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Amanpreet Singh

Action Thriller


Amanpreet Singh

Action Thriller

The Birth Of A Crime Episode 2/6

The Birth Of A Crime Episode 2/6

6 mins 209 6 mins 209


Continued from Episode 1

Mandheer was a tall and stout boy. He said, “Hey, why have you come in my way?”

I asked him boldly, “Who are you?”

“Mandheer from tenth, section B. Who are you?”

“Sanjay, tenth, section A.”

“What do you want?”

Though I didn’t look as tall and strong as him, I still managed to talk to him boldly, “What do you want from Nisha? Leave her.”

“Oh, haha. Are you his brother?” He said mockingly.

“That doesn’t matter who I am to her. You must leave her, that does matter.”

“You Sanjay, I think you should focus on your studies. Your parents must have dreamt about you a lot. Don’t try to mess with me.”


Mandheer roared, “Don’t dare to speak loud before me. Listen to me carefully. Now, Nisha is your sister and I am your Jeeja ji (husband of his sister), Got it?”

“Oh, you bastard!”

I was about to say more but at once Mandheer slapped me on my face and I was down on the ground. I immediately got up to put up a fight. Out of nowhere his friends reached the spot and they caught hold of me in no time. 

“Hey, you all leave me.” I shouted.

One of the boys who held my right arm spoke up, “Haha, you moron, you know with whom are you messing? He is Mandheer. All students and even teachers fear him.”

Slap on my right cheek again! Slap on my left cheek! Boom! Boom! Boom! 

They beat me badly. My shirt was torn by them. No teacher saw this happening. A few students watched this fight, but everyone turned their deaf ears towards us. Obviously, nobody wanted to mess with Mandheer. 

Tears were running down my eyes. I was not mature enough to handle my emotions. I was literally crying and innumerable thoughts were haunting my mind. 

“What would I say to Nisha? I failed to solve her problem. I thought this was my opportunity to save her and be her hero. But I failed miserably. Moreover, I was beaten up by the beasts badly. I don’t want to face Nisha with my thrashed up face. I don’t want to face Nisha like a loser. I want to make her feel safe with me. What if she comes to know about the reality that I myself can’t save myself, then how can I save her life. I know a girl needs protection, she expects protection from her boyfriend. But now, how can I protect her?”

I reached home with my swollen face and somehow tackled my parents by saying that today I met with an accident. My shirt was torn but luckily I am still alive. My innocent parents believed me. I hid my reality from my parents but I could not hide my reality from myself. I had become a loser in my eyes. The tag of the loser was piercing my heart and I was literally writhing in mental agony. 

I said to myself, “No, I can’t tolerate this mental pain anymore. I can’t be a loser. I can’t give in. I have to fight. I have to fight for Nisha. I have to fight for my respect in my own eyes. I want to feel proud whenever I see my face in a mirror. I have to think about it. Somehow, I have to find a solution.”

In the evening itself, I took my bike and rode it straight to my friend’s house. I knocked at the door.

Knock! Knock!

Varun opened the door. He looked at me and said, “What happened to you? Sanjay, is everything alright? What happened to your face?”

I replied in a low and grim voice, “Mandheer and his friends beat me very badly.”

“What? But why?”

“Because he molests my love and I want to save her from that bastard!”

“Oh, it’s very bad. Mandheer is a bully and he has many bad friends. How will you be able to save her?”

“That’s why I have come to you to seek your help. You are my best friend. Please help me.”

Varun’s face became pale at once. He was at a loss. He didn’t know what to say now. In a very timid voice he said, “Sanjay, how can I help you? I am not a goon or a bully. I am also a normal student like you. Mandheer is not worried about his career, in fact, to be a bully is his only aim and his parents support him in his devilish deeds too. I won’t be able to help you. Even if I help you, there is no way we can quell his power. It’s only we both of us who will be beaten and crushed. I suggest you not to mess with him.”

“What? You are my best friend and you are saying this to me. You should have said that you are ready to die for me. But you are leaving me in the lurch. And what about Nisha? Don’t you think we should help her being men?”

“Sanjay, her parents are supposed to help her. As far as I know, we are neither goons nor police officers. We can’t help her.”

“Huh! You are impotent! I don’t want impotent friends like you. Never call me again. It’s better to live alone than to live with cowards like you.”

“Alright. If you feel I am not worthy enough to be your friend, then it’s your choice. I can’t be a goon for you. I prefer my parents to my friends.”

Varun slammed the door and locked from inside. I came back home desperate and furious. I went straight to my room, locked the door from inside and sat in the corner of my room and exploded into tears!

I cried, “Now, I can’t even show my face in the school. Mandheer and his friends will bully and harass me daily now. Now they will knowingly harass me before Nisha too to show me weak and impotent! Oh, my God, please help me! Where has my life stuck?”

I cried and cried for about twenty minutes, maybe to get some relief from the mental agony. After about twenty minutes, I felt like getting up and just give an empty look outside of my house through the window pane. I looked out and saw three boys about five years older than me standing outside of my house with cigarettes and lighters in their hands. Rings of smoke were coming out of their mouths. They all three seemed to be very happy. They were laughing loudly and enjoying the semi-dark evening.

I went on looking at them for about ten minutes. One of them seemed to be the head of the other two because only he was speaking and the other two were just listening to him. The eyes of the other two were fixed on him whereas the seemed to be head was not much concerned about their presence.

I could sense the electric sparks in my brain. It seemed some useful and required thoughts were coming in my mind. Now, I just needed to catch those thoughts and weave them into a plan to execute the actions that are needed to be done by me. 

To be continued…

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