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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Pranav A



Pranav A


Robin and his adventures-6

Robin and his adventures-6

3 mins

Chapter 6: The End 

That is it! Chapter had been closed! The video which caused a lot of protests and shouting’s 

had actually shown: 

1. Rodrigues and Rosaline were racing in a Benz car. 

2. Robin and Caroline were seen talking to themselves as two beautiful and handsome 


3. Robert was seen placing a 10 minute high velocity bomb in Rodrigues and Rosaline’s car 

unknown to them. 

4. At the same time, Caroline and Robin’s, meeting got to an end due to Robert’s 

interruption to their talk. 

5. Then, Caroline saw her watch and she took leave of Robert and Robin to leave as she 

had an exam quickly. 

6. Robert had pre – planned everything because he knew that she had an exam in a few 

minutes of time. He had set the time of the ceremony 5 minutes after Caroline had left 

as the bomb would react. 

7. 10….9….8…..7……6…..5……4…..3…….2……1….. 

8. Bomb blast! 

9. Rodrigues and Rosaline lay dead and the car turned upfront to crash on Caroline’s head 

who was walking in that road. 

10. Caroline lay dead! 

The reason why Rodrigues and Rosaline were racing to the stage is that they were going 

to crown robin as the king. This was hated by Robert because he wanted to rule the 

kingdom. So, he planned to kill his parents and Robin would not be crowned because he 

would not crown alone. He also interrupted their talk because he wanted to bring 

Caroline to that road so, she would also die. The calculation made by Robert is that if 

Caroline dies, Robin would be heat - broken and grief – stricken. So, he would not crown 

himself as head. Using this as an opportunity, Robert usurped the throne. 

 Now the party which had went to search Robert and his gang came with Robert tied in 

ropes and his gang tied ion a bunch of ropes. The party’s head was Ferguson, Coleman’s 

best friend the assistant inspector of police. He kicked Robert to knee; down before 

Coleman and Robin. 

 Robin started” nonsense. Are you out of your senses, Robert? Yes…….you do not have 

brains at all? Sending a vampire to kill me and blackmailing me to usurp the crown….|. 

Coleman screamed at Robert” I am ashamed to say that I am your father’s….OH! Sorry, 

Rodrigues’s friend because killing parents is worst! So now, everyone dispersed and then 

Coleman and Ferguson decided about the punishment for Robert.

. Then the case. The whole court was filled with people, 2 lawyers on both sides and the 

judge. The case had started. Lawyers’ spoke, all was done. Case has finished, what has 

happened guys? Robin won the case the minute after he showed the video and he won 

the case. He also won the people’s heart. Robert was filled with remorse. “Oh, it is too 

late, Robert”, said inspector Coleman and robin. The judge delivered his verdict; that is 

sentencing death penalty to Robert. By the next week it was decided to hang Robert. By 

the rules and regulations of the Swedish government, Robert was hanged legally and 

officially by the Swedish court. Peace and happiness was restored in Sweden. Robin 

eventually became the head of Sweden.

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