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An Appalling Truth

An Appalling Truth

6 mins

I am Lumber, a tree. I live in Mr Mehta house. I stay on the porch of his house. I am happy living my life. I made a few more friends here. Some of them are grown trees now and some of them are still plants like I was 32 years ago when Mr Metha’s father brought me as a small plant and gave me space in his house to live.

It is time to meet my friend Woody. Woody is the chair who is also living in this house. He comes to meet me daily when Mr Metha sat on the porch to read the newspaper. But he always complains and keeps distressed in his life. I always told him not to take his life so seriously and try to enjoy every moment. But he had a past and you know, we never easily forget our past life and its moments. Every other day he tells me the same old story of his past. I always try to cheer him up. 

Here he comes. Woody rests on the ground and faces Lumber. Woody is looking sad, observed Lumber.

'What happened Woody? You every day went inside with a smile on your face and came in the morning with unhappiness?’ asked Lumber.

Woody looked at him and said, ‘You know I miss my family and -’

‘Oh Woody, again the same thing. Do you have anything new to share? You must have witnessed something new in Mr Mehta's family. Tell us what is going in his family life?’ asked Lumber.

‘You know, Mr Metha’s Son Akash has completed his studies. He got a job in another city and he is leaving in a week,’ replied Woody.

'It's wonderful news. Why are you upset?'

'I came to this house when Akash was just 2 years old. He sits on my lap. I have seen him grow in this house. Now, he is going away. I understand how Akash would be feeling. He must be happy but will miss his family.'

‘Ok. It’s clear Woody. He has completed his studies, He has to work now and earn money and support his family.’

‘I know how it felt to leave a family.’

‘Wait. Don't start again with your past story. I am telling you.’

‘Lumber, please. Tell me, How many times you heard my story?’

‘A thousand times or more that I suppose.’

‘Lumber, I am sad. Hear if your friend is sharing his feelings, don’t you?’

‘I got it. You always function your emotions on me and get me to realize promises of friendship.’

‘Excuse me, I want to listen to Woody’s story. I have recently joined this house,’ requested the new plant. 

‘Thanks, Planty. Now Woody gets an excuse to tell his story,’ frowned Lumber.

‘It’s ok Lumber. He was away from his family too and new to this place. Let me tell him my memoir.’ replied Woody. He continued, ’My actual name is Timberly. I was also a tree. I am in the same social class as Lumber. I lived in a large forest with my family. I remember the day the human stroked me with Axe. They were cutting me. I was excited at first to get freedom and will experience unknown things in my life. But then I realized, I would go far away from my family and never meet them again. My family got upset. Later they told me you have grown now and time has come and you have to find your destiny. My family was downhearted when they saw-off and told me to take care of myself. I remember their faces when humans took me. I never have time to thank them for all the care and love they gave me. I felt unfortunate to leave my family. Humans transformed me and gave me a new identity. I have become a chair and they display me to the furniture shop. The new identity comes with a price tag. They sold me with some amount of money to Mr Mehta. I have become a servant to him and used for the last twenty years.’

‘I am sad today because just like me, Akash, Mr Metha's son is leaving his family. He is surely enthusiastic to get into another world. He is getting freedom and ready to adventure his life in a unique city and with unknown people at work and make new friends. He never realized the pain of far distance from family now. He also gets a new identity with entirely unfamiliar people. His price tag is his compensation for which he got sold in the enormous company. Might be his outlook and his belief gets changed with the people he spends his time with. He will get someone to share his childhood memories and he could remember his parents and family for all the love and care. He would visit to witness the comfort of home and his parents' prudence. At last, he realizes his life has changed. He experiences new things and earns tons of money but misses his Mother and Father's affection, The comfort of his father's fingers caressing his head, the home hot food made from his mother’s love, the time he spent with his parents and visited the park, to the shopping mall and to watch the cinema, and all his growing up beautiful memories. He never gets the same treatment of warmheartedness, enjoyment and satisfaction even if he gains all the wealth in the world’, mentioned Woody.

‘The Planty cries. You made this little plant cry Woody,’ said Lumber.

‘I am sorry Planty. I never had the purpose to make you sad,’ replied Woody. Ok, Mr Metha has done with reading his newspaper. I promise you, Planty, I will come up with some cool stories this time. I never reiterate the old stuff. Let’s meet tomorrow. Bye, all.'

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