone absolutely stunned, words were lost and the silence was met.

Thomas had lost the elections by 20 votes, his self-conceit seemed sucked out of his organs as if someone stabbed a knife into his ego. He left the party, defeated, he had his supper at home sitting beside his old grandma and prepared for a long, sleepless night without saying a single word. 

 The next morning, however, managed to be more grieving. He sat alone in the apartment, making calls and receiving condolences, tears trickled down his face thinking he was alone and helpless, even so, he stood up and walked out his main door with nothing more than a water bottle. Hours passed, and he simply walked into a void of darkness, only days later did the neighbours realise that the house was deserted, and after a useless search, the police declared the case of the missing man cold. 

Chapter- 3 - The bulletin with a morning cup of tea. 

By now, his disappearance had escaped the news, only the most negative things tend to last in society, and as far as this talented man went, his news disappeared faster than evaporating water. The new presidency was already failing, revolts broke out between the citizens and impeachment rumours filled the morning gazette. Mr Millers had an interesting history, forgeries, robberies, scams and there is a reason why journalism is the most hated job around the world, your present doesn’t escape them but nor does your past. And as Davis sat, answering the media every minute, every second of his life, It seemed as if no-one wondered what explosions would take place in the future. 

Chap - 4 - Disaster. 

Everybody was sooo distracted, and as many times as the word future came up in interviews with their beloved Mr Millers, no one actually thought it through. So on a rather balmy evening in a village of Missouri, where for the first time no alarm clocks were buzzing, no babies were bawling and no sirens were blaring, it was almost too quiet a day to be a normal one. The dam held strong..but not strong enough, houses were flattened, lives were lost and every single brick laid for the new hospital Davis was building - shattered. And for the first time in his entire life, Davis failed. It upset the people of The United states greatly but some stood so silent as if words had been snatched away from them. Recovery was going to be fine, but precaution was a thing unheard of. A few days later, oil spills in the sea killed masses of marine and after a few more soil erosion put a stop to agriculture, fires in the public state libraries broke out and every single day, Davis failed all over again. It was as if the elements came together to rock their world. 

Chap - 5 - Letter of resignation. 

At this point, days went by and Miller’s leadership was being questioned with every life lost, he spoke to his trusty advisor cum vice president..” This government is getting out of control, overseeing every single citizen’s activity on the internet, I need answers tomorrow” she walked out confused but the entire staff knew better than to challenge their president. He pondered long and hard, but as a result, he got a lot of confusion and not a single answer, Until he remembered, Thomas. 

Chap - 6 - Man with a plan. 

Thomas, on the other hand, was living a life of glamour, no one knew where or how, but a man who walked out with a water bottle in this hand was doing pretty well in life. Living in a nice house in Sentosa Singapore, let’s just say..he was working from home. He has started a completely new life, new name, and even a new face. Identity crisis is something a lot of people have but as for “Mr Bryan, he’d not moved on, his past was something too eventful to want to forget. He now worked for a detective agency, just because he’s always been good at finding the culprit.

Chapter 7 - Visitor. 

Davis’s presidency was falling apart, and if he learned anything from the business he’d done early on in life, it’s always easier to run. So his hand dropped onto the table and with the same pen gifted to him by the former president, he wrote his letter of resignation from the office of the president of the United States of America and just as the letter was handed to his vice prez, he got a little visit from an unexpected guest. 

Mr Bryan came to offer his condolences to who he thought was a great politician, a cup of cream macchiato and tons of papers and one LONG gavel surrounded their conversation. Davis was pretty surprised he’d never heard of this famous man from Singapore, but when a conversation between two politicians goes on for more than an hour, police always follow. 

Chapter -8- 20 votes.

Sirens trumpeted all the way, media, posters, just random people came rallying up to the office, protestors tore down doors, and once again the fire was started. A search warrant was slammed onto the table, and if you haven’t figured it out yet, the elections were rigged, the 20 votes were forged. Mr Davis Miller had committed electoral fraud. He was arrested and taken in for criminal investigation, and Mr Bryan now took charge of whatever could be retrieved from the government. But you see there was a lot of money Davis left behind, honest, white, hard-earned money which should technically belong to someone. 

Chapter -9- The will 

Davis completed 2 long years, suffering in prison. But if you’ve even a single thriller movie you know that revenge doesn’t end that soon. On the day of his final court hearing, the mastermind behind every single one of those disasters came into light but only to one person and one person only. You see, after some questioning when Davis sat finally free, ready to see what home looked like after two long, long years, a note came in along with a lawyer

..”To my dearest Davis, this man is a great lawyer, you might want to decide who to leave your business and money behind to, soon with this - Thomas or your dearest- Bryan.” Revenge like this is evil, humanly impossible but then again, they’re politicians. 

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