Nitesh Parmar

Abstract Drama Crime


Nitesh Parmar

Abstract Drama Crime

The Blinkey-Borg Case

The Blinkey-Borg Case

4 mins

March 15

The State of Vilitanje is my home. Although it is pressed between two countries and ocean on the third side, hardly is visible to anyone, but the gusty winds are the special characteristics of this place. Today, Blinkey is retiring after serving for four years as the president of this nation. It is going to be a hell of a fest out there! The whole nation will see as Blinkey will start with the oath and I will continue it. I can already feel it ringing in my ears, where Blinkey would go “I” and then I will continue, “I, Borg Adose hereby take the oath of serving this nation till my last breath as the President of this great nation.”

Such a short oath, even a child can rehearse and speak it out! But I don’t know why I am nervous. My body is shaking as if I were a vibrating machine. I hope the people out there will like me since mom and dad forgot me at the doorstep of this place. I don’t want anyone else to forget me like that. Let’s see how it goes.

Good Night Diary!

March 16

The big day has arrived! I told Anderson to prepare my favorite coat, but he forgot as usual. I don’t know why I am having a feeling that I should not go. It seems as if I might die out there. I had a vision of a piece of rock in me that burst my heart out.

I don’t know what the hell is going to happen. All I know is that I have to be careful out there. Let me grab my coat and leave. Wish me luck Diary!

A hearing was kept because of the suicide of Mr. Blinkey. Or was it murder? The complaint wasn’t made by anyone from Mr. Blinkey’s side but still was considered a black spot in the otherwise spotless jurisdiction of this great nation. The coin had two sides; one argued that it was a suicide while the other argued it was a murder committed by Mr. Borg. Let’s see what we have in store for us ahead as Adv. Simps is going to present the two diary entries and prove it was a suicide. As always, lack of evidence is still a problem.


“These are the two diary entries which clearly states that Mr. Blinkey was aware of his death, my lord”, said Advocate Simps. “Still, Mr. Blinkey, despite the request made to him by the guards themselves, rejected any possible security around him. This clearly shows that he didn’t want to live, and I would like to add that this is a full-fledged case of suicide,” he added.

“Just because you saw that diary entry and it matches with the way he was murdered, doesn’t mean this was a suicide case”, spoke the other side. “We all saw the stone going through his chest and Borg running away in panic or maybe to avoid getting caught!”

“In my opinion, Mr. Stom, Mr. Borg was running away to avoid the wind which was blowing. Maybe the stone which just whammed into my deceased client’s chest was carried by the wind and he was well aware of it, otherwise who else would even dare to stand up against those winds, which had a speed of around 60Km/hr. and was blowing in a specific direction! We all are aware of what a great meteorologist Mr. Blinkey was. He was an asset to the government.”

“Exactly my point Mr. Simps!” said Adv. Storm. “If he was an asset to the government, and he was very much aware of this incident which was going to happen, why would he suicide! He could have opted for Z-Grade security, the highest form of three-layer protection offered to VIP people.”

“You are just proving me right Mr. Stom. Mr. Blinkey didn’t choose any form of security; he knew he was going to die today. He was going to be the president of this great nation, which was a great and important service to the nation, but still, he chose death only! This clearly shows he was ready for his death and it was a mere suicide” said Adv. Simps.

In the jurisdiction of this great nation, the lawyers are not allowed to present so many arguments, so they were stopped after hearing this much only.

After hearing both the sides the Judge announced as Mr. Borg, “Not guilty” and declared the case as a mere suicide case. Although it seemed to me that the rock was intentionally whammed across the chest of Mr. Blinkey and the wind was just a cover, still Mr. Borg got away and was chosen as the next president.

This game,

Of taming name,

For fame

Is such a shame

All Mr. Borg wanted was to be the president. But he chose the wrong way. By the way, have you read the name of the great nation?

Doesn’t it sound similar to, vigilante?

Probably, that’s why the jurisdiction is spotless.

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