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Love Blossoms

Love Blossoms

8 mins

The clock strikes six in the evening. Bhavuk sat in his office, busy in his paper work, when phone rings;

He pick up the call, Yes Chhaya, I am about to leave in half an hour.

No Bhavuk, You must rush to the hospital now, There is an emergency, He had a severe stroke, doctors are examining.

Bhavuk throw the file from his hand on the table and stood from his seat, said, What? I am coming in 15 min.. and he hung up the call.

Bhavuk left from his office, It raining outside. He get his car from parking and drive with all speed to the City hospital.

He reached to the surgical ward on 2nd floor, He saw his wife sitting on the bench and crying, staring at the floor and wiping her tears with the handkerchief.

Bhavuk not able to control himself, screamed, what happened Chhaya.

Is he all right? No answer was received from his wife. He said again, Is Aarv alright??

She stood up and tightly hugged Bhavuk and dissolve into tears. She said, We lost him Bhavuk. We really lost him..!

Two years later.

Bhavuk after a walk in the park, took a bottle of water and sit on the bench for a quick rest, Another man came and sat on same bench.

He looked Bhavuk and said Hello.

Hi! replied Bhavuk.

I am Bibek Sen from Kolkata. I recently moved to Mumbai.

Yeah! that's what I thought, I never seen you before in the park.

Well, I am Bhavuk Damle. I lived behind this park in Apeksha residential apartment.

Oh great, So you got the new neighbour then, I also residing in same apartment at fourth floor, replied Bibek.

Nice, So what you do for living? asked Bhavuk.

I am an architect. I design architecture buildings. I did design various famous building in Kolkata.

That is exceptional, replied Bhavuk.

I am searching for architectural projects here in Mumbai, said Bibek

Do you have any contact here, asked Bhavuk.

Not exactly, I have my colleague's friend having some connections here, He would help me out, replied Bibek.

OK. So we would see some ravishing designed buildings here as well, said Bhavuk.

Mumbai is beautiful burg beforehand, replied Bibek

What you do Bhavuk? asked Bibek

I am Senior Manager at IBTI bank in Loans division, says Bhavuk.

Ohh that's great, replied Bibek.

I have to leave now. See you later, said Bhavuk.

Nice to meet you Bhavuk, replied Bibek.

Doors opened, Where were you, I was waiting for you Bibek, asked Madhu.

I went to park for a walk, there I met a gentleman. He also resides in same apartment, replied Bibek.

So you making new contacts, that's good, said Madhula.

Yes probably, replied Bibek.

I am leaving for my shooting. I would be late today. Take care of yourself, says Madhula.

OK dear, Bye, replied Bibek.

Mrs. Sen is a model and started working as TV actor in Mumbai. The foremost reason for Mr. and Mrs. Sen relocation to Mumbai from Kolkata.

Bibek starts connecting to the architectural firm doing meetings with them to get the projects.

Few weeks later, Bibek rencounter with Bhavuk in the market.

Hey Bibek, where you had been, I have never seen you from couple of weeks? Says Bhavuk.

Hello Bhavuk, Yes I was busy from last few days. I have been to Pune for one of the architectural project, reply Bibek

Nice to hear about you work, says Bhavuk.

What is in you hand, It look like some presents, asked Bibek.

Yes, Today is my son's birthday, I am buying some gifts and other things for the birthday celebration says Bhavuk.

Today I am throwing a small party at my home, You must come in the evening with you family at my place, Bhavuk invited Bibek.

I can't promise but I try to come, replied Bibek.

Hope to see you in the evening, said Bhavuk.

Bibek told Madhula about the invitation from Bhavuk.

What we will do in children birthday party? said Madhula.

I understand Madhula, But I only knew Bhavuk in this society, and he invited us for a party, we must go get socialize, replied Bibek

He continue, Today, You do not have any shooting plans. Let's join them in their celebration, insists Bibek.

Ok fine Bibek, says Madhula.

Bhavuk and Chhaya made all the arrangements. They got ready to celebrate the birthday, At around 7 p.m., Bibek and Madhula reached their home.

Welcome Mr. and Mrs. Sen, said Bhavuk.

They introduced each other to Mr. and Mrs. damle.

Please join us in the birthday cake cutting, demands Bhavuk.

Bibek and Madhula joins them.

Later, Cake and nourishments were distributed to all the guests.

As Mr. and Mrs. Damle stand along with Bibek and Madhula,

Bhavuk, Who is your son, As I have seen all the children were cutting the cake collectively we haven't recognize you child, asked Bibek

At the same time, Madhula also glancing all the children's to find Mr. and Mrs. damle son.

