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Poonam Vaze

Romance Action Thriller


Poonam Vaze

Romance Action Thriller



6 mins 297 6 mins 297

The mysterious journey

Rolls of perspiration dropping continuously from her forehead were certainly irritating her blushed cheeks, but those well articulated bicep curves of a rogue man sitting on the driver's seat kept her discomfort away. His manly vibrations directly entered her silky skin making the humid atmosphere more hot and sensual.

Much against her wishes, Shivani had set on her work journey and the horrid sun of the rural village was making it difficult for her. Shivani, one of an elite professional, was disillusioned at this specific job profile. It was only because of her Company's insistence did she agree for an official meeting with a politician of the village. The brown- skinned man driving her to the politician's bungalow appeared to be the politician's popular party worker. Absolutely opposite to her, he was rough and brute. His beard perfectly suiting his jawline and his silky hair falling on his forehead partly covering his red tikka. Intimidating yet innocent eyes, definitely with chivalrous attribute as he knew how to treat a lady. Dressed in a simple white shirt and blue jeans yet he had a beyond standard magnetic personality.

He was Shiva and Shivani desired to kiss him instantly.

She ran her shaky hands through her hair and clenched her fist tightly to control her impulsive passionate urge. His masculine magic, so enigmatic, that Shivani's mind didn't think for a second that he was an illiterate local villager and on top of it "a stranger".

Shiva put his jeep on the fourth gear so that jerks of the vehicle minimized his pounding heart. Usually, amorous ambience didn't affect him much but this was something bizarre. Shivani for him was like a ferocious tigress pulling him towards her feminine attraction. Her vibrations were fiercely erotic but when he looked at her face it gave a subtle soft sight.

"What am I thinking?" Shiva thought. Howsoever Shiva tried to divert attention this obscure sensation went penetrating inside his nerves. Shivani was swaying at the violent movement of Shiva's jeep and then came a quick touch on his forearm.

"Stop." Said Shivani unable to fathom the sudden acceleration of the vehicle. Shiva glared at her forgetting to apply brakes.

"Stop. That tiny man will die." Shivani gave a quiver scream. Shiva stopped the vehicle with no effort to avert his gaze off from her brandy coloured eyes. Shivani felt immense pulsation inside her as her trembling hands were still fixed on Shiva's forearm. The tiny man turned savagely upon Shiva and caught his collars tightly.

"Sorry Saheb." Said Shiva to him, completely calm and unfazed by the insulting act.

"You jerk !!! You gone crazy. Did you bring my parcel?" He asked pompously.

"Yes Saheb. It's kept at your bungalow. "Shiva replied but the tiny man pretending not to notice his reply wandered inside the interiors of the village. Shiva lowered his neck for few moment and started the drive. The silent fly on the wall, Shivani , wondered the reason behind Shiva's demure refusal to fight back. One punch of Shiva's sturdy hand would be enough to silence that tiny arrogant creature.

"Why didn't you smack him hard? " Shivani asked.

"I can't. He is the son of my Big Saheb. He is the prodigal son and I am his servant."

"You mean the politician with whom I am going to meet now?"

"Yes." Shiva replied and fell in a deep abyss of thoughts. Shiva was in pain and so was Shivani.

"How can I connect with the pain of a person I met sometime ago ?" As Shivani's mind rolled over the obscurity of the situation the lush meadow passing with Shiva's jeep caught her attention. The green sugarcane fields on one side perfectly blended with chromatic spread of golden wheat harvest on the other.

"Wow beautiful farm!!! What a transition of color palette from purple, red, golden to fresh green." The visuals acted as tranquilizer to Shivani's mind.

"Entire farm is germinated by me and without pesticides. There's a fashionable name for this. Isn't it? "Shiva's spirit was flying high with Shivani's accolades.

"It's called Organic farming." Shivani replied with a smile. A tinge of roseate color blossomed on her face.

"Hmmm. Organic ya. " Shiva affirmed.

"Then why don't you quit this dirty job and do farming? " She asked it all in one breath. Shivani supposed "Shiva" as an adorable gem caught in the clutches of dirty politics.

"Can you? "Shiva asked her. The question was simple but answer pretty difficult.

"I noticed you weren't comfortable with this visit and this ride with a roguish man is certainly catastrophic for you. Still you are doing your job." Shiva continued.

"Yes." She exhaled loudly and tried to look at Shiva sideways.

"Madam, we all are trapped in someway or other. "

The boldness with which Shiva explained Shivani made her feel clumsy. Her face color became pinkish which added more tenderness to her. This made her more beautiful and irresistible for Shiva. Shiva tried to adjust himself so that he could move more closer to her. He vaguely felt Shivani's hand creeping inside his jean's front pocket. Unable to postpone his desire, Shiva held her face and he was almost about to position his lips on her when something stopped him. The societal pressure stopped the temptation. It was love at first sight for them but there were barriers of class, society taste etc..etc..

Deliciousness of that barrier added spice to the temptation. He would have ruined himself for that little kiss which never occasioned. Shiva's aesthetic touch creeping inside Shivani made her confused with unknown desires. Though she knew why the temptation was halted she desperately wished it to be fulfilled.

Silence of submission was filled in entirety as Shiva reached the main gate of the politician's bungalow. Under the pretext to call his Saheb, Shiva excused himself from the most erotic situation ever ever experienced by him.

Bunch of party workers hurried towards the main gate followed by the politician himself. The welcome thali was flooded with flowers, welcome drink, sweets and there were sprinkles to be showered only the lady guest. But the guest was nowhere to be seen .

"Shiva Shiva .." Cried the politician aloud. Shiva came rushing towards his Saheb.

"Where is she?" Asked the politician. Shiva roved his eyes rapidly to catch a glimpse of her, but alas , she had disappeared.

"Saheb, she was sitting in my jeep few minutes back. " Shiva replied and stood like a still straw of wheat openly staring in a vastness of void.

While search for Shivani was carried in the background of this prodigious happening , Shiva wondered:

"Was she real or an imaginary person?? We didn't even exchange names." Shiva walked away from the scene of surprise voicing his emotions over and over again:

"I just can't believe this.... Who was she??" Shiva remembered the vague feeling of Shivani's hand creeping inside his jeans. He touched and felt something tucked inside his jeans.

"What can that be?" Shiva pondered as he pulled out a small visiting card from his pocket.

To be continued.....

Stay tuned for Part 2

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