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The Stamp Paper Scam, Real Story by Jayant Tinaikar, on Telgi's takedown & unveiling the scam of ₹30,000 Cr. READ NOW

Pranav A

Action Thriller


Pranav A

Action Thriller

Robin and his Adventures -5

Robin and his Adventures -5

8 mins

Chapter 5: The Mystery 

Inspector Coleman started investigating on all these points. It was a great mystery case because Coleman himself was unable to understand anything from these hints as it was very complicated. The mystery actually behind this valuable case was “Did Robert kill Caroline or not, 

if so: why? 

 While he was thinking about that, unexpectedly someone ran inside screaming “Dad!” 

Everyone was shocked seeing him running and screaming like this. Oh! Don’t you know who is he? You do not know who is this special character? He is Fresh. He is inspector Coleman’s son. 

He is the son of inspector Coleman and Jasmine, a very beautiful lady. 

 Coleman and Jasmine both studied in the same college. They both fell in love and they got married after college. They lived happily for 5 years after the birth of their baby boy in 10 

months. She named him Fresh. After the end of their 5th wedding day, they went out to amusement parks, malls and did shopping for their future use. Jasmine went in search of Fresh as he went out searching for dresses, while Coleman went to pay the bill payment. She saw someone kidnapping Fresh. 

 Jasmine ran away after them, screaming “son”. 

 By luck, Coleman saw Jasmine running and started running and screaming “Jasmine’. Both ran away after the car in which fresh was being kidnapped. Coleman called all of his police officers and then all three of them started searching the kidnappers. Quickly, police officers cornered the kidnappers. Soon, the head of kidnappers came out of the car. For a due surprise, 

the head of all the kidnappers was Robert. 

 Coleman was truly given a great shock and surprise. Coleman did not understand when 

Robert had kidnapped his son, Fresh. Coleman asked the same doubt o Robert. He said to keep quiet, else he would kill Fresh. He had his gun up to Fresh’s head. 

 Coleman was asked by Robert to sign a document that told him not to interfere in his personal matters. B Coleman could sign the document, Jasmine pushed Robert and threw the knife away and started running away with Fresh. 

 Coleman tore all the documents and ran away to escape. Robert also followed them and ran after them for survival. Everyone was gaping in wonder. Robert ran fast and fast, and then came closer to Coleman. 

All of a sudden a great tragedy took place. When Robert was about to shoot Coleman, 

Coleman turned to the left side as a vehicle was fast approaching in his way. A deadly bullet got fired unknowingly as he was aiming at Coleman; it was approaching straight towards Jasmine, 

who was running to escape from Robert. Then…The bullet pierced into her. Jasmine lay dead. 

Coleman was heartbroken. Fresh started crying sitting beside Jasmine as a very small boy. This was thus, the story of the great inspector Coleman; who cried a lot for a great love story.

That is why Coleman other than a police inspector; wanted to take revenge on Robert as he had killed his loved one and beloved. So, that is the reason why he wanted to take this case as serious to the zenith as he could. 

 Inspector Coleman had been through a lot of troubles in life than anybody in the world. He wanted to make his son Fresh as a detective. So, that is why he trained him all detecting skills and knowledge by making him study well after Jasmine’s death. 

 This story about Coleman was unknown to Robin. He tried to make Robert be behind the bars for his whole life, but he did not have proof as police that Robert had killed his wife jasmine. So, that is why he is striving not to put Robert in prison, but he wanted to hang him. 

Robert is not a criminal, he is a killer. He has killed 4 people including Rodrigues, Rosaline, 

Jasmine, and Caroline. He must not be put in jail, he must be hanged immediately. So, Coleman wanted some proof to prove that Robert has killed Caroline, Rodrigues, and Rosaline. 

 Now, Fresh is standing as the head of detectives of police. Fresh was the key to Coleman’s and Robin’s success and it is the downfall of Robert who had killed Jasmine, Caroline, Rodrigues and Rosaline. Thus, this is the story of inspector Coleman’s family. Coming to the present, 

Coleman and fresh started to investigate and work on the Swedish crisis on their duo role; they work as first-class superheroes. 

 Then one day, while they were working; fresh started to surf the internet. Coleman saw that and became angry. He whacked Fresh because he was diverting the whole team. He also warned everyone that this case is a very important cause and a very mysterious case. Coleman gave a 

serious advice lecture to all assembled in the police station. He gave lectures for hours and minutes, so everyone took a serious notice of this lecture and the incident happened today. 

