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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Aadhya Natha

Abstract Others Children Children Stories


Aadhya Natha

Abstract Others Children Children Stories

My Teenage Soul: Left Alone

My Teenage Soul: Left Alone

5 mins

I still remember lying on my bed, crying for hours.

That day in school we were practicing for the 26th January parade.

I always had very selective friends, I knew many children and talked to them but I wasn't there "friend", more like a piece of paper to them, When you need it you use it when you don't want it either you make a plane using it or you crumble it and toss it into the dustbin. 

I only have 2 true friends in school, and almost about a hundred who used me. Whenever I thought I found a true friend they often became very rude to me and started bulling me in school. I always came home and cried for hours till my eyes weren't burning like anything. I always thought "what is the thing that No one wanted to be a friend of mine ."

There was only one answer that always came, 


Well, that is true, I did that almost every time, 

I started staying alone and always kept many things to myself. 

In 6th standard, I found a girl, let's name her Debbie, she was a year older than me. We meet in an event for our club. She was in the 7th standard while I was in the 6th standard. We both were made the executives of our club. She was like a big sister to me, she guided me in school, many times when I was treated wrong by children or teachers, she was there and supported me. We used to have a lot of fun, at least from my side, I was very thankful to God that he gave me one more mentor to guide me.


We were a friend for about a year.

In 2019 on a camp where we were at Pushkar, There was this group of girls who were in our team. They were ok I would say. But there is only one thing about me I HATE THE PEOPLE WHO ABUSED AND USED RUDE WORDS. All of the girls, even those who were of my age said very rude words for just very small things. I didn't say anything to them. I just stayed to myself and often just sit quietly and did my work. I realized that Debbie also said rude words, but very rarely. 

On the very first night, I wasn't sleeping. Many girls weren't also but they were gossiping with Debbie. I was just in my bed not moving at all, trying that I could sleep. I didn't join them because I thought it was useless.

Then what I heard them talking about me, using very rude words, I thought Debbie would stop them but she also starting talking about me, not good things, but bad very bad things. 

I couldn't handle the storm of emotions that struck me, angry and sad at the same time, The girl who I thought understood me, guided me, and was one of my best friends I could ask for, was now right in front of my eyes and complaining about me. 

I opened my eyes, hoping, it wasn't her who was speaking, but saw that It was her. I was so heartbroken when I heard those things from her mouth.

The very next morning what happened left me in shock. 

Debbie and the rest all other children were making me and a girl from 6th standard do all the work while they were going and meeting everybody in the whole camp, doing all the fun part, leaving all the boring part on us.  I told my mom about it on the phone and she told me to complain about this to the camp head and our teacher. I told mum that our points can be deducted. 

What I didn't know was that a girl was spying on me and was hearing the talk between me and my mom. 

She gathered everyone and in front of the whole camp, she was shouting like anything. She and the rest of my teammates started shouting saying mean things to me. Luckily, I was in the forest. I went deep into it and cried not because that girl shouted on me but because Debbie was standing behind knowing what I talked to my mum and what I replied she was there standing and supporting them who didn't know the whole talk. 

Every day was like this I started spending more time with an old friend of mine who knew that I was missing and found me, consoled me. 

Even once when Debbie and one of our leaders wherein the exercise, which was going between holes present in tires, Debbie pushed me so hard that I would have landed on my face, also I wore specs so if that would have happened there would be a severe injury in my eye. Luckily none of that happened but I was so much scolded for saving myself from getting hurt and took time. Not only I noticed it but every child who was there saw it too. And do you know what the girl who scolded me, who didn't do anything except for roaming around, won the award for being the best among all the girls? I was so mad that she didn't do anything except scolding everyone and won the prize for being the best, everyone knew she didn't do anything.

 After I returned home I told my sister about this she was very angry with Debbie.

On the 26th of January in the parade.

I thought that whatever happened on the camp was an old thing lets forget about me but that incident

Debbie was only in favor of the famous girl in the whole school. She put her in the best place and talked only to her and ignored me, this left me with only one answer,

Never talk to her again. 

In the end, I just want to say one thing "treat the people like they treat you"

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