Aadhya Natha

Drama Crime


Aadhya Natha

Drama Crime



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Simplicity maybe a simple word, right. l want to ask a question to you. " What does simplicity mean to you. Maybe

For you maybe love is for a food, a person or your family.

Once there was a girl, her name was Debby. She was as beautiful as a gem. She had short hair. She also had a pretty good height of 5"4 and she was 18 years old. She always believed that love was like playing with fire. She was very fun loving person like Geet from Jab we met. She lived in California.

Once she met a boy. He looked like a very simple person. His name was Milson. Milsone and Debby was very good friends when they where small. They were neighbours. But one day Milson had to leave there house and go to Dubai. Because of his father's business. They were around 10 at that time.

After 8 years suddenly Milson came, Debby didn't know that he came. According to Debby, Milson came for a project. Just next to there house, was an old age home. Debby and her family was always there to help. Debby's father and the old age home caretaker Mr. Shelby were good friends. Milson's project according to Debby and others was to move the old age home to Seattle. But in reality his project was to move the old age home from there to Seattle and move Debby's house to the city central and build a secret place where he could do his illegal work.

He and Debby spent a lot of time together. Suddenly Milson asked Debby will she marry him. Debby said yes and she was very happy.

One sudden day, just few days before there marriage. Debby decided to inform Milson that her bridesmaids wanted him to come while deciding her wedding gown. She was about to enter Milson's office there she heard a loud voice saying " yeah, yeah Mr. Milson the work is done, the old age home and the house is build. Soon this place will be our and will make our den ". Debby had a lot of question in mind " What den "," what is it going to be for ". Soon she heard Milson said " Good work ! I must inform dad that his den for his work is done and we kidnapped that girl, what's her name? " Rianna " came the reply. Rianna is one of Debby's friend and her bridesmaid also. Her father was a trillionaire. He is very honest. But often, people from illegal world offer him to join but he always refuse. But what's the role of Rianna here, and where is she ?

Debby can't control her anger, she was about to rush inside the room when they were calling Rianna's father. She recorded the things in her mobile. Rianna's father didn't knew about her kidnap, He refused to join them. She heard Milson was about to kill Rianna. She can't even afford to stop or think now.

She rushed in the room. " Leave her or I'll tell the police everything " she said showing him the recording.

Milson's servant grabbed Debby, he was about to shoot her.

Debby banged servant with her head and thus he landed straight on the ground. Milson was about to grab her by neck. She was wearing her heels. She did a high kick but Milson dugged. They were fighting for a long time. Debby was bleeding and was unconscious. Milson had a very bad habit of dragging his feet while walking. He kept walking and didn't noticed that Rianna escaped, although she was tied with ropes. Rianna used those ropes as a weapon and tied them from one pillar to another and "the trick worked", Milson tripped over them and fell on his face. Rianna tied him as fast as she could and moved towards Debby for her rescue. She called the ambulance as she saw Debby bleeding and lying unconscious. Next moment, She also called police. The moment police arrived she explained everything. Debby was moved to the hospital with the help of the ambulance. Milson was punished for his crimes and he was sentenced for 20 years of jail. He was ordered strict punishments because of his old crimes and for kidnapping Rianna and trying to murder Debby.

Everyone should remember that "Women are not weak they are Strong like Debby, Cleaver like Rianna and Simple like a Housewife".

Points to note: Do good work for society else you will topple like Milson, and most important don't drag your feet while walking else you will fall either by unnoticed objects or even on your own shoelaces.

Stay Home and Stay Safe!

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