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Participate in the 3rd Season of STORYMIRROR SCHOOLS WRITING COMPETITION - the BIGGEST Writing Competition in India for School Students & Teachers and win a 2N/3D holiday trip from Club Mahindra

Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller


Kumar Vikrant

Crime Thriller

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 1

Kill Or Get Killed Part- 1

6 mins 218 6 mins 218

August 14th, 10:30 AM

The lady jailer gave her necessary instructions and handed over her belongings which Seema put in a small satchel. Zoura jail was the only women's jail in the northern region and it was the most notorious jail too for various reasons. The jail was situated 10 km south of Junagarh near Zoura village. Seema was shifted here from Veer Nagar to serve her three- and half-year term. She glanced at the administrative block and walked towards the main entrance.

The male sentry opened the little passage through the big main gate of the jail. He also told her that she could hire a cab to Junagarh and from there she could get any public transport to go anywhere she wanted to go. She came out of the gate and didn't speak a single word to thank him. The road outside was empty, there was not a single soul to welcome her out of the jail and she was not expecting one. She decided to walk towards the city. It was early morning, but the weather was hot and humid. She looked around, but there was no public or private vehicle, she walked ahead again. Suddenly she heard the screeching sound of an auto rickshaw engine somewhere behind her; she turned back and waved to stop the auto rickshaw.

“Going to the city?” asked the rickshaw driver.

She nodded and took the back seat of the rickshaw.

“From Zoura?” asked the driver while accelerating the vehicle.

She ignored him and kept quiet.

“A real tough place.” sighed the driver.


Earlier on August 13th


The secretary entered the room of state minister of women and child welfare, Ranjit after knocking it.

 “What is it?” frowned the man sitting behind the big wooden table.

“Sorry sir, Peter wants to meet you.”

“Send him in.”

Ranjit was a big man in all aspects. Six feet plus tall, burly body, though in his mid-forties, but there was no gray hair on his head. There were several gold chains hanging around his neck. There was another gold chain wrapped around his wrist. All his ten fingers were full of rings; there were some stone studded rings amongst the rings.

Minister Ranjit was a bit frustrated today. He tried his best in the high court of the northern region to get her punished with life imprisonment or at least a sentence of ten years for the attempt on his life by her. But the Judge Tripathi bench didn't budge a little to his political pressure and he punished her with four years’ imprisonment. Another bench reduced her punishment to three and half years. And to his surprise, she was about to release just after three years and half years’ imprisonment at Zoura jail.

He silently cursed the day when he first saw Seema at the Veer Nagar city mall. He was so moved by her beauty that he couldn't control himself and went forward to hold her hand in public. She slapped his face and in response he kicked her in her belly. She cried like a mad woman, her husband also rushed at him, his henchmen tried to hold him back, but the man was very strong and he broke away from their grip and came straight to him.

Fortunately, or unfortunately he had his gun with him on that day. He shot that madman before he could touch him. He was in a rage and he emptied his gun at the rushing man, the bullets didn't only kill the rushing man but wounded his son badly. He left the mall immediately and contacted his party leader and told him everything. The party leader scolded him mildly and advised him to surrender. Later, his party friends managed to get him out on bail. The media and Some NGO’s started agitation all over the city and the media presented him as a monster who had destroyed a family by killing an innocent man.

Things became worse when the wounded child died in the hospital. The whole country was in turmoil and his bail was cancelled by the district judge and he was again back in jail. Finally, the trial of his case began and the trial was turning point of his life, his party leader fixed the judge and his lawyers proved that the murder was a sad culmination of the extra marital relation between Seema and Ranjeet. Somehow her husband Vinod came to know about it and couldn’t control himself when he saw Ranjeet at the mall and attacked him. All Ranjeet did was not a violent act, but a self-defense.

The judge wrote a lengthy judgment and questioned on the marriage system which forced a woman and man to live in a false relationship. According to him Ranjeet was not an innocent man, but he was also not a murderer, the murder was a result of an illegitimate relationship and self-defense. He instructed government authorities to file a separate case on Seema and punished Ranjeet with a six months imprisonment without bail. He served six months in the Veer Nagar jail as a king with the blessing of his party leader.

On the day of his release from the jail, he was received by his party leader and was taken to the party office like a political victim. There was a big press gathering at party office and the press conference began. There were questions from the newspapers and news channel correspondence which Ranjeet and his party leaders answered with a smile.

Suddenly Seema emerged from the press crowd and rushed towards the tables where Ranjeet was sitting with his allies. She jumped over the table and stabbed an iron rod in Ranjeet chest, which she was holding in her hand. Everyone was standstill in that conference room; Ranjeet has fallen on the floor and was bleeding profusely. Suddenly the party leader gained his senses and he shouted at his men, ‘Idiots, what are you waiting for, kill that woman.” All the party henchmen jumped at her and started kicking and dragging her.

Press people started shooting this interesting scene, but suddenly a police car pulled in and number of police men rushed in and warned people to stay away from Seema. Soon the situation was under control, wounded Ranjeet was sent to hospital and half dead Seema to the police station.

Ranjeet was badly wounded. His left lung was punctured by that iron rod and his heart was missed by a few centimeters. He spent three months in the hospital and he had to go through multiple surgeries during these months.

Government attorneys made a very strong case against Seema and demanded the death penalty for her. She didn’t utter a single word during the trial and the judge concluded that the attempt on Ranjeet’s life was an act of rage and there was a chance of improvement in Seema and he sentenced her four years imprisonment without bail. Ranjeet’s people were furious, they appealed again, but their appeal was cancelled.

“Called me, sir?”

“Yes.” Ranjeet came out of his reveries when he saw Peter standing before him.

“They are releasing her tomorrow, make it sure that she must not leave Junagarh alive.” he uttered by clenching his teethes.

“Should it look like an accident?”

“No, no, shoot her in public.”

“Okay, as you wish.”

Ranjeet waved him off.

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