They are all our children, Bhavuk replied while gazing his eyes on Chhaya.

I did not get you Bhavuk, Bibek asked in doubt.

Our Son Aarv was 3 years old, when we came to know that he diagnosed with Multiple sclerosis.

2 years Ago, We lost him, He battled with the condition for almost a year and half, said Chhaya in broken voice.

After losing our child, We both felt alone and uncherished. Then few months later, we were in the marketplace for a shopping where we saw one boy crying and might looking for his parents in the market. We asked him about his parents and also enquire in the near places but not able to get whereabout of his parent. Later, We reported in the nearby police station. But police was unsuccessful to found his parents.Thereafter, We have taken the boys custody and decided to up bring the child, said Bhavuk.

That was a joyful moments for us. It was like god has given us a second child, added Chhaya.

After that, we opened door of our hearts for the other childerens and came in to being with the 'second home' for these children's who were separated from their parents. At present we are raising seven children's and providing them all the care and love. We celebrated our sons birthday each year with all these children's, said Bhavuk.

Bibek and Madhula looked at each other and not able to say a word. Eyes of both of them are filled with tears.

Those briny tears communicated their forgotten past that happened four years ago.

After Madhula married to Bibek, she concentrated on her career. She was a struggling TV model.

One day, Bibek reached home from his work, Madhula sitting in her room in the dark and crying.

What happened, why are you crying? Is it about you work Madhu, asked Bibek.

No Bibek, I am not worrying about my work. But something had happened that would finished my career before it started, replied Madhula.

What do you mean Madhu, asked Bibek.

I am pregnant, says Madhula.

God blessed us, said Bibek and hugged Madhula.

But, I do not want children's now, I want to be model, replied Madhula.

What are saying Madhula, How could you? It about the child, said Bibek.

I know Bibek, but what about my career and dreams, replied Madhula.

Few weeks later, they came up with decision to abort the child.

Mr Bibek, You occupied with some thoughts, what is the matter, asked Bhavuk.

Nothing in particular, All fine, Bibek replied in chock voice.

Bibek and Madhula, attended the party after that in aloof.

For the next two weeks, Bibek and Madhula were upset and not talking candidly to each other. They just involve in their respective work and at home they only do minimal talk. They looked each other thinking of discussing about their feelings but waiting for other one to initiate.

One morning, Bibek is getting ready for office, He asked Madhula, When you planning to leave today should I drop you at the shooting location?

No I have taken off from work for few days, replied Madhula.

Is you health well? asked Bibek.

Yes I am fine, I just need a small break from my work, said Madhula.

What happened Madhula, You always exited to go for shooting but you looks very upset today, asked Bibek.

She hugged Bibek and bursts into tears. And said . 'I am sorry Bibek'

Why are you sorry, I don't understand, asked Bibek.

The day I listened about Mr and Mrs. Damle's Son, and how they were managed to give all the love and care to other children's, I am feeling guilty.

How could I have decided to choose the career over my child, added Madhula.

It is ok Madhula, that was our past, said Bibek.

Now, I have decided to have a child, said Madula.

I also want to have our child, but what about the work. You are at peak of career in modeling. Are you sure at this point of time, we can manage both? asked Bibek.

Yes Bibek, I am very sure, says Madhula.

Bibek and Madhula joined Mr. and Mrs. Damle on coming Saturday at lunch at their house.

While having lunch, Bibek sign Madhula to initiate a talk.

Chhaya, where are the children's, No one looked around, asked Madhula.

Yes, they playing outside, replied Chhaya.

They are wonderful children's, said Bibek. We were very sorry about your child Bhavuk. We liked your compassion towards the children's and I appreciated you have given the new life to all of them, added Bibek.

We also lost our child but our account is different. We only responsible for our child loss, said Madhula.

What was happened, asked Chhaya.

Madhula told all about there career priorities and the decision to abort the child.

Mr. and Mrs. Damle looked each other in revelation.

We know to hear this, you might be angry on us and it has been very heartbreaking for you both to grasp, said Bibek.

At that time, All the children came inside.

Bibek and Madhula met all of the children's and spent time with them.

Later, Madhula and Bibek apprise to Mr. and Mrs. damle. We like this little girl Ayaana, If you allow we want to espouse her.

That's a wonderful conviction, We respect your decision, replied Bhavuk.

Another day, The little girl Ayaana entered into their life and brought all the happiness and blossoms it with love.

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