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Jai Arora

Children Stories Drama Inspirational

The Noble Monarchy

The Noble Monarchy

7 mins

A hundred years ago in the 15th Century, There was a kingdom called the great Kantuga Empire in the Northern plain of east territory in India. The Kantuga Empire known for its cultural and economic heightens. The king brought up and nurtured the kingdom and its people with benevolence. The people of the kingdom praise the king for his intelligence, management and prudence. The country is prosperous with Peace, Security and Freedom. 

The king was getting old. He has to decide the next heir of the kingdom. He has four sons from his four wives. He never wants to disappoint his wives to choose the next heir to the throne just based on age. He had given all of his sons an equal upbringing and education. They all have seen the kingdom with their eyes and how their father led the kingdom and served his people with wonderful fortune. He promised his wives that he would decide the next heir by virtue of their Intelligence, Leadership, and decisiveness.

He took counsel from his ministers on how he could assess his sons. One minister suggested the King. He said ‘This is the grandest kingdom where all your sons were grown up. They have seen this kingdom prosperous which has accomplished with your great chore and good administration to serve the country. Let each of your sons explain their cognizance on how to make the kingdom prosper considering it as an immature and unconventional empire. The king asks, What could be the task by which we test them? The minister further states him the task that favours him to decide his heir. 

The King called all his four sons and told them that, He will decide his successor based on an evaluation of the task. His sons take their father's command and gear up for the test. Each of them went to their individual mother before the task to take the blessings. Their mother tells them to give mind and heart to the task and they want their son to succeed. She mentioned that it would be an honor to become a successor of this great kingdom. Their name would be immortal in history. 

The day has come and King along with his sons reached the location of the task. The minister explains the rules and mission to accomplish. He mentioned ‘Each one you get one empty room. You have one hour to fill that room with any materials you wish to use. After the time is over, Our king will decide the winner based on two factors - What materials you used? And How much percentage of space do you fill?’ Then each one of you has to explain to the king why you use that material and the King will announce the heir to the throne of this grand empire. 

The exercise has started. Each of the king's sons engaged in the activity to fill the room. All of them used their mind and intelligence to fill the room with the things that King got impressed with and to fill it as much as possible. They all spend almost all the time given to them. The time got over and all his sons joined the King. The King and the minister along with his four sons examine the task his sons had performed. 

The first room of his eldest son. He filled the room with pieces of wood. The room is almost half filled. The king asked, ‘Son, Why would you think of wood as a material to fill a room?’

His Son replied ”Wood is the natural symbol considered valuable material in the world. It signifies the Wisdom and longevity. I will administer this kingdom with my Knowledge and experience and show Skills to grow this empire to an ultimate and greatest dominion. The wood also means the connection of people to the divine. I will serve my people with the God’s grace and give all the kindness and protection”

Then the King enters the other room. That was his second son. The King saw the room willed with small plants, leaves and flowers. The room fills about ¾ of rooms’ space. The King asked his son, Why would he choose Plants and Flowers to fill a room?

The Son replied “Plants and leaves symbolises the loyalty and faith. I will indoctrinate that faith in the people and with the neighboring kingdoms. I will use fresh ideas and conduct the change the tradition of dissimilarity among them and create new relationships with people of the country. The flowers also signify the emotions and joy in life. I will bring that emotional undertaking and empathize with the people and fulfill my commitments”

The king progressed to the next room. This was his Third son. He used cotton to fill the room. It impressed the king to see he had consumed almost all the space. The King asked his son, Why would he consider cotton to fill the room?

The son replied ”Cotton is the symbol of promise. When I become a king, I would pledge to fulfill all the requirements. I would bring harmony, security of people, and prosper the kingdom with well being. The cotton signifies perseverance to continue doing functions and flourish the empire with capital stability. Just like Cotton help to enrich soil, I will forever purse to nurture this kingdom with my prowess”

The king entered the last room. That was his youngest son. All the King’s sons started laughing when they saw the room was all empty but it had a pleasant smell like a fragrance. The king looked at his youngest son and smiled. He asked, ‘Could you explain all of us, Why would you make this peculiar choice?

The youngest son replied “The task was told to use any material of our choice. As a king, my first vow is to not necessitate in the material world and dedicate all my life and course of action to serve this great empire and people of this kingdom. Only after I am out of the materials world I will bring prosperity to the kingdom. I painted the walls of this room and the scent filled this room completely. This scent signifies divine love and unison. The foremost thing to prosper this kingdom is to unite it with people, law and order. The room is full yet it seems empty. It defined the values, Skills and wisdom so powerful that built this empire on faith as a medium of conveying tenderness to the people and the neighboring empires. A kingdom becomes the greatest when its people are secure and its neighboring countries support it. I lead this empire and spread this fragrance to create that margin of compassion and friendship. The emptiness signifies the space of imagination and inspiration to the people of this country. This odor alert out slides from the bad action of other kingdoms. It also signifies the diverse culture and space for all the traditions, people of different range and ethnicity and will bring equal prospects to advance the empire's sovereignty. The smells imply the freedom, right of expression and justice to secure all its people”

The King addressed the assembly, He said, “My all sons gave their affirmations. I am happy they all have distinct qualities to serve this great kingdom. I have to choose one of them as the heir to the Kantuga Empire. My son that proved all the qualities to become a great King of this empire is the one who is Intelligent, Strong and devoted to his people. His wisdom should receive by hearing to the counsel of faithful counsellors, through his own acumen and through his own personal experience. His leadership allow him to perform the actions and decisions effectively and a king must not quiver and must lead from the front. He will bring equal opportunities to the people of the county and serve them with bigheartedness. My youngest son testament all these equalities and I pronounce him as an heir of the Kantuga Empire to influence this greatest kingdom with his extraordinary shrewdness”


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