Jai Arora

Drama Crime


Jai Arora

Drama Crime

The Circle of Evidence

The Circle of Evidence

6 mins

‘Good Morning Vinay. Let's get ready, We had a train in an hour. Vishal is all set to go,’ said Nikhil.

Vinay sitting on the bed. He replied, ‘I am not coming with you guys.’ 

‘Why? what happened?’ asked Nikhil.

‘I have some work to complete,’ said Vinay

‘This is an unknown place for us. ‘What work do you have Vinay?’ 

‘I had something to do Nikhil. It is private, I can’t tell you,’

‘I think you are going mad. Yesterday you did a strange thing, ruined our act. The audience had no clue what we were presenting to them. And now you have something that you can't talk about.’ I am done with you. Vishal, Vinay is staying here. Let’s go, we are getting late.

Vishal came outside. ‘What happened, Why are you not coming with us?’ Vishal asked.

‘I have an important task to finish before that I am not going.’

‘Ok. You can stay.’ You know Nikhil, He gets angry, and he has the pressure of managing the direction and all.’ Call me Vinay once you come home.

‘Thanks for understanding Vishal, I will call you’, replied Vinay.

1 hour later, Vinay went to Pushkar Police Station. He entered the police station and went to the cop. 

‘Sir, I want to talk about Mr. Prasad Chandra,’ said Vinay.

‘Who are you? And What did you know about him? 

‘I am Vinay and I am from Jaipur. I came here with my group to perform an act on the occasion of Makar Sankranti. We do theatres in various cities. I got to know something that helped you in your investigation about Mr. Prasad.

‘Yeah, We are investigating his case, and the forensic report says Mr. Prasad committed suicide after his wife left him and he had some financial problems. We got the suicide letter from the theatre’

‘Your information about Mr. Chandra is not true. They murdered him’.

‘How could you tell that? You have any proof.’

‘Please try to believe me.’

Ok, Tell me, How do you know all this?

‘Maybe you don’t trust me.’

Just now you said, ‘Please believe me’. ‘Now you are saying, you might not trust’

‘Sir please listen, Mr. Prasad himself told me. He wanted to expose the truth about this whole fuss. That's why he asked me for help.’

‘You crazy moron. How could a dead person speak and request you anything?’ The cop got up from his chair and said ‘Get out from here before I locked you in jail.’

‘I request you, please listen to me. I know about his wife and other stuff,’ Vinay said firmly.

The cop thought for a moment. He asked, ‘What do you know about this case and his wife. Because as per our record and investigation, We never get to know where Mr. Prasad's wife. I want all the details you have‘

2 days ago, I came to this place for the theatre with my friends. We reached the place and stayed at Kailash hotel. This hotel is very near to the theatre that belongs to Mr. Prasad. I was curious to see the auditorium, So that night I went there and took the keys from the guard. I looked at the theatre and felt the audience and I started mumbling my lines. I feel that there is another cracked voice coming from the auditorium and repeating the word after me. I got terrified, and I left that place.

The next day, We had the performance in the evening. I have to open the act with the monologue. I came to the stage to present it and the audience were cheering and whistling, but after a few moments, I felt silence in the auditorium, the powerful wind flowing all over and the fine light came striking my eyes. ‘I have started my monologue, It states like this, ‘This year the auspicious period of Makar Sankranti is not dedicated to deity sun, It devotes to darkness and is still breathing. This twilight is in disgrace by the act of filthy people. The truth becomes a lie, the good becomes evil, and the pure becomes impure. The worthy need justice. I need justice’

The group disrupted my act. I can realize the same atmosphere once I reached the stage, the audience clapping and cheering. No wind blowing and not extra lights. We continue with the act and anyhow complete it. Later my friends got angry about my act when we were sitting in the hotel room. I told them; I didn't know how those words in the monologue had changed. After some time, I came out of the hotel. I am thinking about it and it's bothering me. I went to the auditorium again. 

There was silence as noticeable in the auditorium. I stand there for a moment. I shouted, Is there anybody? As my eye-blink, I saw a person in the audience sitting on the chair in the middle row, wearing a black coat and grey trousers and a hat on his head. I was frightened. I ran toward the door, but it closed spontaneously. I got all sweaty. I turned over and saw the person disappear. I closed my eyes, just to relax, ease up my heartbeat. I opened my eyes; I saw a view of that person right in front of me, standing in the same attire. I screamed for help. I cannot move my feet. Then, I heard a voice; it was soft. In a little while, his attire changed. He wore a normal shirt and trouser; it was dirty and had blood patches on it. He smells like he has not showered for ages. 

He continues in his frail voice,’ I am Prasad Chandra, The owner of this theatre. Vijay Kalan killed me. He took my theatre and my property by force. My wife is with him.’ You were the first, who sensed my presence. I want your help. Please tell the police about my killing and take them to a farmhouse. 

‘Where is this farmhouse?’ asked Vinay. 

About 40-45 kms from this place, there is one farmhouse that belongs to Vijay Kalan.

But, why do you want my help?

There is something more than my killing.

Ok. I will do it. But I will go tomorrow to the police station after my friends leave town.

The cop heard Vinay’s story. He said, ‘I don't know; I trust you or not. You listen to the voice of the dead. It's kind of strange. I am not sure, but if the information is true, we can take a lead in this case’

Vinay gets in the jeep with the cop and two other officers and they lead toward the farmhouse. Vinay is thinking about Mr. Prasad and what he told at last, ‘My wife had done all this. Prasad told Vinay all the truth, how and why he got killed by his wife and Vijay. But he told Vinay to keep that information away from the police, otherwise they would not believe it. Police found the truth once they reached the farmhouse.’

They stop a few blocks away from the farmhouse. The cop commands his officers. Vinay just behind them. They went in front of the house, Vijay people outside were guarding the house. The cops fought with them and they got inside. The cop found out she was in bed with Kalan and both were drunk. They probe the house, and they found some documents and pictures of Mrs. Chandra with Vijay. 

The cop thanked Vinay for his brave move and helped police in finding an additional aspect in the case. 

Vinay sees Mr. Chandra's reflection again. ‘ He smiled, and he bowed his head to thank Vinay. 

Vinay welcomed his gesture. Then Mr. Chandra diminished.

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