They did not want to repeat this incident again. They started working towards their goal; 

that is pushing Robert to jail by their truthful evidence. Coleman and fresh wanted to investigate the real scene behind the total mystery. Coleman and fresh also investigated Robin on the reason why Robert killed Caroline and what was the reason behind the murder if any. 

 The questions triggered Robin, to tell the truth, and he thought a lot of times in his mind to make him remember all the things that had happened that bomb blast scene. Shortly, afte

r a 

period of two hours, when Coleman and Fresh again came he got memory back. 

 Coleman asked “How did you get your memory?”. Robin said”: I was sitting thinking, then I 

got hit my head into a wall. I fell unconscious. May be a slight chance that it helped regain my memory ||(sic). Coleman then asked” Now, do you remember anything happened at the bomb blast day?” robin told “Yes. I remember what had happened that day. “So, he started speaking about what happened that day. He spoke for a long period of time. He finished speaking after a 

period of 5 hours. Both Coleman and Fresh were happy on Robin’s notice of the investigations made by the duo. So, the points given by robin to Coleman and Fresh had been taken as video of all that Robin had spoken. So we shall see the notes taken by inspector Coleman and Fresh on a paper on the points spoken by Robin. These are the points made by the duo on the speech spoken by Robin on the bomb blast incident day.


1. So, Robert has killed my parents Rodrigues and Rosaline.

2. He has a hatred for me as I remember the incident when my parents and my loved Caroline died. 

3. The incident was when I and Caroline were talking to each other, whereas my parents were racing fast in a Benz car to crown me as the king of Treasure Island. 

4. Then the bomb blast. While we were talking, Robert came and interrupted our talk while the time, Caroline snapped away and the tragedy just took place the next minute. 

There were many good points in the meeting with Robin. These were good points to argue on in the court for the case. Coleman and fresh got a good idea to work on. Coleman and 

Fresh got more good points to move on to their next investigation. 

 Coleman was thinking about robin’s perception. He said Robert must have murdered Caroline because he might have hatred for us. Coleman was searching the reason on why Robert should have hatred for his own family. Lot of days of research helped him to find the reason why Robert hated his own family by murdering his own parents and his elder brother’s lover. Coleman had finally done with the Swedish crisis. Yes! Coleman has found it. He was jumping in joy, in ecstasy like a child. All his team members including fresh were surprise and astonished seeing Coleman’s childish behaviour. Everyone sat down afterward, in a formal; manner. Coleman said that the findings that he had found that Robert could have had a feeling over the crown. The murder behind the king and queen, Rodrigues sand Rosaline via Robert; was because he had the greed to earn the crown faster than robin could. Those may be the reason Robert could have killed the king, queen and  Caroline. A lot of reasons are shortlisted.

These points mentioned below are the opinions of  Coleman: 

1. Robert had leadership craziness from his birth. He used to play games in which he would be 

the king who would order everyone and be a dictator. 

2. So, he killed Rodrigues and Rosaline, the king and the queen because of the craziness for the throne. 

3. But why, he should have killed Caroline as per everyone’s opinion and suspect? 

4. The reason is that Robin will be heartbroken in grief because of the grief of the death of his lover. At the grief of the death of his lover, he usurped the throne. 

So, the problem is half done. We need to get some legal evidence to prove that Robert killed all three – Rodrigues, Rosaline and Caroline. Fresh came up with delightful news. 

Fresh had found CCTV footage. Everyone went to the booth. 


Fresh went to the computer and went 10 years before and switched all videos placed. This incident had taken place on the border between Scotland and Sweden. This booth was also located at the border. Phew! What effort! They have done an enormous effort to search this booth with the help of some local Scottish and Swedish people who located the booth and helped them. Everyone started congratulating Fresh. Coleman was really proud of his son. 

He regretted his scolding. He praised him that he has taken his words seriously and has challenged everyone. Now, they started to see the first video at midnight. The first video got over. Silence in the crowd.

Then everyone started screaming and protesting that “robin must go to prison”. All started protesting and shouting about Robert. Why? What has happened? What was seen in the video? Why everyone was protesting saying Robert to go back. What have the people seen? What is the reason they are angry with the video and Robert? Robin was seen crying “oh dear I lost you so badly! 

Robert…….he shouted”. Everyone was crying in emotion and angry and furious on Robert. What has happened? Do you want to know the miracle? Let us see it in the end!

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